Can You Beat Annoying Scam and Telemarketing Calls?


We’ve all had them.  They are the calls from Telemarketers, scammers and any other un-invited calls you can name.  These are the Nuisance Calls.  The ones that get you up from your breakfast, lunch or dinner or wake you up earlier than what you needed to, startle you up when you’re trying to rest after a surgery or while being sick, or just when you’ve gotten the baby to sleep and wake the baby.  None of us want them but, we get them.

In spite of having our numbers listed on the Do Not Call Lists, we still get these unwanted  and oftentimes, automated or pre-dialed numbers where no one answers upon the first “hello” or their accents are so thick that you can’t understand the person speaking to you.   Even more angering are the ones that tell you police will be at your door because you owe the tax entity of your governments a sum of money but, never specify how much or, the ones you get that tell you that it’s Microsoft calling to tell you that they’ve detected a problem with your computer and if you follow their steps, they will fix it for you…all said with a heavy accent but, a local or country number though you know it’s not coming from your country.

I’ve hung up.

I’ve blown a whistle into the phone where they hang up and call back again because it’s “Robo-calling” for them.

I’ve even tried the old, “I’ll report you to police” and they laugh (mostly because they know that the number they are calling you from is not the real number that shows on your call display if you have the service.)

I’ve asked to be taken off of their calling list where they are obliged to comply by law but, they hang up as soon as you start the words so that they claim that they didn’t get the message from you…the phone just “disconnected for some reason”.

I’ve even played along with these scammers for computers and the revenue agencies.  I’ve pretended to follow all of their directions then telling them that my screen went blank and they broke my computer and screaming into the phone.  They’ve hung up but, called yet again.  I’ve told these revenue agencies, “I’m ready.  I’ll wait by my front door for police to arrive and arrest me.”  They’ve hung up.

We don’t want to get started on Duct Cleaning companies that I’ve NEVER done business with so, shouldn’t be calling anyway.  There’s some loop hole there that because they are calling from another country, they don’t fall under the “Do Not Call List” so, they call.  Sometimes, I get a call per day to have my ducts cleaned by differing companies and numbers too numerous to put a block call on.  Even when I say, “I’ve just had my ducts cleaned,” they will go on anyway.  I’ve tried things like:

  • My husband is a duct cleaner so, his company does it for us whereby the telemarketer has asked (heavy accented) “can he come and clean mine?”  No use in arguing with that.
  • I rent the place so, I don’t have authority to have the ducts cleaned.  Doesn’t stop them.
  • I hang up as soon as they say, “duct cleaning” and they call right back, asking why I hung up on them.
  • I’ve tried, I don’t have ducts.  I have radiators where they’ve asked if I have air conditioning and thinking I’d outsmart them, said, “yes…I have window units” to which they’ve hung up but, called back again the next day.
  • I don’t answer the phone and it rings until it goes through to voicemail whereupon there’s no message left but, they don’t stop calling back until they get a human voice then, still call again.

There’s no beating these people and this is just a partial but the truly annoying portion of unwanted telemarketing calls.

No matter what you do, even changing your 38 years long telephone number, simply inherits the next number you get’s telemarketing calls.  I swear that I get more telemarketing calls now than I did before I put my numbers on the “Do Not Call List”.

Sadly, there’s no real way to beat them at their game because you can miss out on calls that are important to you or may need to be taken calls.  You can block up to 20 numbers at a time, I believe but, that’s not going to work because these telemarketers know that you have this capability and will change their numbers every couple of months to avoid being on blocked numbers.  They are like cock roaches that can’t be killed and keep infesting your phone lines no matter what you do or don’t do.

It’s pathetic that we don’t have a better system for stopping these nuisance, scam calls but, we don’t.

Frankly, I’m thinking on having my number unlisted but, even then, I’ve been told that people have done that and still get these calls.  Once they’ve got your number, they’ve got it for life and you can’t get off of it.

If you have any knowledge of how to deal with this type of thing, please comment and let me know.  Give me tips and hints before I break a couple of my phones.

From my little corner of life to yours,

Love and LIght


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I'm a wife, mother, artist, photographer and bookkeeper. I love writing out my thoughts in journals but, am finding my way to sharing these with others now.

4 thoughts on “Can You Beat Annoying Scam and Telemarketing Calls?

  1. WoW that was quite a looong post!! Annoying as they are you have to keep a beady eye on companies you give your telephone number to as they sell these on to other providers – even banks. Only give your number when necessary and read the small print

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