Your Comments On Ralph Smart YouTube’s Infinite Waters Diving Deep Tell Me A Story

ralph smart infinite waters diving deep
In spite of comments, Ralph Smart or Infinite Waters Diving Deep on YouTube, is not God

Those who write comments which psychoanalyze me, my motives etc. because they don’t like the fact that I’m not a Ralph Smart Infinite Waters Diving Deep YouTuber fan, while never having read another topic or word that I’ve written are showing their true inner being, needs, flaws, faults, warts and insecurities.  Those things are hanging out for all to see in your derogatory remarks towards me, my writing about him and tell everyone a story who have minds of their own.

Let me get one thing perfectly straight here.

If you are a Ralph Smart (the 31 year old YouTuber) groupie, cult-following type who loves to hear Ralph Smart’s voice and extremely repetitive phrasings, topics etc., please, go back and watch him.  I’m not stopping you so, there’s no need to sit here and spend your time or energy, giving me flack because I don’t find the man to be either genuine, a psychologist (as he claims but, there’s no documentation to prove that he is other than his word…unless you can find that and provide me with proper citations or proof) or, because I see him as a sales person, out to promote himself, his wares and through my own research, sell you whatever he can to line his pockets so that he doesn’t have to work a real job like most others of us need to do.

*Trust me, he certainly isn’t going to thank you for your comments on my writing that praise him and condemn me and my negative thinking about him.*

Idolizing someone who pretends to be one thing, “helping millions” while doing what he’s doing so that he doesn’t have to conform to what nearly all of his viewers will have to cave into doing, is not someone that I can get behind and, I’ve said that before.  Telling me or trying to convince me that I’m wrong and Smart is right, is akin to trying to tame a lion into being a house kitten.  It isn’t going to happen.  Calling me names, sending me death threats, swearing at me, psychoanalyzing me in a negative light, is not only not going to work by any stretch of the imagination but, it’s going to show me who YOU are and why you follow someone like Mr. Smart.

Make no mistake about the fact that whatever you can say to me, reflects back onto Mr. Smart and you.  It says nothing to me about what I feel about this cultish-guru he’s made himself nor, does it tell me that what he’s doing is working on or for others.  No matter how deep you think you’re diving by your negative comments towards my feelings of fraud towards him, you are not going to convince me differently.  I’ve done the work of watching and following him for a period of time, then done the research and written about him.  My mind has been made up by the facts or lack of them that he presents or doesn’t present.  It’s also been directed towards finding him a fraud.  Don’t waste your time or mine by telling me that I’m incorrect.  Take that time and go back to watch more of him because everything you say to me (except for pure swearing) is more proof to me that Ralph Smart is nothing but a salesman who is avoiding working and who has a following much like The Stepford Wives with no mind of their own.  Your comments about me are simply proving to me that you are without your own thinking and following someone else, believing their every word to be gospel truth because you aren’t thinking for yourself.

That all being said,

Be well, Love and Light.

Have a  wonderful day or evening.

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6 thoughts on “Your Comments On Ralph Smart YouTube’s Infinite Waters Diving Deep Tell Me A Story

  1. Yep i agree he wants peoples money and thats about it. I really dont think he cares very deeply about the real issues in life like world hunger ect. He uses various cult like techniques like trying to convince you that your an infinite being and persuades you into being addicted to a hypnotic type voice. Eckart Tolle is similar in my opinion. Don’t think for yourself and subsribe to all my teachings and give me your money type thing

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    1. Of course I read that E Berry. But, his B.A. does NOT make him a “psychologist” as he claims that he is and has done. A psychologist requires a PhD, clinical work and to write a board exam that qualifies him as a psychologist. Smart never went beyond a B.A. (combined at that) level. He cannot make false and illegal claims as he’s doing and has done. That was part of my points.

      Thank you for commenting.


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