Youtube’s Grav3yard Girl A Hoot



For those of you who want a good belly laugh, you have to watch Grav3yard Girl on YouTube. 

I stumbled across her channel quite awhile ago now while searching for a How To Fix Your Toilet video.  Having my hands numb from sticking them into the cold water in the tank and worrying more about being able to flush the danged thing, of course, I didn’t stop to watch her.  It’s only been recently that I stumbled upon her again while yes, looking for another DIY video on how to repair a leaky faucet.  Anyone getting the feeling that I either need a major renovation or to actually move?  Yeah, I’ve been getting that feeling too but, my vet and bank account have other ideas for my money…which leads me to finding those DIY videos.  A huge thank you to the guys out there who realize that we dumb women don’t know a pipe wrench from a socket wrench and dumb it down so much that we can stop and replay the blasted thing 10 times before we get it.

Anyway, back to Grav3yard Girl whose videos I have finally had the time to watch since I called in a plumber and tossed my dishwasher onto the front lawn for the scrap metal guys who took it in less than 10 minutes flat.

This woman’s videos are hilarious.  They cover every new gadget on the market, including make-up which she has no hesitation in trying on right in front of the camera in spite of not being a makeup artist.

It’s not the product itself that’s the hoot but rather her commenting as she goes.  Not only is she down to earth and a bit of klutz but, she’s genuinely funny.  I’ve had tears rolling down my cheeks and aching sides from laughing at her narration.  In at least one of her videos that I’ve watched, she was applying makeup and had her husband do the voice over for it.  If that didn’t call for a pair of Depends and less tea, I don’t know what did.  I nearly needed a wet vac during and after this one because I was a limp, rag doll from laughing and nearly didn’t make it to the bathroom on time.  TMI, I know but, it’s being honest.

Admittedly, there’s only so many of her videos that I can watch at one time before I am on overkill but, whenever I need and want a good chuckle, that’s the channel that I’ve been turning to.

Much to the chagrin of Ralph Smart (Infinite Waters Diving Deep) lovers who have still continued to send me “hate comments” and insist that they know me through their amateur psychoanalyzing me, Grav3yard Girl surpasses his subscribership to the tune of some 8 MILLION subscribers which is more than 8 times the number of subscribers Smart has and deservedly so.  She’s down to earth, a stand-up comedienne in her own right and reviews products advertised on television on camera.  Not that I care much about the products but, it’s more than a riot in watching her do it.  She’s not out to sell you anything but, gives her open and sometimes, naive and almost child-like opinions on what is sold during informercials and other advertising but, in a light-hearted, fun way.  She’s using the product for the first time on camera and gives viewers her opinion on them as she goes.

There’s no airs or false pretences to her.  It’s not that she gives off the vibe that she’s got it all together, is somehow superior nor does she try to sell you anything she’s reviewing or otherwise.  She’s simply a total hoot.

So, if you’re in the mood for a really good tummy jiggling, fall off your chair sometimes laugh, check out her channel on Youtube, linked above.

Laugh, Blessings, Love and LIght…from my little corner of life to yours.

Have a great day or evening.



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