Roseanne The Show: Is Returning To TV As A Rebooted Series

Roseanne original cast
Roseanne the original cast 

ABC has resurrected the old tv show, “Roseanne”.  Yes, you heard me right.  Thanks to ABC, fans will be able to tune into the same cast sometime early in 2018 sources say.  Filming has already begun with Laurie Metcalf (Jackie, Roseanne’s kid sister) and Roseanne Barr (Roseanne Conner) telling the world that it’s great to be back at work after 25 years of being off the air other than re-runs.

All of the original cast will be back on board for the show’s reboot except for Glenn Quinn (Mark Healy, Roseanne and Dan Connor’s eldest daughter, Becky’s husband) who died in 2002 of a Heroin overdose in real life.  Talks are going on with Johnny Galecki (David Healy in Roseanne who played, younger daughter, Darlene’s boyfriend and live-in house mate) because he’s already playing a huge role in The Big Bang Theory as Dr. Leonard Hoffstadter.  The show is already into Season 11 so, it’s anyone’s guess how much longer it can run.

Besides Laurie Metcalf and Roseanne Barr, John Goodman (aka Dan Conner, Roseanne’s husband) is already on board as is Michael Fishman (D.J. Conner, the son everyone came to know and love), Sarah Gilbert (Darlene Conner), and Lecy Goranson (the original Becky Conner).  At the time of writing this, it’s unclear who else might join the cast from the originals.  There’s no official word on Estelle Parsons (Roseanne’s mother in the series).

Of course, there are hurdles to be gotten past.  One, and probably the biggest one, was the finale of the show where “Roseanne” completes the show with husband, Dan, having had a heart attack and dying while everything the show had been about was nothing more than a fantasy of Roseanne, the author and part of a book she was writing.  It was a head-scratcher to say the least and a huge bump in the road as to how they are going to bring Dan back from the written dead as well as reverse Roseanne’s admittance that everything had been a dream while Becky married David and Darlene married Mark.  Sources say that they will simply ignore that entire last episode and simply start off 20 something years in the future as the family was and is now.  After 20 something years, that’s not that un-thinkable in all reality to do.  How many remember every detail of the finale?  Well, maybe some die-hard fans (like myself) but, I’m betting that they’d be more than willing to forget the last musings from Roseanne some couple of decades ago now.  Although maybe, they can open the show by having Dan wake Roseanne from a nap on the couch where she had this crazy dream about the last episode and laugh? Hey, stranger things have happened and it’s one heck of a way to keep fans on their toes.  Sources say that they will simply ignore it though.  Don’t you think it would be nice if we could all ignore the parts that we wished hadn’t been done in our lives?  Ah well, it’s TV-Land where anything is possible as it is on soap operas…still TV-Land.

It might take some getting used to though.  A lot of the cast looks quite different now.  Weight has been dropped by the Conner Couple Roseanne and Dan while D.J. has grown up.
Roseanne then and now
John Goodman then and now
John Goodman then and now
Laurie Metcalf then and now
Michael Fishman then and now (D.J. Conner)
Sarah Gilbert then and now
Lecy Gorasen then and now
johnny galecki
Johnny Galecki then and now though it’s still uncertain whether he’ll be returning as of this writing
Estelle Parsons then and now though there’s no mention of whether she’ll be part of the series reboot or not as of this writing

There we have it.  The cast and reboot coming for Rosanne.

May the wind be at their sails and a lot of fans are holding tight for this new ride with the key cast.  Hold onto your hats. It’s going to be quite the ride if you’re a fan.  If not…you may become one.

From my little corner of life to yours…can’t wait.




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