Follow Yourself Not Someone Else’s Footsteps


I’ve never been one to follow “The Crowd” in much of anything in my life.  I’ve always dared to take a different path and experience what lays along that road.  Oftentimes, it’s led me somewhere that most others wouldn’t find.

In not following the crowd mentality, I have taken flack from those who have joined what boils down to a pack-like or even cultish style of thinking, living and being.  They tend to question my right to have my own set of thinking that differs from what they have come to believe, do, feel and swallow whole.  They don’t tend to question the source or even leader of their culture, cult, group or whatever they have become part of but, they will become offensive in defending what they have become part of and who they follow if someone has a difference of opinion to that group or that group’s leader.

What’s unfortunate is that while they all feel that somehow, they are being different, they are showing themselves to all be the same.  While they will try to say to anyone who disagrees with their cult-like thinking is that the person is wrong to believe as they do and go on to argue, debate and even send ill-will to the ones who don’t agree with what they believe in.  They will go so far as to try to get that person to be persuaded to think like them and if they don’t, they will hurl insults.

It’s actually rather entertaining when one is able to stand on the outside, looking in.  It’s satirically comical at how different they tend to think that they are from everyone else when they are truly, nothing but clones of one another, thinking, believing, living and saying essentially, the same things as the next person who has also followed the same path and leader.


More often than not, the one(s) who start this type of movement, have their own agenda in mind.  They come to gather a fold of what we’ll call “sheep”, dressing acting and behaving like a sheep but, professing to know more than average.  In essence, they are akin to wolves who have come, dressed in sheep’s clothing but who have ulterior motives that are self-serving.  In other cases, they are equally as lost as those they profess to be helping but, have developed a method to convince people to follow them and their beliefs, ways of life and being.  In effect, they are trying to convince themselves that they are worthy in one way or another as they go.  After all, if they have a group following them, they can feel quite superior and, believe that they are worthy but, are they? Or, are they simply like all of the rest that they are preaching to?  Do they have self-serving motives or, all of those choices?

Whatever the case may be, some people look for other people to tell them how to live Life and end up going down the same paths as everyone else.  These are the people who will never find “self” because they have followed the crowd.  The bigger the crowd, the more secure they will feel.

I look at things differently than a lot of other people.  I see those who follow everyone else as being the same as everyone else.  As different as they think that they’re being with their line of thinking, if they are amongst many who are also followers, they will never travel down other paths alone which may lead them to where they need or want to be.  They are simply clones or as I’ve heard it termed, “sheeples”.  It’s my hope that they will one day, wake up and realize that there are different paths to take that may lead to fulfillment for them.

In the meantime, I will feel what I feel, think what I think and though it will likely differ from other’s thinking, I have the right to do so.  It doesn’t make me wrong or right.  It makes me, me.  Let those who wish to follow the crowd, do so. At least, that’s the way that I see things from my little corner of life.

Blessings, Love and Light to all reading this.




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I'm a wife, mother, artist, photographer and bookkeeper. I love writing out my thoughts in journals but, am finding my way to sharing these with others now.

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