Trump May Not Have Expected To Win The Election

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Trump Meets With Cabinet
Ego? Did Donald Trump really expect to win the 2016 Presidential Elections? 


Did Donald Trump really expect and want to win the presidency of the U.S.A. or was this some sort of a game that he was playing to occupy his overgrown ego which caught fire and he was left without a fire extinguisher?

It’s obvious that for Trump supporters, this is going to ire the pants off of them that someone could even think this way but, it’s assured that this type of thinking isn’t simply a conspiracy theory nor is it a sole person’s thoughts.

For many people who watched this election, it was thought that Hillary Clinton would win hands down because of both her political background for most of her life or, because of who she was running against.  A non-policitican, multi-billionaire who had more money and ego than political experience and ran off at the mouth with actions that rivalled those of a baboon in a zoo than a presidential candidate.

Let’s face it.  Trump may have made some headlines with his television personality which was larger than life and, he did mouth off in a way that some Americans wanted to hear in terms of “common sense” versus political thinking.  However, Trump is not and was not an ordinary citizen of the U.S. and never will be.  He’s not representative of the ordinary working Joe or Jane and their needs.  With gold lined toilets, sinks and taps, billions of dollars, three marriages, 2 of them failed, luxurious both living quarters as well as vacation spots owned by him, he has no idea what the average working person has to deal with on a daily basis nor, what it’s like to have to worry about how to afford a new pair of shoes for his children.  For the better part of his life, Trump was handed money like it was candy and told to go out and play with it by his father and play with it, he did.  He lost a lot of it as well but, one thing Trump almost never had to do was worry about where his next meal was going to come from or how to get it.

That’s not to say that Clinton wasn’t wealthy in her own rights either.  She certainly had money.  That’s a given and even her precious daughter, Chelsea, didn’t have to worry much about her meals nor what college she could or couldn’t afford to attend.  What it is saying though is that unlike Trump, Clinton had some clue on how politics and Washington works.  The question of whether she was the perfect Democratic candidate is still up in the air in this mind but, suffice it to say that Trump was nowhere on the radar for that position within a lot of people’s minds.

What does seem to be of question is whether Trump, himself, and his wife, Melania, truly thought that he would win or whether this was truly more about ego stroking for Trump.

It’s well known that Trump wasn’t a fan of Barrack Obama and plagued him over many things but, wouldn’t let up on Obama over producing his birth certificate.  In Trump’s mind, Obama was born elsewhere than the U.S..  It wasn’t until Obama finally put a pacifier in the baby’s mouth by producing his birth certificate that Trump shut up but, not without further speculation as to falsification of that certificate being muttered about as he did.  Yet, this man will not produce his own tax returns for Americans to see.  What is he afraid of happening if he does show them?  Is he afraid that the people who voted for him will find out what he really makes?  Or, how about the fact that he declared bankruptcy as he moved forward to make an ocean’s worth more money and become richer than he already was?  Or, maybe he’s still carrying forward a “no tax” situation because of his past and he knows that this will invoke the ire of many a poorer and normal, representative population of Trump Supporters?  No matter which way we look at it, it becomes a little less puzzling that Trump has things that he wants to hide from these same people and perhaps, wasn’t prepared to ever have to show it because he never expected to win.

Now that Trump is in office, his lack of political knowledge is showing.  Despite his many self-made proclamations of how much he’s doing or has done since in office, Trump is still hiring, firing and throwing people under buses while creating diversions away from his own mistakes in both judgement as well as possibly, hiding facts that he knows would or could produce impeachment possibilities.  While it’s likely that the media isn’t fully up to date with what’s going on behind closed doors and we need a Woodward-Bernstein style of reporting to get a lot more out into the open, what is becoming clearer is that there’s a lot of skeletons in Trump’s closet that he doesn’t want out of them.  He’s scrambling to push them back in as they threaten to fall out.  If Trump is as sincere about his presidency as he tries to be convincing with his diverse delusions, he’d have nothing to hide.  Alas though, it’s becoming painfully obvious that there’s more to Trump than what he wants his supporters to know about him, his self-chosen staff members, family, wheeling and dealing as well as possible connections to Russia that have yet to come forward.  It’s appearing as though Trump never really expected to win this election and position but now that he’s in it, he has to save face.  It’s seeming as though there was a lot that Trump didn’t count on having to deal with.  Even his son-in-law, Jared Kushner now sits in the hot seat and we barely or rarely ever hear about Ivanka or even KellyAnne Conway anymore.  The question would have to be whether they were thrown under buses too or he’s too afraid of letting them loose with “The Fake Media” much anymore lest his skeletons come tumbling out of closets everywhere, one by one.

One does have to chuckle at his antics over this wall that he was going to build between Mexico and the U.S. with Mexico paying for it while they refused to do so.  The trillions of dollars that it would take to build such a wall would cripple the country financially or greatly reduce the military endeavours Trump promised.  Meanwhile, Kim Jung Un, Trump’s small, laughing twin, is running around with nuclear weapons being developed to a point where they’re no longer simply a fly to be swatted away.  The world now has a totally un-prepared loud mouth, sitting with a Twitter account, hurling insults towards the short, fat, North Korean leader, making things worse with “my nuclear button is bigger than your button, Rocket Man.”  Uhhhh…yeah.  That’ll get him Trump.  You weren’t prepared for critical things like this in the world, were you?  More ammunition towards the idea that Trump never expected to win or have the experience, knowledge nor wish to have to deal with this type of scenario.

Do we even bother to get into the healthcare issues that he’s gotten himself into with “repeal and replace Obamacare”?  Nah, that’s simply another example of how inept the man is for this job.  Like most anything he’s done, he’s had to do it under protest of even the Republican party.  It’s laughable because one can imagine the Republicans, sitting back, biting their nails to the quicks, hoping that they can turn both Trump and his policies around to some good before mid-term elections this year.  Can they do it?  Not likely.  Trump is a loose canon and no one is safe with someone like him who has no more knowledge of how to run a country like the U.S. than our cats and dogs do.

When someone spends a lot of their days and evenings, sitting on a Twitter account, ranting and raving with inappropriate, insulting tweets like a lunatic or egomaniac, one has at least the inkling that this man never did expect or truly want the presidency.  He wanted the ego stroking notoriety of having run for it and nearly winning it but, he never expected to win it.  Calling The White House “the dump”, Camp David only being used once or twice while his plush retreat in Florida, Mar-a-Lago, is certainly a sign that the man had actually little to no real ambition to be in the position that he was elected to be in and run one of the most powerful nations on this planet.

By his slogan on baseball caps that he wears and sells, “Make America Great Again”, one can see more of a marketing ploy than an actual presidential set of ideals.  By creating extra taxes for imports into the U.S. from other countries, insults against NATO, wanting to dismantle trade agreements with other countries, Trump is proving his ego is bigger than his actual knowledge of how a country such as the U.S. should be run.  In effect, he’s dissing the rest of the world in favour of America.  That’s not only the wrong way to deal with potential allies but, it’s ticking a lot of countries in the world off enough that America is going to find itself in huge trouble.  Trump is trouble for the U.S. and Republicans.

From my little corner of life, it’s becoming more obvious by the day that Trump never expected to win this past election.  It came with as much shock as it did to those who didn’t go out to vote for Clinton because they were certain that Clinton would win.  Now look at what they are stuck with.  What’s next?  Trump becomes the anti-Christ and starts WWIII through N. Korea and it’s equal nutcase who was handed his position due to family ties like the Royal Family in England hands down the crown to their own flesh and blood?  When do we get to breathe a sigh of relief?

Answer:  Not until this clown is out of the office he likely never expected to win in the first place.  There will be more to come.  That’s a tip to bet on.

Be well. Love and Light

Have a great day or evening.




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