Nothing We Do Is Safe


It really doesn’t matter where you go or what you do, there’s harm waiting for you somewhere, somehow.  It cannot be avoided.

There, I’ve said it.

This little realization came upon the heels of my husband and his friend, having been mugged by a little thug-wannabe who leaped into a waiting car with 3 other pal-gangstas.  Thankfully, no one was hurt badly but, frightened more than anything.  Their worlds had been shaken by not only their innocence being removed by this act of a punk but, the mere shock of having been mugged.

What was taken was of value, not just monetarily but, more importantly, sentimental in the material world and most important of all, trust.

Days have gone by now and I have been more determined to move away from the area that we currently live in.  Reality has set in however because no matter where one goes, trouble follows.  None of us can escape it.

Sadly, this incident has brought back my own trepidations, fears and experiences.  I remember how it all felt at the time.  I was scared, had “flash-backs” and didn’t want to be out in the world as much for a bit afterwards each time.

I have been held by knife point three times, by gun once, assaulted twice, mugged, chased, stalked and even had plain clothed police officers follow me around for months as protection against a crazed stalker.  I’ve been chased by a psychiatric patient with a knife, threatening to kill me as I had left my daughter off for school and walked back home.  Thankfully, police caught most of these creeps before they could do any harm.  We’ve been locked in on shut-down while police searched our backyards for guns, with one being found in our ravine lot.  I’ve had a store in one of the worst areas of our city for crime, drugs and gangs but, got out after several break-ins.  It wasn’t worth it to me.  In short, I have become hardened with my innocence having been taken away from a very long time ago now.

Perhaps, it was the therapy that I ended up going for after one of these incidents?  Maybe, it was me, getting hardened to the situations?  Or, maybe, it was both of these things that have me feeling badly for anyone involved as a victim but, resolved more or less, not to let these thugs stop me from living my life?  Whatever it is, while I still hold guard over what is going on around me most, if not all of the time, I want to live my life and that, entails going out and doing what I both need and want to do.

One thing has come to mind though.  Nothing we do in this life is certain or safe.  Everything we do in our lives, carries a risk of some kind or another.  If I were to sit back and let the criminals or thugs of the world win, I would be closeted inside of my house.  Even there, I am not guaranteed of total safety by any means of the word.

Case in point: I slipped and fell down the stairs the other day.  I was carrying more than I should have been at the time and didn’t see one stair.  I’d hurt myself more than any of these other incidents mentioned above.  I’ve bruised my hip, twisted my ankle and nearly hit my head.  I now have more of a fear of going down the stairs with laundry than I do of walking out onto the street, risking what may or may not happen.

Friends, family and others in my life have been stricken with cancers and gone through the gruesome torture of chemotherapy and radiation treatments after surgeries.  I’ve been bitten by once friendly dogs in the area, tearing my skin and required antibiotics for infections.  I’ve had allergic reactions to substances that threatened to end my life.  In short, I see danger in just about everything we do in a day and more key, worse than what happened that day to my husband and his friend in that mugging.  The potentials for death, even in going to an innocent concert where like the recent Nevada shooting rampage, just doing ordinary things, can result in harm or even deaths of many people.

Unless we all want to live a completely sheltered life, seeing no one else, not risking even driving a car or being a passenger in one where more accidents end lives than anything else on this planet, we cannot escape risk in totality I’ve come to realize.  That’s the inevitable part of being part of this planet.  Even a shower in our own home stalls can result in a slip and fall or even death scenario.  Nothing we do is completely “safe”, including eating a sandwich where one might choke to death. Nothing is safe.

From my little corner of life to yours, we can be as safe as we can be but, we cannot stop living life, cloistered or sheltered inside ourselves or our homes lest harm come to us.  That sandwich, the next shower, doing laundry and even taking our next medication which is supposed to help us, can kill us faster than anything in the outside world.  Just because it hasn’t happened to us yet, doesn’t mean that it’s not going to.  Knock on wood, it won’t ever happen but, the possibility is there.  I literally stopped and knocked on wood, the superstitious being that I am.

In other words, stop and think about the chances of something bad happening anywhere you are for that matter before attempting to avoid what we think is a potential hazard to our well being.  It just may be that something else gets us first…something within our own safe little worlds that we’ve cloistered ourselves into.  Think about that when something seemingly “bad” happens to you or someone you know.  Dust yourself off and get back onto that horse. Now, off to put some ice onto my hip again.

Be well, Love and Light

Have a great day or evening.


Published by ponderinglifetoo

I'm a wife, mother, artist, photographer and bookkeeper. I love writing out my thoughts in journals but, am finding my way to sharing these with others now.

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