No One Has All of The Answers To Life’s Problems

No One Has All Of The Answers. You know just as much as others.

Beware of those offering you the way to happiness, success and fulfilment via what one can consider a magic wand way of thinking, eating, behaving or rituals that they claim ensure that you’ll have Life in your pocket.  Life doesn’t work that way and what works for one, doesn’t work for another for we are all individuals with specific needs, wants and circumstances.  There’s no magic cure for all that ails mankind.  If there were, the world and everyone in it, wouldn’t have problems or they would be short-lived.

None of us walking this planet have the answers to Life’s issues, problems or the resulting emotional turmoil that we go through with each of these things.  Though Youtube and other sources are filled with sometimes, helpful tips and hints that make us temporarily feel better, the reality is, the Youtube makers don’t have their lives as put together as they would love their viewers to think.  Remember that there’s a camera, lights and action on an actor/actress in front of us.  As cheerful as that person may seem, it’s guaranteed that once that camera is turned off, there’s editing and, that actor/actress goes on with their less than perfect life in a way that you won’t see them talk about on camera, unless that’s what their vlogs are about to begin with.

There’s no short cut to having everything or being happy and certainly, none of us have everything and though we can all fake it for Youtube and even Facebook, no one has their lives all put together nor, themselves.  There is no magic to it so, anyone who portrays that they have it all together for themselves and tries to tell you that they do, are usually out to sell you on something, in some way.  That statement includes some of those that people on the net tend to look up to as well.

Here are some things to keep in mind when you cross paths with someone who tells you that they know how you should live your life.

  1. These people aren’t walking in your shoes or living your life.
  2. No one has it all together no matter how strongly convincing they may seem
  3. There is no One Size Fits All solution, magic or otherwise bullet or wand that works
  4. Eating or not eating a certain way isn’t the answer for everything
  5. Someone constantly telling others how to live their lives, are often those who are trying to convince themselves or make money off of you
  6. Religion and Spirituality can give hope but, they cannot or will not solve all of your problems.  You were given a brain of your own to use and a life in which to learn lessons…even if they are learned through pain and suffering
  7. No one knows it all in one area, let alone many so, when you hear someone telling you how to solve issues on many different topics, think twice and realize all of the above points
  8. What works for one person, doesn’t work for another, let alone everyone and every situation
  9. There’s no one walking this planet that has all of the answers to Life so, following them by the letter is a recipe for disaster for you.  Find your own ways
  10. Don’t try too hard.  Each of us have differing lots in Life to deal with.  While it’s desirable to seek out answers to our problems, sometimes we simply have no control over certain things and have to let them pass or seek out professionals in those areas to help us through them.  Ultimately, we have to do the work but, trying too hard, too much or worrying about whatever we’re facing, only leads us to being less happy.
  11. Sometimes, ignorance is bliss.  Some of the happiest people on the planet, have little but, are happy anyway because they don’t know what they are missing.  Be a little less knowledgeable and being happy may be more simple.
  12. Learn what you can about your situation within reason but, don’t go crazy, trying to learn all that you can about everything going on in your life.  It only leads you towards anxiety, depression and realizing that what you do know, is only the tip of the iceberg about what else you don’t know about it.
  13. Knowing too much and continuing to search and seek out more and more information, keeps you focused on what your problem is until it becomes an obsession.  When you dwell on your problems, you’re actually keeping them with you and making yourself worse.
  14. Turn off electronic devices for a while each day.  Stop researching, reading and even texting your friends or family.  Get dirty and sort through piles of belongings, get together with those friends or call them and talk instead of texting or social media.  Social media can actually make you feel worse about yourself and your life because it’s not real.  It’s only what people want you to see or know.  Their real lives don’t look anything like the picture they’ve painted for you on their walls, Instagram, Twitter or other accounts.
  15. Be aware that Youtube video makers have a purpose for doing what they are doing. Not all are doing it for money but, the “greats” are out to make money off of you.  Even when their videos are free, they can and do make money by getting subscribers and likes. Every click a lot of these chronic Tubers get, converts to a monthly check/cheque being sent to them.  These people live off of your need to know something but, they may not always give out correct information or, they could be giving you information that hurts you versus helps you.  It’s only later that you figure that much out.  Ralph Smart (Infinite Waters Diving Deep) is one of them.  Look at the sheer number of topics that he makes viewers believe he has the answers to.  He doesn’t.  He’s good at reading articles, books and studies.  Look at the sheer number of videos he puts out per week. He makes money off of your Youtube clicks that pay his bills so that he doesn’t have to work a real job.  He’s not an “expert” on anything, including psychology.  Beware!

Realize that Life is going to be fraught with uncomfortable situations.  No one is walking around this planet with pure happiness nor, does anyone have all of the answers to everything.  In today’s age, we have once again begun to look for magic wands, fountains of eternal happiness and answers to everything that ails our lives and us.  While there’s something to be said about trying to change our situations, remember that there are some things for which we have little to no control over.  Someone else, telling you that you do have complete control over everything if you’ll follow (fill in the blank), is full of proverbial dung.

At least, that’s the way that I see things from my little corner of life.

Be Well, Love and Light.

Have a great day or evening.


Published by ponderinglifetoo

I'm a wife, mother, artist, photographer and bookkeeper. I love writing out my thoughts in journals but, am finding my way to sharing these with others now.

8 thoughts on “No One Has All of The Answers To Life’s Problems

  1. I don’t want to convince you… but complaining about people making money on the internet for making content is a lil bit controversial… its like saying your site isn’t free because you have to buy internet acess…

    Have a nice day/night


      1. So do you have a problem with people making money from the internet and you got advertisements on your blog?

        How hypocritical is that?

        So when other people do that its a “warning” sign and when you do its just ok?

        Hahahahahhaha you are a very funny person

        People usually like to hide their jealousy, but you at least show it without shame, i respect your honesty



        1. WordPress puts those ads up, not me. Do your research before commenting please. I don’t get a cent for anything here. Now who looks like a fool? But I will say that your comments are proving perfectly how much good Smart does for you and others like you. Thank you for providing that proof in your own words.
          We are done discussing this topic any further Jose.
          Blessings and have a great evening or day


  2. Hey there, i agree with a lot of the things you wrote, and it has good messages. But i got to say something. Infinite Waters offers tacit knowledge, and its subjective, distinctive and different from technical knowledge, that is formal and objective…his content is transmitted in insights, intuitions, can inspire someone (or not), how much you can get from it and apply in your own life is about the individual personal game. You can say that it hasn’t a good “applicability”(for you) , depth of the content that he brings, but you can’t deny that it is a service and some people guarantee that his content add something positive in their life. What he is doing is a type of Entrepreneurship, he created a service that satisfy some people’s needs and desires, and people value them, it’s an honest way of making money, and its indeed a job since it copper some demand. What is the problem of he or other people engaged in the same kind of Entrepreneurship earn money for the work? is a work and requires some effort. Do you work for free? These people aren’t any Osho or Buda that lives in a forest just meditating… They need and also desearves money for the work they do.. since not everybody can do that kind of work and MANY people are grateful from it… And by the way, i’ve never seen he tell that he has all the answers to everything or its a messiah or savior from nobody, what i’ve seen he talk is that he doesn’t know everything and that “enlightenment is knowing how much you don’t know” … People tend to think that when the subject is spirituality or personal development it has to be for free or its not trustworthy, that is a misunderstood perspective… I just wanted to say that since i believe very much in the free market society and enterpreunship… not just because someone doesn’t work a 9-5 job that this person doesn’t take a effort and give some service to the world… and it makes even more confusing when you say that the money they earn is another company that pays them (YouTube)… So is indeed, free content, that can be very useful for someone. For some people its a free coach just by a click from far..
    But i respect your point of view and if you don’t think its a good work he does, just don’t watch. But please don’t say the content isn’t for free, because you can acess it without paying …

    Have a nice day…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Mah. Thank you ever so much for your well thought out and respectful comment. It’s refreshing to hear that others have a way of saying things in a rational way when it comes to this topic of Ralph Smart, Infinite Waters Diving Deep.

      I understand your points. Yes, of course Mr. Smart deserves to get paid something for his time and trouble/work. No one would deny that he is an entrepreneur and has the right to make money from it. I totally agree with you and anyone else who says that.

      However, I’d like to ask a couple of questions regarding what you are saying.

      1) Ralph Smart, to the best of my knowledge and research, is NOT a “Psychologist”. He has a combined BA in Psychology. Not a PhD or the required further steps to be calling himself one to the best of my knowledge and he will not answer me or others who have inquired. I’ve had to go around him, himself to other sources that I cannot name for legal reasons to find out that there’s no record of him being a psychologist.
      2) While people have and will say “we don’t care if he’s a real one or not”, I have issues with someone who would call themselves a brain surgeon, mechanic or electrician but isn’t yet, goes on to keep saying that he IS. He’s not. (Again, I’m still challenging anyone with proper citations of Smarts credentials as a licensed psychologist and would re-think my position if he was. To date, no one has been able to provide me with that, including Smart and the sources I cannot name.)
      3) The problem with making money off of people under a false claim and title is that people can be harmed greatly. Most of those listening to him, are under the age of 35, troubled or looking for someone to tell them how to live Life. Smart is no more knowledgeable than anyone else on these matters. He simply has found a method whereby he pretends he does and that draws people in to his viewership.
      4) If you’ve been paying any attention to what he’s truly saying in these videos with an open mind versus being one of his “blind followers”, the young man gives out some pretty poor advice for what he claims that he is…a psychologist. Laying down for a rest or going to a spa for a massage isn’t going to get a truly depressed person out of depression. Actually, it could end someone’s life. Yet, he’s playing with fire when he states that he’s a “psychologist” and gives out that advice. Some of these people should be seeking out professional help versus watching a Youtube maker who states right out that if someone is going to go over a cliff, he’s going to let them….it isn’t his problem or responsibility to save them. I’ve heard him say that myself and where I stopped listening to him in all ways.

      Now to the question that I wish to ask.

      You have taken the time to comment about Ralph Smart ONLY as many do. You have a reason.
      Beyond the hundreds of other pieces that I’ve written without cost or hook, as my hobby (I work a regular job like most other people to pay my bills and don’t begrudge doing it)….what has urged you to comment ONLY about Mr. Smart?

      There’s something there that has given me reason to believe that those who follow Ralph Smart, are those who figure that they’ve found a “guru” to follow in spite of their perhaps, many problems (no one is without them). It’s a cult-like following for good reason.

      1) Smart’s repetitious phrasing has people able to say it in their sleep. I know that I did when I was watching him.
      2) That constant barrage of sayings, repetition “Peace, breathing in that good ass prana, 7 day vegan challenge baby, slow motion this side, can I get a HELLOOO, and we ain’t even had breakfast yet…” amongst a few others, as well as his almost daily videos, keep Smart in people’s minds and following him. it’s like he’s a daily parent for some if not many (judging on the sheer numbers I’m seeing, coming in and reading about him).

      Sadly, I’ve written another blog entry and I think it should be put into print as a piece…though it will anger many even further.

      In short, think for yourselves is my point. Don’t let someone who claims to be someone that they’re likely not to be, rule your head and life. He has NO right to do that but, is doing it for many people in order for him not to have to work a regular job…as he’s said many times. He doesn’t truly care who he hurts as he’s said flat out during his videos…several of them that I’ve seen and likely more.

      As for his content being free…you are correct that it doesn’t cost anything to watch him and his many videos. I don’t disagree with you. But, it costs you bandwidth unless you have unlimited bandwidth in your net package. Most of all, it costs people their own thinking because someone like Smart can easily influence it. And, yes…Smart gets paid for every click onto one of his many, many videos. He makes good money on that factor alone….let alone (what bugs me most about all of this) is that he makes money off of those undefined Skype sessions which cost an arm and a leg under the guise that he IS a psychologist and he’s not (at least, not according to everything I’ve researched about him).

      Enough said. Thank you for your well- thought-out comment.

      Blessings, Love and Light to you.


      1. Hey there

        Well, I personally don’t watch his videos looking for a psychologist. But I do think the work he does helped me with a lot of subjects. And for what I’ve seen it has helped many people, looking at the comments. But that is not the stance I’ve made… I was talking about your critics about he making money by the ads on the YouTube platform …

        I have to disagree that “he is no more knowledgeable than anyone else on that matters”, have you seen the subjects he talk about: relationships, confidence, self steem, reprogramming the subconscious mind, law of attraction, don’t care what people think, the tremendous impact of food, alkaline organisms, dr sebi (electric foods), anxiety, ego, get purpose ,over thinking, meditation, not giving your power and responsibilities away, intuition, the chakras, astral projection, being highly empathetic/sensitive, loving yourself, intermittent fasting, stop competing with other people, financial mindset, ancient Egypt, numerology, symbology , hermeticism, Shamanism, Energy vampires, and more… if you think that everyone can talk about this subjects the way he does than I think you’re living in a different world than me. And this subjects are much more complex than I’ve seen any psychologist talks, and that’s why many people like him, because he got content to offer.

        About the depression, there are levels of imbalance of the neurotransmitters and different states of consciousness related to that state, for some people something that may work woudn’t work for others. Some people are depressed for the amount of work they do, if they relax and take a vacation may help tremendously.. But every person is unique and what may work for someone may not work for other person. Plus, he didn’t say that he is savior for anyone and the person must test what work for them and be aware how severe(or not) is the state of depression they are in…

        About your question, what has made me to comment is the perspective about the free market and entrepreneurship, saying that people make money from videos, I don’t see any problem in this, it’s a work nowadays…the focus wasn’t about “defending” Infinite Waters.
        He never claimed to be any guru, savior or any messiah for anybody… What he said that I catch for myself is that you can’t put in another person your responsibilities and give your power away…If the person do it, its not his fault if you know what I mean. You’ve said “ Most of all, it costs people their own thinking”, only if people alow he do to, which is not his fault.

        I was talking about the videos, and you mention the “skype sessions”, again, it’s a free market society, that’s what he is offering, nobody its obliged to buy… that’s another thing that I agree with him, you got to put value in your work.

        But anyway, nobody is perfect, and I personaly think the work he does very valuable and I am grateful for it since it has helped me… I’ve open my mind and became a vegan (which helped me greatly), changed beliefs, pratticed astral projection, and a lot more…
        What I was talking is that he has the right to earn money from the videos, it’s a work nowadays, some people profit from vlogging their lifes, doing pranks, doing drama… etc
        Again, if you don’t like his work just don’t watch it but let the dude do his work since many people are grateful for it… not just because he doesn’t work a 9-5 that he don’t desearves to earn a living…

        Have a nice day


        1. Thank you for your comment. You have both the right as well as the responsibility for being in charge of both yourself and your own choices as well as your own well being. Smart isn’t going to take responsibility for those things. If you believe that he’s done you good and is entitled to charge those fees for an indescribed session with him, you have full rights to your opinions on the matters that you speak of. Therefore, what I think or write about him should be of no consequence to you at all, right? I am not forcing you or anyone else to listen to or believe me. My writing has just as much right to be on the net as Smart does under your own words then, correct? So why do you feel the need to somehow convince me or debate with what I see in him, how I perceive him and what he does? It doesn’t make my opinions any less valid than Smart’s opinions…except through personal perception of his followers and their own choices, right? Or are commenters who defend Mr Smart with ill wishes towards me, swearing, cursing etc. , saying in effect that Mr. Smart is more of a deserving human being than I am? Either way, I am just as entitled to my opinions as anyone else is…Smart follower or not. Contrary to popular belief on the subject, Smart has no more understanding of life than anyone else in my opinion. I choose not to speak about astral travel or other things you have mentioned because of many reasons. But I will say that Smart has done a lot of reading of other sources and that’s how he creates his videos in plentiful amounts…not to mention the many repeated videos that he’s done and doing. But I agree to disagree on this topic.
          Best of wishes and blessings


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