Comments Aren’t Plentiful On This Blog


Goose Eggs.

Ever hear of that term or am I simply dating myself when I say that?

If you’ve never heard of it, it’s the term used to describe the number “0”.

That’s the number of comments that I’ve gotten on most of my pieces that I have written especially, the ones that I’ve asked for comments on as a discussion that I, perhaps foolishly, believe needs to happen but, isn’t.

I’m sure that anyone who watches YouTube video makers, know the phrase “subscribe, click like and comment below.”  It’s a standard mantra for anyone who has taken the time, thought, energy effort and care to set up a camera, film, edit and upload to their YouTube channel.  It’s a form of pleading but, it’s also a bit of an advertising ploy.  I see and understand why they do it.  That’s no small amount of energy that they put into their work.  Of course, most of them don’t make YouTube their livelihood.  Most are doing it for other reasons but, all the same, it’s a lot of effort that they put into their pieces.

I write this blog because I like to express myself on topics of interest to both myself as well as readers.  I look at the stats and the search engine terms that bring people here then, I write whatever it is that I feel fits both criteria.

There’s no pay for what I do.  I get a “goose egg” sum for doing it nor, am I looking to get paid for it.  There’s a million bloggers out in Cyberland.  I also don’t write consistently nor, on one topic, genre or in one style.  I write what I feel, think or what others have asked me to write about.  I am not sponsored (those ads are from WordPress to pay for my free web server, not from me and, I don’t get paid a cent for them).  There’s nothing that I do here that is for pay of any kind.  I expect nothing monetary in return for my writing.  As a matter of fact, I expect nothing in return, really.

However, that all said, there are topics that I’ve done a great deal of research on out of my own interests first and I write about them because….

  1. They have relevance to what’s going on in the world today in some way
  2. They might help others even if it’s only to get people thinking or talking
  3. I have an opinion that I wish to express and hope that others will join in with intelligent (not infantile or brainwashed) comments.

Of course, there are others that I’ve written because it’s been my personal experience and I hope that it….

  1. Entertains people with amusement
  2. Wakes people up to thinking with me about a topic
  3. Opens up a discussion

Sadly, what I’m finding is that it’s not opening up any discussions.  It’s a big Goose Egg for a lot of the hundreds of pieces that I’ve written and posted.

Equally unfortunate is that there is one topic that has received the most readership and more sadly, the most personal attack comments in which there can be no discussion (aka Ralph Smart (Infinite Waters Diving Deep) )

I, too, have a YouTube channel that I’ve yet to use for anything other than subscriptions to YouTubers .  I’m thinking that perhaps, it may be more fruitful to vlog rather than blog my thoughts?  It will take more time and energy but, it’s worthy of considering at the least.

My question to you, dear readers…

Is there anything that you’d like me to write about or something you’d like to discuss more?

Let me know.  As they’d say in YouTube-land, like and comment below.

Best wishes, Blessings, Love and Light




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I'm a wife, mother, artist, photographer and bookkeeper. I love writing out my thoughts in journals but, am finding my way to sharing these with others now.

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