You Don’t Matter


1) You cannot make people care about you who don’t care
2) When you don’t matter, you don’t matter. You can’t change
that fact.
3) Being caring, kind and nice to others doesn’t necessarily
get anywhere good.
4) The care, concern and effort you put into others will likely
not be returned. Lesson learned the hard way.
5) Doing the “right thing” all of the time makes you a doormat
for most others and possibly not wanted around. Stop
6) If people only want you around when they need something but, are praising others around them all of the time…you only matter when they want or expect something from you. Give up.
7) Words are cheap. Actions speak louder than words. When the words and actions don’t match, time to believe the actions not the words.
8) Chasing people is a sport for you. Avoiding you is a sport for them. Find another sport to take up. It’s more fruitful.
9) When the only phone calls you get are telemarketers, change your number and forget who you knew. Start over.
10) If you’re constantly concerned about others, asking for updates but, they don’t bother filling you in on what happened EVER, don’t chase their troubles or keep asking. Either they are busy (best case scenario) or…they can’t be bothered (worst case scenario).
11) While others may be important to you, you may not hold the same importance to them. Give up and find others to find important to you and you, to them.
12) When someone has problems/troubles and you’ve taken the time to listen to them, help them out however you can and be there for them but, it’s not returned when YOU are in trouble, time to realize that you are being used and abused. Move on.
13) Smiles on faces to your face with kind words to you but unkind words behind your back make the other person fake and phoney. Toss ’em.
14) When you only are contacted in times of trouble but not during times of fun and good news, you know that you’re only good for one thing to that person/people. Tell them to forget your phone number, address and any other contact info they have for you because you’re “too busy”.
15) If the largest chunk of time you spend with some people are to talk about them, their lives, problems and situations, never asking how you’re doing or only allowing you 1/16th of the time you’ve spent on their problems, time to let them find another shoulder to cry on.
16) People need to vent and cry on other’s shoulders sometimes but, when they are out partying with others and you aren’t contacted for those times, you can shut down the conversation quickly by using the line and tactics that they use on you when you have a problem. “I’m busy” or “I have to go out and will call you back” but never do so as they do to you.
17) Give up caring about those who don’t give a hoot about you and have proved it over and over again.
18) When their excuses for never calling or getting together sound like excuses…that’s because they are. Get the hint and move on.
19) Give people the benefit of the doubt for the most part but, when they’ve proven to you over and over again that their loyalties lay with others and not you, get it through your thick skull that you’re not #1 in their lives, minds or hearts and move on.
20) Last but, not least, when people can find the time, energy and money to put into others, expect that they can do the same for you. If they’re not doing that…take it as a sure sign that they simply don’t want to do it for you. You don’t matter to them.

If all else fails…change your address and phone number. LOL

Back to regularly scheduled programming.
PS: If you’ve read this far, my rant has hit some chord in you too.

Published by ponderinglifetoo

I'm a wife, mother, artist, photographer and bookkeeper. I love writing out my thoughts in journals but, am finding my way to sharing these with others now.

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