Why Is There So Much CRAP On YouTube And Facebook

If anyone has ever taken the time to watch any videos on YouTube…I mean…actually subscribed to someone’s channel and watched them quite a bit, one will come to notice that not only are they rambling on to ramble on but, their videos eventually become complete nonsensical and leave us with no wish to watch anything further.  I’ve gotten to a point where I’ve come to dislike the video makers because they will film videos doing everyday things that we all do, just to put up a video.  Whatever sense of respect and awe that I did have for them, I’ve not only lost but, I’ve gotten to the point of being unable to stand watching them anymore.  I won’t name names but, this reminds me that I have a whack of subscriptions that I need to unsubscribe to next moment I get.  If I hear one more, “if you like my videos, look below, subscribe, hit the like button and follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter….” and whatever other Social Media platform they’re part of, I’ll puke.  The ironic thing is, I can’t figure out what the hell they’re selling?  Are they selling themselves, their videos, sponsorships or what?  I can’t figure it out for the life of me.  Most of all, what the hell else do these people do other than film themselves doing just about anything and everything, edit, post, Tweet, Instagram, Facebook and whatever else they do then, start all over again?

What about Facebook?  I’m sure younger people have fun with their stories and photos with one another but, what’s with the more “mature” audience’s walls?  Those things are filled with jokes that have been passed around so many times now that I’m fed up with seeing them by the time they roll around for the 10th to 20th time, thinking they’re original.  There’s statuses that tell us what type of cake they ate last or, what the dog did to his/her toy.  There’s also the ones that will tell everyone their entire day’s worth of movements.  If they took a shower, you’re going to know about it and all of the details. Most of all, the prayers, the chain posts/private messages with “send one back to me too” after you’re sent it to 20 others and worst of all are the “if you care you’ll send me a hug”.  What’s with that?  We’re past grade school for crying out loud, aren’t we?

I cannot stomach the posts that are the “happy stories and photos” when you’ve recently been talking to that person and know that their lives are messes and they HATE the people they’re in the selfie photos with, looking like they’re best buds, making it look like the dirt that the person they photographed themselves with has hasn’t done anything wrong.  Are they whining to me for attention and empathy or, do they really feel this way about this person or people?  Which part of this is fake because one side has to be as phoney as a 3 dollar bill.

selfies on facebook

Not many will watch a linked video, or read a news article so, it’s useless to post those types of things on Facebook.  What’s left to post other than old, old jokes, selfies and phoney “happy photos”?  If someone can’t read it in 3 seconds or less, they’re not interested and by-pass it on the home feed.  Or worse, (I’ve tried this) you post a long message that you know takes more than 3 seconds to fully read no matter how fast at reading you are.  Two seconds after you post it, you’ve already got a “like”.  WTF?  Pardon my language but beyond the first sentence I might have said that my house burned down or I got hit by a car (which was actually the story I had posted that day) and I get “like(s)” on it instantly?  Did my friends really like the fact that I got hit by a car?  No!  They didn’t read my post.  They skimmed the home feed and clicked “like” on everything they went past in 10 seconds or less, not reading a thing.

We won’t get into Instagram because I don’t even know what it’s used for other than more selfies than on Facebook or photos of their dogs and cats.  As far as I can tell, it’s a digital photo album and not much more.

So, while you have to dumb it down for Facebook and Instagram, you’d better grow a thicker skin for Twitter because someone you don’t even know is going to sit behind the anonymity of their computer screen and fake User ID Nick and hammer you for something or other you say.  Twitter, to me, is not a kind place to play or be. It’s like everyone is out to piss everyone else off or take out their day’s worth of frustration on others from behind a cellphone, tablet or computer screen without a face or real name.  People on there are angry, bitter and unless you have a group of friends that you follow and follow you in return, it’s down, dirty and debating otherwise, it’s simply another Facebook wall said in 140 characters or less.


Let’s get back to YouTube though because that’s where I left before writing this piece, bored to tears with the same beauty queens, showing you how to put on make-up properly for the 240th time in 2 years.  I mean how many ways can you use bronzers?  How many places can you put it?  Or, how about the ones who simply want to share their lives with you every single day and shoot 2 and 3 videos a day of them driving, going to the store, eating lunch, chasing their kid, speaking about whatever comes to their heads while they’re doing everything else under the sun?

How about the crafters who repeat projects that others have already done to get a video up of their own?  Variations on that method that are so similar that you’re bored out of your head watching it over and over again?


Of course, there’s always “The Drama Queens” as I like to call them who cry on video, rant, rave and get you feeling sorry for them or crying with them.  Those are my special faves because they claim that their problems are worse than everyone else’s issues.  Meanwhile, you’re sitting back gagging because you’ve been through far worse on a good day.  Someone hand them a blooming box of tissues to stuff in their mouths, please.  I’ve heard dying people making YouTube videos of their last days on this planet and they aren’t crying.  I may be but they’re not and I’m wondering why they’d think to have filmed their last time on earth for YouTube? Aren’t there other ways to spend that time?  Like being with loved ones?  Yet other stupid people are crying over the fact that they ate an extra slice of cake or that their new hair straightener didn’t work as tv said it would.  Give me a break.

Well, I’m wrapping this piece up here to go and do a video on using my new shampoo and conditioner properly because I know no one knows how to wash and condition their hair, teach people how to take a shower while eating a muffin with the other hand while talking about toxic people in my life at the same time.  When I’ve showed them how to dry their hair and what products to use, I’m going to post photos of it to both Instagram and Facebook.  I’ll Tweet a story in 140 characters or less about the entire experience.  Hell…maybe, I’ll run the country via all of these Social Media platforms.  I know someone who does it by Twitter.  *wink*

If any of you can tell me what the hell is up with any of these social media platforms and what they are all about, please let me know.  Comment below and remember…be nice and smile while you’re writing to me but, to use the jargon YouTubers use…”Please comment below and click the Like button.”  I get nothing for it but, hey…it’s fun to have a place to say it.

Be well.  Love and Light and…
Have a wonderful day or evening from my little corner of life to yours.




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