YouTube’s Lose It Like Lauren Didn’t Think Her Move To Patreon Through First



If you’ve been less than on the ball, all over the place, here, not here and certainly not consistent with your work, would you suddenly and out of the blue,  announce that you want money or that others should pay you?  And, would you be saying so in an awkward, unplanned, un-thoughtout way, thinking on the fly as you go?  Shouldn’t your track record and work speak for itself first and you think it through carefully before you ask for money or more of it? 

Think about that for a moment, please.

Yes, a few readers have written to me, yet again, about YouTube’s “LoseitlikeLauren” as she’s put out yet another video this week to explain her going over to Patreon and why.  I got dragged into this again and while I could have refused to have done another piece on this young woman, I watched the video and thought….

“Hmmm…while I like this woman, she’s gone about this plan all wrong and that’s why she has her viewers and subscribers up in arms.”

I’ve linked this particular video up above for those who want to watch it but, here is the one that started all of this, linked HERE in case you’ve missed my other piece, linked below.

I came away from having watched it with quite the confused set of thoughts.

On the one hand, I can see Lauren’s point about YouTube not paying well, if at all and needing to be paid for what she does.  After all, most of us want something in return for the time, energy and effort that we put into the things that we do in Life.

The other side of me, listened intently but, found a young woman who leapt into getting “tipped” (as she terms it) by going to Patreon.  I had to think about what bothered me about that idea since I’d also thought the good thoughts as mentioned above as well and at the same time.

I needed time to sort out my thinking so, I slept on the idea.

Here’s what I really think and why 

  • Everyone deserves to get paid, no doubt, for what they do but, in order to get paid for what you do, you have to have something that people are wanting, willing and able to pay for.  In other words, you have to have something that becomes something people truly enjoy, want, need or whatever.
  • To the commenters she went on about especially, her brother and the one commenter that she recites with a scowling face, doing a “dumb voice mimic” as I like to call it, I had to listen to it a couple of times then it sunk in.  Lauren does a rather insulting version of a commenter’s comment about her (Lauren) quitting her full time job and expecting people to support her life. Sadly, even I had to agree with that commenter’s comment as I can see their point.  Lauren’s response doesn’t make much sense when she says that’s “not the case” and people know her etc.. Her answer left me scratching my head in both disbelief as well as a bit of anger.  After all, isn’t that commenter’s comment reality? When someone quits a full time job, has only a part time job and still has to pay their bills with money while they’re making videos a full time, where else is that money going to come from? It’s got to come from the financial support given to Lauren by viewers through Patreon. There’s no other way…unless she has a very wealthy set of parents or her girlfriend who are supporting her financially.  I got that same impression from the first video and I still get it from the second.  That’s really, the reality behind all of this though.  Lauren can’t get around it no matter how sweet, sick or atoning she wants herself to appear on camera.  I can’t get around those facts either no matter what Lauren says to try to smooth it over with viewers.  It is what it is and Lauren can’t call it anything else.
  • Unfortunately, either Lauren didn’t seem to take the time to think this through thoroughly or she has and is trying to fool herself and or her viewers.  I don’t think she’s that stupid to think that others won’t figure it out eventually, even if they do put out money each month to support her for awhile.  In all honesty, from what I can see, Lauren dove head-first into making a video, announcing that she was going over to Patreon, wanting to get paid (“tipped”) for her videos and would post extra content or personal touches to those who wanted to pay her. The more you pay her per month, the more things you got. ie: a post card with a motivational saying and the higher you went per month ($100 per month for instance) the more you got like a couple of Skype sessions with her each month.  What she did was literally, “wing it” (thinking as she spoke) on camera.  This had not been thought through, nor did she seem to indicate in her first video on this topic what was happening with her YouTube channel for the bulk of her loyal viewers who can’t afford to tip her and likely 20 other YouTubers who either already want or will want to be “tipped” as well. In the second video on this topic, it became apparent that her once loyal YouTube subscribers would be seeing a video from her, once every 2 weeks only while paying Patreon members would get more.  What’s that really saying, Lauren? To me, it’s saying that you are wanting your viewers to pay your lifestyle and those who don’t get the crumbs and an advert at the bottom with a link to Patreon where I assume, you’ll hope that more people will pay to see you.
  • Add to that, the fact that it appears that Lauren has not been consistent in making or posting videos on her YouTube channel for quite sometime now, often disappearing for at least a month or more at a time, her content scattered, skeleton or meaningless with no set format and I can see a reason why NOT to “tip her” for her videos.  She hasn’t proven herself lately in any way and from the second video she’s posted to YouTube, she seems to be sick and unable to post more than what she’s done on that video.  What is that saying for the paying Patreon viewers?  It’s all far too vague in my mind to pull out a wallet and pay her for it all.
  • A lot of her more recent videos that I’d watched due to begging readers (and had to turn off part way through out of sheer boredom) were nothing but what I will consider “fluff pieces” where she filled video time with giggling, showing viewers her holiday shots (much akin to watching Uncle Billy’s and Aunt Doris’s vacation videos) and having her girlfriend check her hair out in the viewfinder.  It wasn’t exactly stuff that would make me want to watch, let alone pay for.  You can read my latest opinion piece on those topics HERE.

I won’t re-hash what I’ve already written in detail as it’s all in the linked piece above but, I do want to say that in spite of Lauren’s so-called, clarifying explanation as to what this all meant, I still saw someone who has not thought this through and eased her way into it nor, done enough to have people want to pay her for it all.  Instead, I still saw “fluff” and a pathetic attempt at keeping the viewers on board to pay her for what she’s not been either consistent with nor, thought through enough before swan diving into a dixie cup to use a friend’s expression.

One last thing is that I noticed Lauren trying to tell viewers that she wasn’t leaving YouTube but, would be posting videos to it only once every 2 weeks.  In other words, it’s sounds like she’s going to post the left-overs from Patreon videos to YouTube and given her past track record from what I have been able to see, do so on an infrequent basis whereas others are posting daily.  In other words, she’ll still be half-arsing YouTube videos which will not pull people into wanting to reach into their pockets to pay her.

More than anything, while I do believe that people need to be paid for what services they bring to others that are of need, want and interest, Lauren has quit a full time job, kept some sort of a part time job that is non-descript so it’s anyone’s guess and, at the same time thrown herself into the deep end of a large pool, figuring out if she can swim as she flounders around in the water.  There’s no concrete plans as it’s all still extremely fluid and will likely change many times over yet as well as being inconsistent as she’s shown her viewers with her on again, off again with an, I’ll post a video when I feel like it and what I feel like filming, type video.

One aside thought is that YouTube is going down the tubes and unless it starts to pick up in the way it does business, handles itself and deals with YouTubers, it’s going to lose more and more viewers as well as YouTube video makers.  That’s not a smart move for business for anyone, including YouTube.

From my little corner of life to yours, I will bring this down to a bottom line.

This was not well planned out and a bad move on both Lauren’s part who tends to be fickle and flakey at times nor, was it one on YouTube’s side to force video makers into going elsewhere to get paid for what they do.

The bottom of the bottom line is that people need to keep jobs that pay them enough to live on first and foremost and not rely upon YouTube or any other social media platform to be their bread and butter or…shall I say…broccoli and cauliflower?

At least Ralph Smart (Infinite Waters Diving Deep) is consistent in putting out a video a day almost and knows what he wants you to pay him for.  I’ll give credit where credit is due because he’s at the least, putting the work into selling the bull he puts out for the young and most vulnerable to pay his bills with.

And, by the way, Lauren now has $293/month in Patreon pledges/”tips” at the time of my writing this with one, being a $100/month (it’s unclear to me at this point whether that’s in dollars, Can, U.S. or British Pounds) “tip” which entitles them to 2 one half hour Skype Sessions with her on anything they want to talk about plus, other things like a motivational post card, early views of videos she puts out and a few other smaller perks.  First of all, I’d be willing to place a bet that this is either a family member, her girlfriend or her mother who is helping her out vs a real subscriber from the net.

Sorry Lauren, you’re enchanting, funny at times and giggle a lot but, for that kind of money, you’d have to be giving me a lot more content…or kissing my arse.  (And, that last part is a joke but, not far off of what I’d require to give her that much per month.)

Be well. Love and Light,

Have a great day or evening.




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