YouTube’s Ralph Smart (Infinite Waters Diving Deep) Negative Commenters Are The Biggest Fools of All

ralph smart infinite waters diving deep

Nothing gives me more of a laugh than reading the comments of those whom have read only one piece that I’ve written out of hundreds then, proceeds to leap to their own conclusions and do an amateur, armchair version of psychoanalysis.  I have to chuckle and scratch my head, wondering why these people cannot see that they are doing the exact same thing that they label me of having done to Ralph Smart (Infinite Waters Diving Deep) through their comments.

“You’re jealous of him,” a lot will say.

“You must love him,” others offer up.

“You’re crusty or bitter and angry and want to be just like him,” I’ve gotten said to me many times.

“You wish that you could make the same money that he does and that’s why you’re so angry,” a lot of commenters have stated to me.

The list is endless but, suffice it to say that those who make such comments are showing me a few things that are most interesting.

If Ralph Smart is spreading such “peace and love” and doing so many so much good, why is there still so much anger in these commenters’ comments towards what I’ve written or me? 

In THIS PIECE that I wrote well over a year ago now, I went to extra lengths to warn readers that if they wanted to hear a glowing report about Smart, they needn’t read any further…I wasn’t holding a gun to their head.  Truthfully, I wasn’t.  It was their choice to read further.  My question would have to be “why?”  Why the need to read any further if these Smart-Cult Fans are truly happy and feeling better, did they find the need to read any further.  Why search for anything on him in the first place?  More than anything, why find the need to stay and comment in a negative fashion towards me for having not adored Ralph Smart (Infinite Waters Diving Deep)?

What struck me was that these types of commenters, weren’t and aren’t at all, peaceful, well adjusted, spiritual or otherwise.  What Smart has been teaching them is doing them no good whatsoever.  As a matter of fact, his teachings are cultish and are doing more harm than good.

Since you have read this far, keep on reading.  Why not?

Commenters who comment negatively, must love, envy and adore me, wanting to be just like me.

In telling me that I am jealous, envious, want to be just like him, love him or any other numbers of things that have been plastered into my comment sections, (barring those that cannot be published due to raunchy language and tell me the most tell-tale signs of them all about Smart and the person writing the comment) you must love, envy and want to be like me or you’d by-pass commenting all together.

I enjoy certain television programs however, I don’t go out of my way to search for, read and comment on articles written about the programs that I like in an angry negative fashion if someone writes something against that program or has an alternative viewpoint on it.  We don’t agree upon that particular show.  End of story.  They have their opinion and I have mine.

That said, I get where people who do comment in a negative fashion towards anything not glowing about Ralph Smart are coming from and why.

People who cannot resist the drive to negatively comment to anyone who doesn’t like Ralph Smart (Infinite Waters Diving Deep), are fearful of that person and their ability to take away an “idol” that they worship.

Commenters who comment negatively towards me because I don’t think Mr. Smart is the best thing since sliced bread…are fearful of me.  They fear that I will break the illusion that they hold of Smart.  They are equally fearful that anything derogatory towards Smart might have an impact and possibly even start a revolution of Smart “haters” or eventually, might get rid of his YouTube channel. In other words, anyone who doesn’t give Smart a glowing report is seen as a threat of some kind to the commenter or Smart or both.

Those who psychoanalyze me, based upon one piece and one topic, are the biggest fools of them all.
No one knows me and most of these commenters on Mr. Smart, have not read another piece I’ve ever written in order to even begin to know me.  They know my views on Smart but, they know nothing about me.  Should they have taken the time to read more of the hundreds of pieces that I’ve written, they might know a little more about me but, that still wouldn’t qualify non-qualified people to psychoanalyze me.  Those who do are showing pure ignorance, immaturity and an entitlement to something that they have the least entitlement to do.  Psychoanalyzing who I am, what I am about or what I am as a person is creating the biggest fools on the planet.  If this is what Mr. Smart’s videos are teaching those people, he’s doing a total disservice to the human race by having his channel and people following him like he’s a god of some type.  He’s a salesman.  Plain and simple.

I don’t make a cent off of writing these pieces nor do I want to. 

Let’s get one thing perfectly straight here.  I don’t make a cent off of writing here.  This is a hobby for me.  I’m not out to pay my bills or live off of the financial monies from these pieces.  I don’t want to.  I hold down a full time job.  This is purely a hobby for me.  Nothing more.  If you wish to comment about me wanting to be like Smart or being jealous of him…think again.  Smart lives in a flat and at last check a year ago, he lives with is mother and possibly more family members.  He isn’t making the kind of money you think that he is.  For legal reasons, I can’t go further than that but, suffice it to say that I don’t want to make money here or anywhere other than my job.  I love it and that’s where I get the money to pay my bills.  End of discussion, thought or your guessing.  I’ve said it outright.

I am not jealous of Ralph Smart (Infinite Waters Diving Deep), envious or anything else you can toss into your comments.  

I love watching old movies and new movies.  Certain actors and actresses, I adore but, that’s as far as it goes.  I don’t want to be them.  There are also certain actors and actresses that I can’t stand and I wouldn’t want to be them either.  I am me just as you are you.  By chasing down Mr. Smart, watching his almost daily videos, etc., you are not becoming Mr. Smart.  Furthermore, I have news for you.  Mr. Smart isn’t Mr. Smart either once the camera turns off.  He’s admitted that much.  What you see him say and do on his YouTube videos are purely acting.  Even Mr. Smart doesn’t envy his own life.  Do you honestly believe that if he won the lottery, he’d be there, in front of the same Weeping Willow tree, wearing the same pendant, shirt and often jacket that he does?  No!  He’d be off to a beach, travelling as he’s said he wants to do.  Smart lives a simple life, hating people he’s with, dumping those who don’t think he’s the Great and Powerful Oz and those who eat meat.  He has the same issues that you have and has admitted that he’s spent time in a psychiatric ward, himself for weeks.  I don’t envy him one bit.  He’s the same as most people but, he’s a great salesman and actor for the camera.  No, I don’t want to be like him.

As for me being “crusty” or “bitter”…how about reading other things that I’ve written before you pass judgement upon me as you are accusing me of doing?   

If you have only read about Mr. Smart, you are doing not only me but yourself and Ralph Smart a total disservice by leaping to angrily defend him with your comments.  If you think that Smart is always loving and giving, think again.  In thinking that Smart never says anything bad about you as a viewer on the whole or having to film yet another video, think again.  I happen to know a few people who know him personally and have heard what he’s had to say.  Again though…those are things that for legal reasons, I can’t divulge.  You’re going to have think for yourself vs letting Smart do your thinking for you.  Literally, that’s what you are doing.  You’re letting Smart rule your world, head, mind and thoughts while not thinking for yourself first and foremost.

With all of this said now, from my little corner of life to yours, don’t be a fool.  Think for yourself.  Get professional help if you need it but, don’t come at me with insults because you think you’re defending Smart.  You’re actually doing the opposite and worse, you’re degrading yourself.

Be well. Love and Light,

Have a great day or evening.

2 thoughts on “YouTube’s Ralph Smart (Infinite Waters Diving Deep) Negative Commenters Are The Biggest Fools of All

Add yours



    1. You honestly believe that you’re in the presence of “greatness” when you watch Mr. Smart? Do YOU salute him, bow down to him, praise him? Perhaps, he’s the YouTube Jesus then to you?

      And, by the way, I’ve watched other YouTubers who have over 8 Million viewers. Smart is by far, not at the top.

      But, let me ask you…you say that this is a “ploy to get people to come to my page”.
      How many other pieces of mine have you read other than on Ralph Smart or about Ralph Smart? None, right?

      Ok, given that you’ve read nothing other than one topic on Mr. Smart or any other topics in my hundreds of pieces (as most people who are only here because they are searching for more info on Smart) what good has that done me? Ask yourself how great an idea that truly is.

      Secondly, given that I get NO pay for doing this…not even sponsorship and do NOT wish to do so as this is a hobby and passion of mine to write, what would bringing in more people do for me or my wallet?

      Ball is over the fence now and out of the courtyard. I won’t be responding to this nonsense again. Please go back and watch Mr. Smart all that you want. I have no gun to your head to be here. (For those of you reading comments and not understanding my response, this isn’t the first comment from this commenter regarding Mr. Smart. He has made several comments and, I am familiar with this commenter’s words and why he is doing what he’s doing.)

      Oh yes…and please take off your “caps lock” and speak like a normal person vs the yelling. Is that what you need? Attention? Do you feel that small that you need to be heard by YELLING like that? Ok. I get why you’d need Smart then.

      Best wishes.


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