There’s More To Life Than Donald Trump And Ralph Smart

I have been writing a blog for more than 5 years yet, with the hundreds of posts that I’ve written which all contain researched information, no other topics have received the type of readership that Donald Trump or Ralph Smart (Infinite Waters Diving Deep) have brought in.

Perhaps, I should be grateful to both topics as they both bring in readers?  Of course, that wasn’t my intention in writing about either one of them no more than it was my goal when I write about anything else that I’ve lived through or, researched and written.  My sole aim was to write my thoughts in a blog format on whatever topic I felt passionate about or had strong thoughts about at the time. However, let’s dissect these two men and see why there’s such a reaction to both of them.


Donald Trump

It’s obvious that Trump is president of the U.S.A. and frankly, the man has stirred up so much controversy, caused so much discord, divided a nation and has even his own caucus up in arms.  Other world leaders hate him or laugh at him.  Putin in Russia seems to be dangling strings, drinking champagne and toasting his victory over manipulating both the U.S. elections as well as Trump, causing a hurricane like reaction.  Not much is being accomplished in America because…

  1. There are so many controversies and plot lines happening that its political side seems to be a daily soap opera.
  2. Putin seems to have control over The U.S. with tornado like force which causes everyone’s attention to be focused on Trump’s next move to fight against being a suspect in a potential criminal investigation or impeachment. Maybe, Putin figured correctly that he’d have more power over Trump than Clinton and therefore, sanctions against Russia would crumble under the pressure Trump is under?
  3. Trump is not a politician, which the American peoples seemed to want away from but, can’t govern an entire country as president because he doesn’t know how to do it.
  4. His Twitter account governs and, or usurps everyone else’s power and Trump is addicted to Tweeting at odd hours, saying things Spicer can’t keep up with nor can anyone else.
  5. News channels around the world carry almost 24/7 coverage of Trump’s foibles, partisan in-fighting as well as leaving everyone with the question of, “what will Trump do next?”  Even more compelling and riveting is the question of, “how many more staff can Trump hire, fire or throw under buses?”

People either love or hate Trump.  There isn’t much of an in-between for most people.  When he’s done something stupid or let’s say, questionable, Republicans and Trump Supporters seem to scramble to come up with an excuse as to why he did what he did or said what he said, often sounding as though their brains had been removed by aliens.  Maybe, Trump is an alien?  Has anyone asked for his birth certificate yet?  Mars (the planet) doesn’t qualify him for the presidency on this one.  Of course, we know that Trump won’t offer up his tax returns.  Maybe, Obama should be as relentless in demanding that he release those as Trump was with Obama on releasing his birth certificate?

Not to put Ralph Smart (Infinite Waters Diving Deep) into the same category as Trump but Smart has his own followers who sound much like the Republicans, trying to defend Trump when something is said about him that isn’t a glowing report or portraying him as the best thing since sliced bread but, he’s up there in rankings in the stats that show on my wall as being the second most read piece out of the hundreds of others that I’ve written.  In fact, Smart is the single most highly commented upon subject that I’ve written about.  Most of those comments are written by people who have threatened all sorts of things, including death threats to me but, I’ve had ill wishes, been psychoanalyzed by people who listen to Smart to figure out how to live life and, comments that have been simply swearing and cursing and couldn’t be published due to rating factors.  However, let’s take a look at why Smart may be one of the most hotly read and commented topics I’ve written in over several hundred pieces as well as over 5 years of writing this blog.


Ralph Smart (Infinite Waters Diving Deep) 

  1. Smart offers up what can seem like pearls of wisdom to people who are floundering in their own lives and need someone to tell them how to think and feel.  (Who hasn’t had these times in their lives?)
  2. It’s easier to watch a video than read an article.
  3. There’s nothing to sign up for and it’s “free” to watch him smile for 20 or so minutes, weeping willow branches grazing his head, oftentimes, covering his face as he struggles to “breathe In that good ass prana in nature, Baby”.
  4. He highly suggests that everyone eat Vegan and all will be cured in their lives, leaving level headed viewers wonder if he’d swallowed several Weeping Willow leaves in the process of brushing off those pesky branches.  Are there any nutrients in Willow leaves?
  5. He captures the young and impressionable people who are struggling with their lives and live by his every word because he has a nice smile and tells them “don’t worry about it”.
  6. The Cat Down The Road is his best friend.
  7. He doesn’t believe in religion having been raised by a minister father yet, still looks upwards and towards the sky, asking for a “Hello” from what, no one knows and doesn’t seem to ever get one in return because he keeps asking in every video he puts out.
  8. He never eats breakfast before he films his videos because he always tells his viewers that “we ain’t even had breakfast yet,” in spite of the fact that people are watching him after lunch or dinner.  Technically, he is right though.  Even if viewers are watching him after dinner, they “ain’t even had breakfast yet” for the next day.  However, that’s in spite of the fact that he proclaims to only eat one Vegan meal a day.  Ok…well…to each his own.
  9. Like Trump claims to be running America and making it “great again”, Smart’s claim is that he’s a “psychologist” while there’s no proof anywhere to be found that he is one other than he got a combined B.A. in psychology and criminology and tells everyone that he is a psychologist.  If that’s the case, I’ve built a gazebo so, I’m a carpenter, gapped spark plugs and changed a distributor cap so, I’m a mechanic, I’ve baked a cake for my husband so, I’m a baker.  The list is endless and therefore, if you’ve ever given advice to a friend and listened to their problems, you’re also a psychologist.
  10. He offers 1 on 1 sessions with him via Skype for a fee that out ranks fees from most professional anythings or anybodies with no definition of what those sessions entail or under what concept.  For that kind of money, I’m offering up Skype Sessions 1 on 1 where you can call me a jerk for the hour.  I won’t care because I’ll be paying my bills every month.
  11. He makes it seem as though he’s been through everything everyone else has or is going through and now knows the answers to how to live because he smiles a lot.

I digress though.  From the comments I’ve received concerning Smart versus Trump, it appears as though Smart should be the President of the U.S. and let Trump offer up advice over Twitter and YouTube.  Trump can offer one hour sessions via Skype for a ridiculous price, undefined and tell you how to piss off your friends on Twitter or something along those lines.  For another few hundred, he can get Sean Spicer to Skype you to explain it all because you’re not to take Trump literally nor, did you understand what he said because he’ll Tweet something else afterwards about your session with him.

Or, wait…I just had a brilliant idea.  Both men are business men who know how to market themselves to make money off of those who are desperate.  They both know how to control people’s minds so, why don’t we team them both up and they can make “free” YouTube videos where Trump can sell people on how to make themselves “great” while Smart can peddle more of his books, cd’s and treat you as a psychiatric patient at the same time?  This way, you’ll know how to really live your life properly because both of them have found the secret to Life.  Well, at the least, they’ve figured out how to have power over people and make money.

From my little corner of life to yours, may you realize that no matter what someone portrays themselves to be for the viewers of the world, no matter how much they make you believe that they know how to fix everything that can go wrong or, how they can persuade you to follow their lines of thinking, no one has their lives all put together so, they cannot do it for you either no matter how much you follow or love them.  They are what I’ll call “actors”.  Everyone is screwed up in one way or another and that includes Trump and Smart.

Be well, Blessings, Love and LIght

Have a great day or evening and for the love of humanity….eat breakfast, don’t expect hellos from the sky or think that you can make any country you live in, “great”.  It’s all simply marketing slogans, dreamed up by others in campaign style.  Weeping Willow branches are pushed around by the breeze.  Don’t be one of them.




Published by ponderinglifetoo

I'm a wife, mother, artist, photographer and bookkeeper. I love writing out my thoughts in journals but, am finding my way to sharing these with others now.

7 thoughts on “There’s More To Life Than Donald Trump And Ralph Smart

  1. I just don’t trust him.
    Something in my soul tells me that he is not on the up and up.
    Just listening to his voice irritates my whole soul.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hello ponderinglifetoo, today is the first day I came across your blog. I like it because you are true to yourself. Everyone has their own beliefs. Just like you believe in minister father, he believes in something else. Yes, I agree, if he is truly not interested in earthly pleasures, he shouldnt be charging ridiculous money for his sessions. Even if they are inexpensive, I wouldnt be attending them, anyway. But, good work girl! Keep up the great work!


  3. For some reason I understand how you feel. I keep my little blog to myself and refuse to play team follow back games when strange ppl follow me to get their own numbers up! I didn’t read your initial post about RS just a follow up, I’m not a fan. Just stay true to Yourself and you will get there

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Ibizagoldgirl. I am not playing that game either of reading what I don’t like to read/following others unless I truly like their content. I do get discouraged sometimes because I think I have said something that may be of interest to others and they don’t bother reading any of it but…I am writing for myself anyway (as you’ve said you’re doing) so, I’m not worrying about it really. Thank you for this reminder! Hugs

      Liked by 1 person

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