Why A Lot of Social Media People Are No Better Than Street Beggars

Social Media People are not much different than more sophisticated versions of beggars on the street.  They all want money from you whether you see it as free or not.

There’s something called “click bait” that journalists, vloggers and bloggers use to get readers or viewers to become interested in viewing their product.  They are quite common in social media platforms and entice readers, viewers or patrons to look at or, at the least, be interested in their wares.  Certain words, phrases and even photos combined with the words and phrasing will have people wondering what it’s all about.

Often, the titles or wording have little, if anything to do with the article, video or other forms of interaction and leaves the viewer or reader feeling like they’ve wasted their time.  In all reality, most of these types of antics, employed are to sell you something.  Money is a driving force for practically everyone who puts their business out there whether that be from advertisers or corporate run publications.  One caveat here is that MOST bloggers, are NOT out to make money on or with their blogs.  Some will do so but, most are like me, writing for the love and hobby of writing only.

Which leads me directly to the idea of using Click-Bait titles to get people to spend their money when there’s nothing of substance in all reality, more than not, turning the viewer off with anger at having wasted their time once they realize what has happened.  I, myself, have been caught up in this tactic and read or watched pieces that have had me feeling as though I’ve wasted my precious time and only to find out that someone was full of hot air (clever but full of it) in order to get me to look at what they want me to look at.

(Please note:  I do NOT get paid in ANY way for writing in this space. This is purely a hobby for me.  Whether you read it or not, makes no difference to me as I do this for myself chiefly.  If people get something from it that helps them, I am happy.  That’s my “pay”.  I work another job for money.  This is not the vehicle by which I pay my bills in any way.) 

At this juncture, I think there should be a clarification made so that it’s understood what the words “hate” or “haters” truly mean.

I’ve been accused of hating certain people when in fact, I’ve clearly stated that I don’t even dislike the person, let alone, hate them.  It’s left me scratching my head until I’ve realized that people who use terms like this for my writing or even my opinions, are insecure in one way or another.  It had little to do with anything that I’ve said as much as it has to do with that person’s insecurities within themselves.  Meanwhile, they’ve lashed back at me for their perception of what I’ve said, labelling me as a “hater”, “bitter”, “angry” or whatever they feel like uttering.  This type of judgement upon me has frequently been accompanied by what I will call “armchair, amateur psychoanalysis” that is not only far-fetched and incorrect but, uncalled for in the first place by unqualified people who are simply troubled more than anything else.

Let’s get a few things straight first.

  1. Hate is defined as a strong dislike for something or another person.  It’s not a word to be used lightly or tossed around unless that word is used by the person themselves such as “I HATE you!”  Hate is a powerful word for an intense loathing.
  2. One can “dislike” something that someone does or doesn’t do but, that doesn’t mean that they hate the person, themselves or even dislike them.
  3. When someone runs past 1,000 people who like them and ignore them while going on about a few who dislike something you’ve done or not done, it ignores, negates or belittles those who have shown their likes and given you favourable praise.  When you go out of your way to point out a couple of people who don’t favour what you’ve done and are calling out those select few, you’re discounting all of those who have put their hearts into admiring you.  What is that saying about yourself and your own feelings?  Many will attest to the fact that it’s making you look like you’re shaky, weak and insecure at best.

Making money is not a reason to fool people or a license to take stabs or jabs at others.  

Anytime someone uses tactics to get people to buy their products, wares or pay them for what they do by putting others down or using unfair tactics such as click-bait, they are discrediting themselves.  Once people figure that out about you, they are further from giving you a hard earned cent beyond that point.  It works against you more than it works for you.

Everyone needs money and to be paid for something that they do but, putting people down or using them to make a few bucks, will back-fire on you at some point or another, leaving you bereft.  

I’m being reminded at this moment of Bing Crosby in the movie “White Christmas” where he says a line that sticks in my head.

“Everybody’s got an angle.”

That line leaves me, personally, distrustful of a lot of people until they prove themselves otherwise to me.  I’ve long since learned that everyone is out for themselves to some extent or another.  They will use you and abuse you if you’re gullible enough.  Even doctors and manufacturers are famed for this type of practise.  If you’re not on guard or at the least, awake enough to see it coming and what they are doing, you’re going to get suckered in.  However, there’s another famous saying that comes to mind here as well.

“Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.”

In today’s world, it pays to be aware that not everyone is honest.  As a matter of fact, there’s less and less honest people around the globe today that you can fully trust.  As sad as that is to say, it’s simply meant as a wake-up call for all of us to be aware of the motives behind what others say or do and not blindly trust that they have your best interests at heart no matter what they utter out of their mouths.  They may seem sincere but, are they really?  That’s what we all need to find out before we place our faith and trust in anyone in this world.  No one is above using others for their own purposes even if they don’t set out to so.  Marketing however, is another story.  People will market their products and even themselves in order to get you to do what they want you to do.  That often comes with a price for both you and them though.  Eventually, those who do this enough, will wear themselves thin and the curtain will part, exposing the little man behind the curtain, operating the levers such as in The Wizard of Oz.

Click-baiters are being limited on Social Media but, don’t be fooled because they’re still finding ways towards suckering you in one way or another. 

While everyone needs to eat and have a roof over their heads, clothes on their backs etc., make no mistake that their hard-luck stories, whining, crying and smiling or “don’t worry about it” are all phrasing designed by them consciously or unconsciously towards gearing you up to take out your wallet and pay them.  In spite of the fact that “click-baiting” has been being clamped down on by social media platforms more now, these individuals will still use other methods whereby they will coax you into paying them money.

“Hit that ‘Like’ Button”  “Don’t forget to subscribe!” “Follow me”…beg, beg, beg…

A lot of these individuals work at what they do and while some may argue/debate that they put the time in, why shouldn’t they get paid, I’d like to ask one question here.

The guy or gal on the street, in the cold or rain, hand out with a sign and a cup, are enduring the elements and working hard at asking for spare change.  Do they then, not deserve to be paid for that work too?  



A lot of people will look down their noses at those that they consider simply “beggars” and won’t offer them so much as a dime.  Yet, they will open their wallets, take out their credit cards and pay totally extortionist fees to someone in a social media platform in spite of poor content, cruddy value or not worthwhile offerings.  Why?  Why will people not only offer to pay this type of person but, step over the homeless person, working hard to get some pocket change?

What I see and hear more often than not is the phrasing, “they’re mentally ill or they’re drug/alcohol addicts and I’m not paying them to drink or use drugs.”  Yet, these same people will rush home to their computers, take out a credit card or enter their passwords to PayPal to give money to someone they’ve never met because they are on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, SnapChat, Twitter or any of the other social media mediums.  They don’t truly know that person.  They have no clue if that person uses drugs or drinks or just what they do but, they’re willing to trust them and hand over their hard earned money to them so that these people are fed, clothed, sheltered and perhaps, feed their habits the same as they beggars they stepped over or walked by on the streets.

Social Media personelle aren’t as honest as you think and they have chosen to “beg” in the same way that the beggar on the street has done.  

Remember that people who make a living by asking you to give them money and are without credentials or skills, trades or anything else, are no better than those who are on the streets, begging for spare change.  They are asking for you to pay them so that they don’t have to work a normal job like you or I do.  For all intents and purposes, they are what is called, “Internet Beggars” and may as well be out on the streets, cup in hand, cardboard signs, asking for money.  These people don’t want to work a normal job.  It’s that plain and simple.  They want the public to support them.  They made that choice.  You didn’t make it for them.  If they are healthy enough to beg on social media by making videos with the costs of cameras, microphones, editing software etc., they could be out, working.  Instead, they are sitting there, making something that hits a weak spot in you or for entertainment purposes, waiting for you to pay them so that they can sit back and not work but, unlike the beggar on the street, they are capable of working.  They simply choose to have you pay their bills for them and oftentimes, for garbage that they spew out.

How many times have you followed someone on YouTube for instance, only to find 10 or 20 more videos, all doing, saying and covering either something you’ve read somewhere else long ago either exactly the same way or with a new spin on it?  

I can pretty much bet that unless you’re fairly narrow in your world, you’ve found at least 20 to 200 more make-up people, wanting to sell you their methods.  I’d also be accurate that there’s at least 200 to 500 different creams, lotions, potions and art videos, all doing the same things.  If there’s one YouTuber buying a junk-filled E-Bay Mystery box, there’s another dozen or ten dozen, also buying them and opening them on camera, swearing at the half-eaten crap, partially used cosmetics, broken cell phones, tablets or stinky old clothing that they will pull out of that box even if they tell you that it cost them $10,000.00.  Pathetically, people will be irate for them.  Some will even send these YouTubers things as a sympathy gift.  Meanwhile, these people knew exactly what they’d gotten themselves into when they did it.  If you think that YouTubers don’t talk to one another or watch each other, you’d be wrong.  They do talk to and watch one another often, collaborating with their schemes.

I don’t hate or envy any of them.  I also am not jealous of them nor, do I want to be like any of them.  I don’t get paid for writing these pieces and don’t expect it.  I have a job that keeps a roof over my head, food on my table and clothes on my back.  I write because I want to write.  It’s my hobby, not my “job”.  It’s what I’ve chosen to do rather than watching tv or doing my nails and that’s not to say that I don’t do either of those things too.  It’s to say that I’m choosing to work for my money and write for whomever wants to read my thoughts.  I’m not out to get you or anyone to pay for my life.

From my little corner of life, I see social medians as nothing more than beggars with internet and gullible who will pay for them to sit on their rear ends and beg for money.  Some I enjoy but, I wouldn’t pay any of them for their content because sooner or later, they will run out of it or repeat it until I have to click off of them.  The same holds true for those who do similar idea content because they’ve seen it done by others, try it and film it.  There’s nothing on Social Media that hasn’t been tried before by someone.  Why pay them for filming themselves doing it.  Some of it is bordering on absurd and ridiculous and mindless simply to get that money whether it be from you, sales or advertisers/sponsors, they make money one way or another and that’s what it’s all about for them.  They are nothing more than the person you’ve stepped over, crossed the street or averted your gaze from on the street with a cup held out.

Be well.  Love and Light,

Have a great day or evening.



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I'm a wife, mother, artist, photographer and bookkeeper. I love writing out my thoughts in journals but, am finding my way to sharing these with others now.

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