YouTube’s “LoseitlikeLauren” Has Irritated Quite A Number of Her Viewers

Loseitlikelauren from youtube
YouTube’s Lose It Like Lauren at her highest weight and her lowest after a tummy tuck and other procedures.  She doesn’t look much like the after shot right now as she’s regained some of the lot weight but expects viewers to support her not working. 


For what I have ascertained, during the past 10 or so years, Lauren has been a YouTuber, chronicling her weight loss story.  She had lost some 147 lbs naturally, a feat to be commended and documented a lot of it throughout the years as a YouTuber.

I never did subscribe to her channel, personally but, I know people who did do so.  They seemed to enjoy her sense of humour and witty, laid-back, comical view of herself as she went along her journey throughout those years.

In being urged to watch a few of her videos, I did.  I watched and I grew to like her, her personality, her sense of being down-to-earth and her comical outfits at times.  She seemed to be giving sound advice about how she lost the weight and encouraging others to pick up healthier eating habits, drinking loads of water and taking on work-outs from the streets to the gym memberships.  In other words, many (myself included), found her to be enchanting.  Soon, I found myself watching more of them in more recent years and to be fair, I found her interesting and delightful.

This year, people began writing to me, asking me to find out what was going on with her.  Honestly, I had no real urge to do so.  I had done 2 pieces on her already and I wasn’t about to take up more of my time in researching her to the hilt.  She was simply one of many people who have posted weight loss videos on YouTube and while cute, funny, charming and oh yes, that ever bright British accent to go along with it that N. Americans seem to find classy and heart-warming, I really never found anything that outstanding about her that I wanted to do more pieces on her or, research her.  Nothing really stood out to me about her that was fascinating in any way or even remotely angering for me…until recently when a reader urged me to go into her channel and take a look.  What I found was much alike Ralph Smart (InfiniteWatersDivingDeep) lines.

Lauren is a sales person, out to get viewers to pay for her lifestyle and not have to work a regular job like most of the rest of us do because she can’t support herself on what she brings in from YouTube or AdSense.  

If you’ve read my first 2 pieces on Lauren, you’ll find that she had no job, no relationship, was living with her mother and father and despondent about putting back on weight.  In a few of her videos of late, she cried.  She even lamented about having had an extra portion of “mac and cheese” while her mother was out for the evening, proceeding to lay on a bed, crying to the camera.  Part of it broke my heart for her at first, then I woke up and realized that she’d eaten more than she wanted to eat, couldn’t control it and was telling this to the world in tears as though she’d murdered the Prime Minister of England.

During that time frame, she had lapsed in doing any further videos, keeping her loyal viewers and subscribers, wondering if she was alright, where was she, was she coming back and whether or not, she’d had a breakdown of sorts.  Much to everyone’s relief it seems from the comments, she’d come back and done a video where she admitted that she had been down but, had gotten a job, moved out and into a flat of her own, realized she was Lesbian and introduced her Lesbian girlfriend.  In other words, she was finally happy.  Viewers were happy and frankly, so was I because it took me off of having to do more research or watch more of her videos that held nothing special in them for me.  In all honesty, she was a young woman who begin in her 20’s on a weight loss program that changed throughout the years and she lost weight.  End of story really.  All was well that ended well right?  Not so fast.  There’s a hook to this story that hasn’t ended yet.

Lauren had produced a few more videos that I’ve now completed watching out of egging on from readers who begged me to say what I thought about them.  Most of the latest few videos (after her on-camera mac & cheese meltdown, absence from doing videos, coming out of the closet and leaving home finally as all women in their 30’s should be looking to do at some point or another), were fluff.  They were videos about her and her new girlfriend where as one commenter says, incessantly checked out her hair in the camera. Lauren filmed half-arsed videos of what she ate in a day which turned out to fall flat because she didn’t really film much of it and viewers had apparently all seen what she eats in a day over and over again.  She also taped versions of vacation trips with her mother and then, her girlfriend where she did incessantly check out her hair in the camera’s side viewfinder as stated by that commenter.  I saw that point very clearly.

But, here’s the piece that had me the most and got under my skin, much like Ralph Smart (InfiniteWatersDivingDeep) did.  

Giggly, jumping around, filling in time with some bloke outside and becoming distracted by him, she awkwardly filmed this “chat video” with what she called and titled the video “massive news”.

Much to my astonishment, amongst chatting about her girlfriend and a king sized bed that they both “spent their savings on” that they had jointly purchased then, announced that she’d quit work.  Apparently, she was working for her mother and while her mother had wanted her to take over the business, Lauren had refused it, quit and was going to be a full time video maker on Patreon now where she hoped to get enough of her listed 68,000 viewers to fund her so that she didn’t have to work a job.  That stunned me and angered me at the same time.  Was she really expecting that she was going to get enough viewers on what she was producing to pay each month so that she didn’t have to work a job?  Was she the female version of Ralph Smart where he doesn’t work either and lives off of the avails of his sales pitches towards his books, meditation cd’s and 1 hr, non-descript Skype Sessions at 350 British Pounds, claiming to be a “Psychologist” when he simply had a B.A. in psychology combined with criminology and never went any further to have that accreditation?

In fact, both Lauren and Smart have found weaknesses in people and are preying upon them so that they don’t have to work a normal job anywhere and can film and edit but, have no accretions to back up their knowledge.  That’s how Smart got his 1.1 Million viewers subscribed and has hooked in young, troubled people with some pretty lame advice that is simply spewed or parroted ideas from others.  Meanwhile, Lauren has found a weakness in people who are trying to lose weight desperately and hoping for someone to guide them through it.  From the comments I saw they’d lick the mud from her boots if they could.  Others, they were a bit miffed at the idea that she was asking for them to pay to support her not working so that she could make more videos.

It seems that the comments reflected either a love for Lauren if she took a dump on camera as long as they could see her while a lot of others were angry that she was expecting them to “tip” or pay her to do videos.  She seemed to lap up the ones that praised her idea while defending herself to the ones who balked.

I did visit her Patreon page out of pure curiosity.  I saw no real format for her videos and to date of writing this, she was being sponsored to the tune of some $238.00.  Hardly enough to live on by any means but, the days are young yet into this venture of hers.  She may or may not reach her goal.  The one thing that stands out is that she’s going to have to put out some quality videos for those viewers who are paying every month to see her.  She cannot (as another commenter said), continue to talk about her days and what she does in them as no one wants to pay for that.  I concur.  Who would want to support someone who:

  1. Is doing what several other dozens of YouTubers are doing with losing weight?
  2. Not working a real job but expecting everyone else to support her and her lifestyle?
  3. Having no schooling in dieting, dietician, going to therapy for her own eating issues that are still plaguing her and having gained back a substantial amount of weight?
  4. Hasn’t put together any real format for her videos or these people’s money every month and is failing at losing her re-gained weight amounts?
  5. Cries on camera or gets distracted by other things and doesn’t edit it out?
  6. Has apparently, had so many “melt-downs” on camera, even stating apparently (as told to me by the once faithful viewers) that she’s depressed and needs help.
  7. Can barely help herself, let alone anyone else.
  8. Falls off the diet wagon as much or more than she’s on it.
  9. Gets angry at those who don’t think she’s the best thing since sliced bread it seems.
  10. Shows more shots of vacations and drinking water with lemon, teas, coffees and eggs over easy on toast with/without crusts (potato-potaatoe) than anything else she does.
  11. Oh yes and has a girlfriend who’s more interested in her shaved sided haircut with long top hair in the viewfinder than she is in anything else, cutting Lauren off and Lauren thinks it’s cute.

I don’t hate Lauren…I used to like her.

Before anyone wants to accuse me of hating Lauren or how she’s entitled to make money off of her videos, please be put straight here and now.  I do NOT hate Lauren.  I’ve watched some of her videos to write pieces on her out of being encouraged to do so to write about her by once loyal but now angry viewers and subscribers.

However, I do take notice of someone who has no formulation set, doesn’t want to work a normal job like most of us do already, wants others to support her and yet, has been off more than she’s been on her channel of late or cries and whines about her lack of weight loss while eating foods she knows will put weight back on again as well as vowing to get back to it but, doesn’t do it.  Her meltdowns certainly did show her immaturity.  Yes, I have watched some of those as well.

From my little corner of life, I don’t get paid to write these pieces and I work a normal job.  I am not jealous or envious of either Lauren nor Smart.  Neither of them appeal to me at all and I don’t want to have this blog be my pay check. It’s not nor will it be.  It’s a pure hobby for me and yet, I put out as many blog pieces or more than LoseitllikeLauren does in videos.

What I am seeing are 2 thirty-something year olds who don’t want to work a normal job, have found a weak spot in their viewers and are capitalizing on it without having proper credentials to do so but, want their viewers to pay for their living expenses and more if it happens.  In other words, I’m smelling “Sales” in both of them.

Whatever one may want, one will find a way to get it.  Kudos to her if she can.  I simply don’t see the value in anything that she’s done to pay her money every month to see and seemingly, neither do a lot of others who have written to me about this, upset, angry and disillusioned.  Lauren may find herself having to find another job or being supported by her girlfriend and the same can be said about Smart who will eventually, likely run out of ideas for new videos at the rate he puts them out.  In other words, both of them are toying with their ages and the fact that they don’t have to work right now but, both of them may be in for a rude awakening in having to find work eventually…unless they both marry rich people.

Be well. Love and Light,

Have a great day or evening.



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