Bring Gilmore Girls Back: An Open Letter


Dear Amy Sherman-Palladino, Dan Palladino, Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel, Scott G. Patterson, Kelly Bishop and Gilmore Girls Cast:

There are rumours around the net that have a lot of people hoping for a new start to Gilmore Girls as a series.  There are simply so many reasons why it can and should be done including, a gigantic fan base that has high hopes of the show returning to television through either a major network or Netflix.

The reason?  We loved it then, were ecstatic about the Netflix return and are ever so hopeful for more of the show for reasons too numerous and individual to be listed.  The show has a powerful fanbase and is NOT overstayed its welcome nor, finished.

Lauren Graham hit the nail on the head squarely when she said that the show is like an escape from our everyday lives.  It gives us the vacation from the daily grind. It is the difference between a no-so-real, reality show that we’re bored to tears with now as we know they are scripted to some degree or another and cop or hospital centred shows that are in abundance.  It’s relaxing, fun, entertaining and has had us in tears alongside the main characters but, in a releasing way.

I watched Gilmore Girls every week with my own daughter.  She grew up on it and we were closer for having watched it.  Rory would now be my own daughter’s age.  Way back then and even now, I wish Stars Hollow existed because I’d move there.

That said, there is so much left unsaid, un-done and open for the series and its both old and new fans of which there is a huge following that it couldn’t be wanted more for it to return.  I’ve been on the fan sites and trust me, the fans are ready and hopeful of more to come past the 4 “A Year In The Life” episodes.

There’s a lot more that can be done with the show.  It’s not the end by any means.  Amy Sherman-Palladino and Dan Palladino have simply wet our thirst but, left us begging for more.  We want more.  We can’t be disappointed and hope that you’ll all take this seriously into account because of all of the shows, this is the one that gives me a sense of joy to think of more coming soon.

Please consider strongly the possibility of a return to the show fully.  While I know everyone wants to not disappoint fans, it’s considered a thrill to think of the possibility of a return of the show.  The true disappointment would be to end it here and now with never a return to it.  There are millions, waiting for it.  Please take it to heart as every character able to return to the show is much beloved and even newcomers would be welcome.  It’s still relevant, needed, wanted and hoped for.

With Full Sincerity,

Gilmore Girls Fans Everywhere

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