Juvalips or Dumbass Technology?

I’ve heard and seen it all now.  There’s a “lip enhancing” machine that has been put out now that you can buy on Amazon or a lot of other places, that is supposed to enlarge your lips without injections and at a fraction of the cost. This machine is run off of AAA batteries, pullingContinue reading “Juvalips or Dumbass Technology?”

YouTube’s Lose It Like Lauren Didn’t Think Her Move To Patreon Through First

Scenario: If you’ve been less than on the ball, all over the place, here, not here and certainly not consistent with your work, would you suddenly and out of the blue,  announce that you want money or that others should pay you?  And, would you be saying so in an awkward, unplanned, un-thoughtout way, thinkingContinue reading “YouTube’s Lose It Like Lauren Didn’t Think Her Move To Patreon Through First”

YouTube’s “LoseitlikeLauren” Has Irritated Quite A Number of Her Viewers

  For what I have ascertained, during the past 10 or so years, Lauren has been a YouTuber, chronicling her weight loss story.  She had lost some 147 lbs naturally, a feat to be commended and documented a lot of it throughout the years as a YouTuber. I never did subscribe to her channel, personallyContinue reading “YouTube’s “LoseitlikeLauren” Has Irritated Quite A Number of Her Viewers”

Can You Beat Annoying Scam and Telemarketing Calls?

We’ve all had them.  They are the calls from Telemarketers, scammers and any other un-invited calls you can name.  These are the Nuisance Calls.  The ones that get you up from your breakfast, lunch or dinner or wake you up earlier than what you needed to, startle you up when you’re trying to rest afterContinue reading “Can You Beat Annoying Scam and Telemarketing Calls?”

I Am Grieving The Loss of My Daughter…

I see adult children with their parents.  I see these parents with grandchildren.  I hear the laughter, the joy and yes, even the worry and heartache over things that would happen to their adult children.  Parenting never ends no matter how old your child is. It’s in that last sentence that my story lays. IContinue reading “I Am Grieving The Loss of My Daughter…”