YouTube’s Lose It Like Lauren Has Lost It

I’m sitting here laughing right now yet again.  I have to stop and compose myself better so that I can see to type.

I truly do suppose that I should be angry but, surprisingly to me, I’m not at all even remotely angry.  I suppose that I’m simply more amused than anything by the depths of neediness, desperation and, obvious immaturity that YouTube’s Lose It Like Lauren has gone to and just shown in order to make a video of some kind and get it onto the net.

A few of my readers have written to me to go in and watch Lauren’s latest YouTube video after having read my writings about Lauren.  I did watch it HERE .  (I’m doing Lauren a favour by linking this video here.  She’ll get views.  Hopes she recognizes that next time she wants to use my quotes in partial cuts and pastes to make a video with her gal-pal, YouTuber. *evil grin*) 

First of all, let me make this perfectly clear.  I have nothing against Lauren as a person.  I’ve never met her, don’t know her personally but, I’ve watched a lot of her YouTube videos at the urgings of her viewers and my readers in order to be able to write about them.  As a matter of fact, I liked her.  Her videos weren’t really my cup of tea for the most part and particularly, since she was so inconsistent in her posting on YouTube but, as I wrote in THIS PIECE, where I said, 

“I watched and I grew to like her, her personality, her sense of being down-to-earth and her comical outfits at times.  She seemed to be giving sound advice about how she lost the weight and encouraging others to pick up healthier eating habits, drinking loads of water and taking on work-outs from the streets to the gym memberships.  In other words, many (myself included), found her to be enchanting.  Soon, I found myself watching more of them in more recent years and to be fair, I found her interesting and delightful.”

(The one thing that I will NOT do is to put up a photo of her out of some respect for her, even though she had none for me and my words. Of course, this portion would never be used either as it wouldn’t fit her purposes.)

Of course, the above quoted type of wording of mine never got used in her quest to get a video up and onto YouTube. However, the video that I watched today, had me roaring with laughter at both Lauren’s lack of sense, adolescent attitude and what I can only call the idiocy of her latest video where she had a fellow YouTuber quote from my piece and not even read that much correctly.  Mind you, I do have to admit fully that both young women were likely a bit tipsy and were drinking alcohol, acting like schoolyard kids, giggling as they read each other’s “hate mail” for each other, out loud while behaving more like a couple of juvenile girls in a schoolyard, having their feelings hurt by commenters’ upsets over some rather ill planned videos that Lauren and this other YouTuber (I have no clue who she is) have put out recently.

In the meantime, Lauren is expecting her viewers to pay her to do videos full time after having quit her job?  I’m shaking my head in disbelief but chuckling at the same time because not only was the quality of this video such that it was not only laughable but, it was a waste of time in filming it.  It did the opposite than what Lauren had hoped for to my readers.  They’ve told me that they have now un-subscribed from her channel.  Not only did she do herself out of potential Patreon monthly supporters but, she has lost YouTube viewers as well because of this reckless, childish, adolescent, sleep-over style/type, snickering, unsophisticated video that she and her friend just put out at some point or another today.

It’s now quite obvious to me that Lauren not only read my previous pieces on her videos but, she’ll likely read this one as well.  

In order to have quoted my pieces, she had to have read them.  While I did get a comment from someone calling themselves “Lauren Mae”, I took it as a joke because anyone can pose as anyone on the net.  Now, I realize that it truly was Lauren herself who left a half-joking seeming comment but, also seemingly irritated or just plain needing material for this latest video (linked at the beginning of this piece).  That being said, I’m sure she’s either reading this one too but, will never admit to it now or, she has a mole who does it for her.  Whatever, it’s not at all upsetting to me.  As a matter of fact, it’s driven in more followers for me who were disgusted at that video as well so, no damage, no fowl.

If you did watch Lauren’s latest girls-gone-wild, senseless video today, you’ll also be laughing as I am at how desperate Lauren is to put up a YouTube video that she’s stooped to something like this.  I really am not bothered by it at all.  My pieces are out here for the public to read, including the people that I write them about.  Lauren is as welcome to read them as she wants and use what she wants from them.  I’m honestly flattered that she’d do so in both aspects, reading and making a video quote of them.  I meant every word I said in that piece that she’s quoted in that video.

“Not working a real job but expecting everyone else to support her and her lifestyle?

Having no schooling in dieting, dietician, going to therapy for her own eating issues that are still plaguing her and having gained back a substantial amount of weight?

Has a girlfriend who’s more interested in her shaved sided haircut with long top hair in the viewfinder than she is in anything else, cutting Lauren off and Lauren thinks it’s cute.”

Not only those pieces but, Lauren had her gal-pal YouTuber read this bit from another piece I wrote about her as though it was all one big comment, leaving out whatever didn’t suit their video (aka: the nice stuff I wrote, by using the word “a$$” instead of arse and leaving out the part where I say that it’s a joke, of course) all while acting like this is one huge surprise to her.  Oh my, Lauren…what a shock, huh?  However, you got a video out of it all, didn’t you?  Good for you.

“Sorry Lauren, you’re enchanting, funny at times and giggle a lot but, for that kind of money, you’d have to be giving me a lot more content…or kissing my arse.  (And, that last part is a joke but, not far off of what I’d require to give her that much per month.)”

It’s quite apparent that Lauren, herself, has written what she had her friend read, cutting and pasting as she pleased from my 2 articles about her channel and her.  What was even more amusing for me was that she drank wine and giggled all the way through the mis-read, intentionally cut and pasted as well as inserted wording of my words.  Well done, Lauren and friend.  You’ve more than proven how impetuous, incautious and bereft you truly are for material that you’d go to this length to put up something like this up as a YouTube video.  It’s all quite comically pathetic, really and to be perfectly honest, a Yawn Fest if this is the best that Lauren can do in a video or for a video for YouTube.

From my little corner of life, I see this attempt by YouTube’s LoseItLikeLauren to be nothing more than a cry out that she’s not only out of material for YouTube videos but she’s still got a long way to go towards being an adult and professional anything.  From the buzz that I’m hearing, a lot of YouTube subscribers who can’t afford to support her and her life who have gone over to Patreon for now, are soon leaving because this type of video is not worth watching for most subscribers.  Pity, Lauren that you’re doing yourself in with your loyal viewers.

In short, YouTube’s LoseItLikeLauren has lost it.  Her morals, scruples, values and perhaps, even her mind in order to get viewers to pay her not to work a regular job, drink wine and giggle with other YouTubers to pull stunts like this one to get a video up.

About the only thing that I can say here is that I’m so glad that I’m not paying her for this type of antic if this is what she’s putting onto Patreon as her fellow YouTuber mentions.


Best Wishes, Love and Light,

Have a great day or evening all.

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