Personal Attacks Only Show Your Ignorance

It takes all kinds of people in this world to make it a world.  The strangest though, appear to be lurking around the net and on blogs as well as Social Media.

Why is it that a complete stranger can read one blog post and assume that they know everything about me, my life, my past, my psyche and go on to psychoanalyze me in a not so polite or even accurate way? Of course, these same whack-jobs never come back again to see what you’re posted in response to their nasty comments but hey, if that’s what cools their jets or makes them feel like an important person to do so, they will do it.

I ask for comments on my pieces.  I don’t ask for personal attacks or put downs and, if I want to be psychoanalyzed, I will see a professional whom I will tell enough to about myself to for them to form an opinion of me.  These commenters know squat about me but, think that they do.  Delusional morons that they are, they still do it.

Ok all of you personal attack commenters who have only read one of my pieces, let me tell you a few things about you that I’ve discerned.


  • Hiding behind a keyboard, with a made up name, doesn’t make you all-knowing or omnipotent.  It only makes you feel that you are.
  • Telling someone you don’t know and won’t ever know by reading one single piece of theirs or even several hundred pieces, doesn’t give you a degree, shingle, license nor power to psychoanalyze or write personal attack put-downs.  That’s for Kindergarten kids who love to feel powerful by what they say to another kid in the playground that they don’t know.
  • The anonymity of your computer, phone or tablet doesn’t make you suddenly brilliant.
  • Your personal attacks are laughed at by me and other readers so, it’s getting you nowhere.
  • Find Twitter and go Tweet Trump.  I hear he stays up nights, Tweeting insults at others. I’m sure he’d love the company though he likely doesn’t read anyone else’s comments.  Go waste your breath there whether for him or against him.
  • Better yet, go write Ralph Smart (Infinite Waters Diving Deep) on YouTube another thank you or psychoanalyze him.  He doesn’t read comments either.
  • There are certain commenters who personally attack me, knowing nothing about me except my opinion pieces on one thing or another and nothing else.  Most of these commenters are young, have had little Life experience but, think that they know it all.  You don’t know it all.  You’re young.  Reading a few articles, books or watching some YouTube videos doesn’t make you a genius or give you a degree.
  • A few of these commenters, I’ve seen on other Social Media platforms or, know who they are. (Yes, we get IP addresses) You aren’t fooling me.
  • Last but, not least and certainly not in totality, send me your junk and I’ll dish it right back at you on a published wall for everyone to read and think about.  Don’t look now but, your ignorance is hanging out all over the place for all to see.

Now that I’ve covered the main points, the reality behind silly, immature, personal attacks based on one piece I’ve written is akin to teaching the meditation gurus how to meditate properly.  You’re going to get a response that you won’t like much.  Didn’t your grandma or parents ever tell you not to judge a book by its cover”?

Enough said for now.  I’m going back to regularly scheduled blogging.  Those who hurl personal insults at me will get chuckled at, published, responded to without having to resort to those types of tactics because you’re quite transparent.  Go vent in a journal somewhere instead or call up someone you do know and tell them what you think of them.

Nah…you’re too open and chicken to do that, right?

Blessings, Love and Light

Have a great day or evening.


Published by ponderinglifetoo

I'm a wife, mother, artist, photographer and bookkeeper. I love writing out my thoughts in journals but, am finding my way to sharing these with others now.

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