Do Peaceful Muslims Exist

Maybe I’m naive.

Maybe, I’m stupid.

Maybe, I just don’t understand the rules.

Whatever it is, I am not understanding the Muslims who are not radicalized, telling the world that they are “not terrorists” then, doing nothing more or saying nothing more.

“We’re peaceful people,” they say and frankly, for the most part, I find that they are peaceful people.  As peaceful as anyone else on the planet from my personal experiences, having lived 2 doors away from a Mosque.

However, having said that, I am wondering why more Muslims are not out and showing outrage in horror over the radicals who have committed crimes of murder in the name of “Allah”.

Where are the Muslims who wouldn’t do this when these radicals are out killing in the name of their religion?

Why are they not outwardly denouncing what these radicals are doing in a more open, demonstrative fashion?

Why are they not out in the streets, showing solidarity with other Muslims by prayer sessions that these radicals not be martyred for their acts of murder?

Why are they not showing more outrage against these acts?

Where are their voices when these acts keep happening all over the world and, why are they not more vocal with the rest of the world in solidarity against these acts of terror?

Do they agree with it because it’s been built into the religion but they, themselves wouldn’t commit such acts?

What is it that is stopping them?

This is where my naivety comes into play.  I don’t understand why some Muslims will protest “hate” crimes against the Muslim religion but, won’t stand up against the terrorist radicals with the rest of humanity the way one would expect, given their words that they are a peaceful religion.  Wouldn’t that go a long way towards the rest of the world, understanding that it’s not all Muslims doing this?  Wouldn’t doing this help their want for acceptance within the world?

Another thing that I wonder about when terrorists hit.  Do they not figure that some of those they kill or injure might not also be Muslim?  Do they care or, is that considered a form of martyrdom for those Muslims to be killed as well?  Are they simply “collateral damage” and aren’t cared about?  Where is the Peaceful Muslim population when these acts occur?  Or are they lucky enough to not be affected?  Why is that?  It’s the fastest growing population on the planet.  How is it that they get missed and if they don’t, why aren’t these same peaceful Muslims not out with the rest of the world, outraged?

Where ARE the “peaceful Muslims” in all of this terrorist chaos?  What part do they or should they play? Most of all, why should other factions of this planet, accept Muslim dressing which sometimes, is akin to wearing a ski mask and long clothing for others?

I don’t get it and maybe, I’m asking for trouble in asking questions through my lack of understanding.

Perhaps, someone can explain it better because either I am naive or I simply don’t understand how this all works.

Be well, stay safe,

Pease, Love and Light


Published by ponderinglifetoo

I'm a wife, mother, artist, photographer and bookkeeper. I love writing out my thoughts in journals but, am finding my way to sharing these with others now.

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