What If Barron Trump Were Permitted To Speak

Barron and Melania Trump Finally Move Into White House But None Of The Three Look Happy

None of the 3 Trumps in the White House looked happy as both Melania and son, Barron Trump, arrived at the White House to take up residency within it.  I couldn’t help but wonder what would be said if Barron were able to speak out his thoughts.

In watching the arrival of Melania and Barron Trump for the beginning of their official residency within the White House for as long as Donald Trump remains president, one can see that there wasn’t a twinkle of a smile from any of the three of them.  As a matter of fact, all three looked downright miserable.  While Melania was struggling to cross the grass in stiletto spiked shoes (likely giving it a good aeration) there was a distance between her and Donald.  Though they held hands this time (miracles do occur), it appeared that she kept a bodily distance between them.  Coming up on the outside but, always near his mother’s side, was Barron who seemed equally morose about being there.  It was almost as though one could see that his and Melania’s lives as they knew them, were being changed in that moment and neither of them wanted it but, likely to the relief of the rest of Trump Towers NY resident’s relief that she and Barron were gone.

From what I understand, Barron will be shipped off to a private school in Maryland come the Fall.  It’s unclear at the point of writing this article whether Barron, the youngest Trump by Donald’s third wife, Melania will be chauffeured back and forth between the White House and school or whether he will be kept in residency there.  It’s approximately a 40 minute drive either way, in good traffic so, it’s likely he could remain in residency there but, then again, it doesn’t appear that Donald will miss his youngest son much from what I’ve been observing and reading about the pair.  From all accounts, Donald didn’t want Melania to have a child and only permitted her to have Barron if she were to regain her pre-pregnancy figure soon after birth.  He stated this on the Larry King show I believe.

Barron Trump’s New Private School For Fall 2017, St. Andrew Episcopal School A 40 Minute Drive From The White House


What would Barron say if he could tell the world what he knows and has seen between him, his famous father and his quiet mother?  What secrets would he reveal about their lives and his parents’ marriage?

For this young, 11 year old boy, it’s hard to imagine what type of somersault his world and life have taken due to his father’s escapades.  It may well be that Barron has been kept quite in the dark and sheltered from his parents’ issues but, at the same time, his world has taken a tumble.

With several other siblings to contend with, birthed by two different mothers than his, much older and beloved especially, sister, Ivanka, it must be extremely hard for Barron to feel part of a family.  With Barron not having been wanted by Donald Trump and his father having uttered on National Television that he likely wouldn’t have much to do with the child, is there any wonder that being ripped from his home of luxury in Trump Towers with an entire floor dedicated to him and him alone and placed in a home where his father has enough trouble on his hands to sink a battleship as well as playing 4th or 5th fiddle to his elder and more loved siblings that Barron would feel out of place and unwanted other than by his mother, Melania Trump?

I have a great deal of empathy and sympathy for that boy.  He has an uphill battle to face in every direction of his life that he turns.  Rich beyond belief and surrounded by luxury doesn’t make up for the upheaval his life has taken since his wealthy, narcissistic and likely notorious father has created for him.  Top that off with likely a lack of attention or love and affection from father, Donald while he loads it onto his “special” daughter, Ivanka, her husband Jared and their children instead and, I have pity for Barron in spite of the wealth, privilege and luxury that surrounds this boy.

Is it just me or are you getting the same feelings about this?

What would Barron tell the world about his parents if he were permitted to speak?  That’s what I’d like to know but, from my little corner of life to yours, I’m sure that he will someday, write a book about his father and their life at the White House.  We will know then for certain.  It may be shocking to say the least.

Be well.  Peace, Love and Light.

Have a great day or evening.





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