Dirty Dancing Remake Flopped Big Time

The Final Dance Scene in Dirty Dancing 2017 was awkward, stiff and lacked the chemistry that the original Dirty Dancing had.  Waste of time, money and energy. Boo to ABC.

I didn’t want to watch it but, I finally bit the bullet last night and watched a PVR’d ABC remake version of Dirty Dancing 2017, a horrid version of the original Dirty Dancing movie from the 1980’s and hated it.

The movie wasn’t a clone of the original Patrick Swayze, Jennifer Grey version.  Instead, it was a re-written (poorly may I add) version with a lot of borrowed pieces as well as a lot of imagination added into the re-write.  It was hard to even identify the original characters except by name.

What were they thinking?

Not only did they ruin the characters but they added in plot lines, twists, turns and in all honesty from my perspective, ruined pretty much everything that fans held near and dear to their hearts with the movie.  They even wrote an ending which left viewers without a question as to what happened with “Baby” and “Johnny” after the summer at Kellerman’s and not many liked it.  As a matter of fact, it allegedly set Social Media platforms on fire with negative and even hateful feedback.  Fans took to Twitter to express their total discontent with the movie and it’s little wonder.

The plot was similar but, the twists, turns and add-ins weren’t even remotely close to the original.  Dialogue was re-written and let’s just say that the choreography and ability of the actors was disgraceful to say the least.  Even the original songs were redone with a modern twist.  Which reminds me, the movie itself was attempted to be “modernized” but, failed miserably.  The movie was set in the 1960’s with the original being made in the late 1980’s.  One can’t “modernize” an era while trying to keep the story in that time frame.  A “dance beat” to a 1960’s song doesn’t work somehow.

Worse than anything, there was no chemistry between any of the characters.  In spite of Swayze’s distinct focus on the dancing part of the movie while having co-star, Jennifer Grey in tears a lot of the time, the two actors were able to still pull of the chemistry that made fans love the original movie.  This remake had characters who couldn’t dance, were awkward as both actors and dancers and, worst of all, in spite of it stretching out for 3 flipping horrible hours worth of disappointment, I was glad that I had PVR’d it and could speed past the commercials to shorten the time I sat there.  I couldn’t wait to click it off and nearly did a good dozen or so times.  In spite of knowing the lines by heart after watching the original dozens or more times, I simply wanted to watch the original again and leave what happened to Baby and Johnny on the cutting room floor as they originally decided to do.  That gave us the answer that Baby and Johnny did want to stay together.

My only wish now, on the 30th anniversary year of the original is that ABC hadn’t have tinkered with it by this remake.  It flopped big time and fans hated it.  I’ll continue to burn though my third dvd of the original whenever I need my Dirty Dancing Fix.  As for this remake…it’s been erased from my PVR.  May it never see the light of day again, anywhere or at any time.  It was a waste of time, cast energy and money.  Like I heard someone else say, “I want that 3 hours of my life back!”

At least, that’s the way that I’m seeing things from my little corner of life.




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5 thoughts on “Dirty Dancing Remake Flopped Big Time

  1. I thought the sequel was deeper and better than the original. Baby really wasnt a professional dancer, wasnt perfect looking and i thought the chemistry between the leads was sensational. I wish there was a sequel about them afterwards. It was one of the few times a sequel was, in my opinion, was as good or better than the original. Bravo to Abigail, Colt and everyone. It gave me joy!


    1. E. Linda….I am happy to hear that at least one person found it great. 🙂 I think you’re in a minority though but, hey…who said that the majority has your tastes. I’m sure you’re not alone in that feeling/set of thoughts on the remake.

      I think that no one could replace Patrick Swayze or Jennifer Grey but, even they likely couldn’t have done a sequel.

      By the way, if you were watching the sequel to the end (some didn’t), “Baby” was married with a child (husband there with her and daughter) and “Johnny” was a dancer and actor on stage. It was left that there was NO future for the 2 of them in ever being together. It was simply a Summer Romance and they’d gone separate ways after it. There’s an ending to the original that was left on the cutting room floor (linked in my piece above) that says that there was a good chance that they stayed together. Who knows? It was a movie and none of it was real.

      Thank you for your comment and input! 🙂 Much appreciated.


    1. Thank you Cathy. It really did suck. They shouldn’t have messed with such a great movie. It can’t be redone any better than the original and this one really took the cake for BAD! 🙂 HUGS XO


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