Why I Think Madeleine McCann May Not Be Alive But HOPE For A Different Outcome

Toddler Madeleine McCann Now Missing For A Decade And Still No Answers As To What Happened To Her

It’s been 10 years now since then toddler, Madeleine McCann went suddenly missing from her bed in a rented holiday unit in the village of Praia da Luz, Portugal.  Madeleine was not quite 4, only a few days shy of her birthday when she went missing from the suite that she shared with her mother, Kate McCann and father, Gerry McCann.  It was as though she had vanished into thin air, without a trace and no one has seen her since.

There’s nothing that’s been found over these 10 years to indicate that Madeleine is no longer alive but, there’s nothing that proves that she is either.  In actual fact, there’s nothing to indicate what happened to this little girl who would now be about 14 years old.

While an enhanced photo to age the missing tot was handed out several years ago now, imaging as closely as possible, what Madeleine would look like having aged and grown, nothing came of it.  There were false leads by well-meaning people who thought that they’d seen her that poured into police from all over the globe.  Most were followed up on, if not all of them but, none of them were Madeleine once investigated or taken a look at by police and even private detectives.

Police, Scotland Yard, detectives, private detectives and even psychics have all turned up empty handed and seemingly, no closer to figuring out what happened to Madeleine that night and where she is now, dead or alive.

CNN aired a documentary piece Friday May 5, 2017, going back over every turn of events in the case that could be aired in one hour.  Nothing new has been found.  There have been no major breaks in the almost cold case and, Kate and Gerry McCann are doing everything in their power to keep Madeleine’s story alive and in the news.  For that reason, I watched with interest as I had hoped that something had been found.  I think everyone who watched that piece clung onto a shred of hope with some form of new trail to follow.  Alas, none came.  It was simply a recounting of her story and what led up to her disappearance.

If you’re not familiar with this case, I’ve written several pieces on it that will explain further.  You can read them HERE.

As the years have gone on, hope has turned from a rope to a tiny thread that most of us hang onto.  While I don’t want to be the pin that bursts the bubble and hope with all of my might that I am wrong, I simply cannot see that Madeleine McCann could possibly still be alive.  Logic and reason tell me that for a couple of key reasons.

  1. Madeleine would now be approximately 14 years old now.  Her birthday is the 12th of May.  By the time that a child is 14 years of age, they have come to a point where they are likely questioning everything and anything that they can.  Unless Madeleine were to be locked in a basement with no outside access for the past 10 or so years, she’d likely have had access to the internet, newspapers and magazines.  If she didn’t, surely one of her friends or their families do.  It’s hard to comprehend that she wouldn’t have heard of her story and be questioning.  Were she to be interested, she’s also of an age now where she could go to authorities on her own now.
  2. There was no indication of any sort of struggle or trauma that night from Madeleine.  No one heard nor saw anything and her 2 younger siblings (twins) were still fast asleep, proving that likely, no struggle took place.  It likely means that she knew whomever took her.  She may even have wandered off with them by her own free will?  Whatever the case may be, the fact that while there were break-ins within the area, no other child had been or has been abducted from that spot before or since Madeleine.  Why?  Why Madeleine?  There were at least 3 other couples that vacationed with the McCanns and all took turns at checking in on their children every 30 or so minutes.  None of their children were taken, thank the heavens.  Should this be a “child trafficking ring” that took Madeleine, why just her?  Her 2 siblings were sleeping in the same area yet, weren’t taken and both were younger, likely more saleable and easily taken. To my logic and reason, that doesn’t appear to be a viable reason for her abduction so, the thoughts of her still being alive are slim in my mind, personally.
  3. One would think that if the abductor was as unscrupulous a person as what it would take for someone to take a child and sell that little one, in this case, the abductor could give information for money as to where Madeleine would be.  He/she could profit twice.  Once on the abduction and child-sale as has been hypothesized as well as for giving anonymous information as to where they might find Madeleine were she still to be alive.  Someone without morals like that, would surely, be willing to make money twice.  However, someone who abducted and perhaps, raped then killed Madeleine, wouldn’t be at all willing to come forward.  After 10 years now, this leads me to believe that Madeleine, despite the lack of information and evidence, one way or another, is no longer alive.

While I recognize that being 4 years of age (just under that age by several days) can lead to a form of amnesia years later especially, after a traumatic abduction and, I also realize that it’s possible that those who perhaps, bought the child, could have brainwashed her into believing that they were her real parents, taken from them when she was born (not the McCanns), the likelihood that Madeleine believed it all and continues to believe it, is pretty slim.  She’d have to have at least questioned that reasoning by now especially, if she or any of her friends or their parents spotted the similarities to her as a child in those photos and stories that were splashed all over the world.

I’m not sure what the room was like in terms of height from the ground but obviously, it was assumed that it was low enough for someone to have taken Madeleine through a back window or, at the least, enter it.  What runs through my mind now is why did they assume that Madeleine herself, didn’t climb out of that window?  However, that’s besides the point as it leads no one anywhere closer to figuring out what happened to Madeleine after she’d left that unit by abduction or through her own free will.

I had a dream last night.  It was likely triggered by having watched the CNN documentary about Madeleine McCann’s mysterious and still unsolved disappearance, but in it, I saw a longer haired, dirty blonde haired Madeleine, in a school uniform, running through a field towards a home in what appeared to be a countryside home.  Her hair was tied back in a pony tail.  She was wearing a navy/dark royal blue school uniform, sweater, knee length or longer skirt, white button up shirt under the sweater and white knee socks with a blue ring around the upper knee area of the sock where it’s about to end.  Her shoes were a dark colour, perhaps black but, a tied up version, not running shoes/sneakers but more of an oxford style shoe.  She appeared happy and healthy, playful and carefree.  Then, I woke up, realizing that sadly, it was just a dream.

I hope with all of my heart that I am wrong and like a few other children who were taken from parents but, turned up alive years to nearly 2 decades later, I pray that Madeleine McCann will be found alive.  Ration and reason are nagging at me that it’s likely not the case but, HOPE is hanging on within me that there’s a wonderful outcome and reunion where everyone following this case from Day 1, will be rejoicing.  At least, that’s the way that I see things (as tormented and torn as they may be) from my little corner of life.

Blessings, prayers, Love and Light to the McCann family and to little Madeleine wherever she may be right now.


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