Juvalips or Dumbass Technology?

I’ve heard and seen it all now.  There’s a “lip enhancing” machine that has been put out now that you can buy on Amazon or a lot of other places, that is supposed to enlarge your lips without injections and at a fraction of the cost.

This machine is run off of AAA batteries, pulling your lips into the hand-held machine to plump your lips to their fullest possible size and doesn’t entail injections of Juvederm or other filling agents.


After watching several YouTubers do this, along with a commercially prepared video for it, I can give you the skinny, or should I say, fat on it.

What’s the upshot to this technology: 

  1. NO needles.
  2. You can do it in the privacy of your own home vs a doctor’s office.
  3. NO downtime.
  4. A fraction of the cost of professional injections or lip enhancers at approximately $129.00 U.S. versus perhaps, $500.00 to $1,000.00 for the injections.
  5. Plumping lasts a little longer than applicable lip enhancing serums or lipsticks.
  6. It’s portable with a carrying case.

Sounds pretty good, right?

What’s the downside to Juvalips?

  1. You can plump your lips but only for a couple of hours at best before it needs to be redone.
  2. Bruising of your lips can happen.
  3. You’re going to need to redo this, which means having to take off your lipstick and foundation around your mouth to do it then, re-apply your make-up.
  4. If you’re out of your own home and want to re-do the plumping action, it sounds like a) and electric razor at best or b) a vibrator or personal joy device.
  5. No one has done long termed studies on these things so, no one really knows how much damage to your lips and cells its doing.
  6. It’s literally drawing fluid and swelling your lips versus changing the size of your lips.
  7. People overdo this in an attempt to have an over-pouty mouth to look like celebrities who have injections and end up looking like they’re ill.

The list could go on but, suffice it to say that I can see a few issues with this item and what it does right off the bat.  

  1. How pouty do you really think you need your lips to be before guys walk away from you or call you “fish-lips”?
  2. You may as well put a rag over the end of your vacuum hose as it will do the same thing. Mind you, people hearing your vacuum going a few times a day can think that you’ve got the cleanest house on the block or you’re OCD about vacuuming.
  3. Most of us have seen photos of cosmetic surgery taken too far….this is one of those things that can go too far too for the over zealous.  The good thing…they will go down again in size…bruised perhaps, but they will go down and back to normal.
  4. If you have to excuse yourself to re-do it at either a public washroom or a bathroom in someone’s house, you could sound like you’re shaving or doing something more.  Try explaining your size normal lips before you go in, the sound and your oversized lips when you come out an hour later, having left a waste basket full of tissues with make-up on them from taking it off to putting it back on again.  Oh wait, you could say that you were using a breast pump and missed your breasts?  Ok, work on that one.
  5. Don’t drink anything afterwards lest you have on a bib because you’ll likely dribble from a cup or a straw.
  6. 911 might get called, thinking you’ve gone into anaphylactic shock.
  7. Your purple-blue lipstick would be best to cover the bruising that can happen, not to mention extra concealer and foundation, powder and highlighter.
  8. How big do you think you need to get your lips anyway?  Is there an addiction factor to it?
  9. You’re already older and overweight.  The rounder your face and smaller your lips get, the bigger you’re going to want them.  To those who have this issue, it might be figured that the entire pie, pizza, gallon of ice cream and family sized bag of chips you polished off can be overcome by plumping your lips extra big to proportion your face to seeming smaller.
  10. They don’t come with drool cups so you might not want to wear your best tops/clothing.
oversized lips
She may be trying to hide that mole? Men…who wants to kiss this one?

Having watched 5 YouTubers do this already, I can see women’s lips get visibly larger.  My questions would have to be “WHY?” and “For how long?”

From my little corner of life to yours where there are people out in this world starving and sleeping under cardboard, I’d have to ask you if you’d rather spend that $129.00 (plus shipping, handling and any applicable taxes) on temporarily plumping your lips or whether you’d prefer to donate that money to a charity that helps the homeless and under privileged?


If you answered that you’d rather plump your lips temporarily….go for it and best wishes.  Me?  I’m donating to a bonafide helping institute.  My lips are me, my trademark and part of me.  Plumping them isn’t going to make me any more likeable or a celebrity.

Be well. Think well. Love and Light,

Have a great day or evening.


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I'm a wife, mother, artist, photographer and bookkeeper. I love writing out my thoughts in journals but, am finding my way to sharing these with others now.

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