Why I See Lose It Like Lauren’s YouTube and Patreon Videos Not Worth Paying For


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Loseitlikelauren from youtube
YouTube’s Lose It Like Lauren

Credit must be given where credit is due.  I make no bones about that and I will hand it to YouTube’s Lose It Like Lauren (Lauren Mae) that she, at the least, has been real and up-front that she has regained about 56 lbs of her lost weight and continues to struggle with it.  Credit Alert, Lauren.  I give you kudos for being honest in those facts.

In being a “Debbie Downer”, I was cajoled (coaxed) into watching yet another of Lauren’s videos this week on YouTube by a close friend of mine and reader.  I did so, out of pure curiosity as I have written about her in several pieces already with everything from liking her to being disappointed in her videos and her as well as my laughter over a tipsy but, useless video she and a fellow Patreon YouTuber did together.  What I found was a vlog that was approximately 31 minutes long and honestly,  I found to be something that made me ever so grateful that I wasn’t a subscriber nor, was paying her to do videos on Patreon.  I cannot imagine those who are paying to see this type of thing.  Though, I will admit that I do not see her extra content on Patreon, I can only imagine that if what she’s putting up on YouTube is any indication as to the content on Patreon, I am quite happy to not be paying to see her on Patreon.

  • It’s sort of perturbing to see someone getting paid to run around, shopping for clothing a skiing trip, buying gifts and driving a car, living in her own flat, getting her hair professionally done and clothing herself, based upon other people’s money for that type of video.  

Though I suppose that Lauren could be paying for these things from what she proclaims she has kept as a “part time job”, I cannot imagine that she paid entirely for a wardrobe of ski-jacket, pants etc. as well as Christmas gifts from that rather part time job’s money.  I may be wrong but, I wasn’t impressed by seeing that type of thing.

  • The video lacked in content anything interesting or helpful to anyone paying to watch it.

Though Lauren may want to try to explain away her content of videoing Christmas shopping, gift wrapping, her hair colouring being blue and professionally done, she can’t.  At least, she can’t explain it enough that I would accept it as being worthy of being paid for.  Any of us could take a video camera along with us and video our days as well.  We wouldn’t dream of asking others for money for it though….would we?  Lauren seems to believe that it’s worth it though.

Unless seeing Lauren fail to go to the gym or see her admit that she simply walked a few blocks for 5 or 10 minutes, had broken/worn down batteries in her wireless earplugs so, couldn’t motivate herself to work out at the gym or had a miserably failed gym work-out, didn’t make it on time for a class and didn’t do much while there, it was too dark to go outside to work out, too late, too early and that she felt good about all of that, I don’t see the value to a video like that being paid for when viewers are hoping for tips on weight loss.

  • Lauren filmed more about London, her girlfriend’s Christmas gifts, her stocking gifts from her girlfriend, lights on homes and talking about how long it took her to wrap gifts than she filmed anything else.  

While I won’t apologize for saying this, all of us wrapped Christmas gifts, shopped for them and food and everything that Lauren filmed.  I don’t see this as worthy of being paid for type content.  Again, we could all have walked around with a video camera, filming the same type of content as this video gave viewers both on YouTube and Patreon.

In short, I see nothing worth paying to see in spite of thinking Lauren as a giggly, funny, cute young woman.  However, I do get knots in my knickers to think that she thinks this is worthy of being paid for by viewers.

While I don’t know for sure (though I’ve been told that it’s not worth the money either) what her extra content is on Patreon, I don’t see viewers paying her some odd $647/month to see this type of video.  What’s next?  A video of her and her girlfriend on the ski slopes or Lauren toasting with more alcohol while eating more food?  We all eat.

More than anything, I cannot believe that viewers are paying her their hard earned money to do videos like this while she uses that money to pay for her life, gifts, outfitting herself for a ski trip with her girlfriend and her parents.  Oh and yes, from my understanding from a friend who has watched her and chuckled at the content, what gym clothing she’s wearing.

And, by the way, her girlfriend does have extremely short sides of her hair, likely once shaved to a short length and a long top.  One can see it if they look.  Lauren made fun of my comment on one of her paid videos on that topic.  I was right about that and sadly, Lauren knew it but, let it be said anyway as being incorrect.  Just to set the record straight as well.  I said “ARSE”, not “ASS” as her other friend read it wrongly and…I said it was a joke…which she didn’t read, of course.  I digress though because Lauren is young and thinks that this will work.

Who knows?  Maybe, it will once she moves in with her girlfriend after their ski trip in France.

That’s the way that I’m seeing things from my little corner of life and of course, Lauren, her girlfriend and others will disagree with my point on this as there are always those who will but, that’s ok.

Be Well.  Love and Light.

Have a great day or evening.


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