We All Get Something Out of Everything We Do

I found myself feeling somewhat embarrassed and crazy while watching YouTube videos the other night.  What was I doing, watching a bunch of 18 to 20 something year olds, telling me, almost a senior citizen (gasp) what to do, what life is about and how to live life?  How many deaths, caregiving situations, children have they raised or what life crises have they gone though to be able to have the ability to tell me how to live?

Angry lady yelling on computer screen

Isn’t it insane how many people out in Cyberland, believe that they have all of the answers to life and everything in it, let alone the fact that they’ve hardly lived life yet?

The bigger question might be, who was crazier…them for thinking that they have the answers or me, for wasting time, watching them ham it up for the camera, acting as though they received a visit from God, Himself and knew all of the answers to life’s questions, troubles, problems etc.?

Maybe, I have too much time on my hands in the evenings?  Instead of watching television, I’m usually on the net, either researching something or, as I did the other night, watching YouTube videos, hoping that I’d find answers somehow to things that I am not able to solve in my own life. No matter what, the truth is, there is certainly a lot of differing opinions out there.

I remember going to “Marriage Classes” before getting married way back in…well…the 1970’s.  It was taught by, of all people, a priest and was one of the pre-requisits to having your wedding performed in the Catholic Church so, I was obliged to go to them with my devout Catholic husband-to-be.  One thing kept running through my mind and yes, I didn’t hesitate to ask it out loud and in front of the entire class of people, most of them whom I assume were there for the same reasons that I was, they had to be there.

“How is a priest, who isn’t married and likely never was or will be, is running this class, teaching people how to deal with being married?”

Think that a funny question? I did.  I mean, I really did feel that it shouldn’t be a priest, teaching weekly classes about marriage and yes, even sex.  What did they know?

Interestingly, that memory came flooding back to me while watching these young people, telling everyone how to live their lives, what’s wrong with them and how to correct it all.  After all, wasn’t it somehow all connected in not making sense?

A single point hit me square in the face that bears thinking about.


  1. Most people doing YouTube videos get paid something for doing it.  It may not be much and some people make nothing but hope for their 15 minutes of fame.  Either way, there’s something to be gotten out of it for them.
  2. The marriage classes were slanted more towards the Catholic theme and how to live your married life, based upon the Catholic teachings.  It was less to do with marriage than it was about living as a married couple while up keeping the Catholic faith.
  3. They want to sell you something.  That’s right, take out  your wallet and take their courses, buy their books or DVD’s or something that they are promoting.
  4. If they truly believe that what they are telling you is true, they want to sell you on it too.  Plus, they get something out of it whether that be fame or finances.
  5. By watching their videos, buying their courses or products, clicking on the video alone, or listening to their talks (i.e.: TED Talks), they get paid one way or another.

No matter which way I sliced this, wrote it out or thought about it, there was something personal that they, themselves gained by having you, listen to, read or watch them.  In other words, they may appear to care about you and perhaps, they do but, first and foremost, they want you to buy them, their products or put money in their pockets or give them fame to boost their ego.

Whether or not they truly believe in what they are doing or not, is not the question that I was asking.  Some do believe it.  Some don’t but, all of them were getting something out of what they are saying and doing and little of that, has to do with you and your wellbeing in all actuality.  They don’t even know you or what you’ve been through in your life or will go through.  These people are consciously or unconsciously getting something out of what they are saying and doing.

Lest you comment about what I’m doing in writing this yes, I hope that you’ll get something out of what I write in some way but, I don’t make a cent on what I do, say or write.  I do get something out of it though.  It’s my release, my passion, my hobby and yes, I exercise my mind, get my thoughts out there and even though anonymous for all intents and purposes through my nick name as author of these pieces, I feel good that at the least, I’ve spoken my mind in written words and you are reading them.  Whether it hits home with your experiences, thoughts, ideals, morals, values or not, I’ve said something in a public way that one person or another will eventually read for one reason or another.  That makes me feel good.  So, like everyone else out in this world, I am getting something out of doing this but, does that make me different or the same as everyone else out there, handing out their opinions and advice?

It makes me the same, doesn’t it?  And, you are the same too.  Every time you hand out your opinion, give your story or experience, try to sell something, do your day job, write a blog entry, make a YouTube video or whatever it is that you do in a day, you’re getting something out of it in one way or the other.  No one is that altruistic to do everything for nothing.  That would be stupid, believe it or not.

From my little corner of life to yours,

Be Well, Love and Light

Have a great day or evening.


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I'm a wife, mother, artist, photographer and bookkeeper. I love writing out my thoughts in journals but, am finding my way to sharing these with others now.

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