How Long Can A YouTuber Support Themselves By Videos On Weight Loss

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When you make your entire life and being all about your weight, losing it, gaining it, regaining it and dwelling on it forever, you’re essentially telling the world that you are nothing but your weight and have nothing much else going on within you or yourself.  In other words, you are weight obsessed.

Someone recently posed a question to a YouTuber about her weight loss and whether she was happier before she lost the weight or afterwards?

Her answer was less than surprising.

“I felt more confident before the weight loss,” this YouTuber admitted.  “I was happier then.”

Her answer was understandable.  Not only did she lose the weight but, she failed to gain the self-love that everyone should have for themselves before, during and after she’d lost that weight.  Couple that with the fact that when she made weight loss not only public in order to make money but, she made it her job to talk about her weight, whine, cry and preach to others about weight and weight loss or gaining it as well as regaining it and she gave herself more issues than she is willing to admit or deal with.

There are literally dozens, upon dozens of YouTubers out there who are promoting their weight losses and how they did it.   No doubt, losing weight is a huge part of some people’s lives since being overweight and especially obese, is not healthy for anyone to be.  It brings with it a whole host of health issues like diabetes, high blood pressure and a realm of other issues that doctors can come up with by the truckload.  One step on the scale in any doctor’s office if you’re obese, will net you a lecture on the need to lose that weight and why.  It’s the whys that take the most time to hear and listen to.

What I am seeing though is a host of people on YouTube who are trying to make this more than a health issue to be dealt with.  They are using weight loss as a means to make money from and doing so without any certification in nutrition.  In other words, they are people who have done some reading on the net or books and are using their own experiences to make money with.  Nothing more and nothing less.

There’s one YouTuber who has been on this bandwagon for about a decade now.  She’s lost a tremendous amount of weight and she’s to be commended for having done that.  She’s also put back on a decent amount of that lost weight and is trying to get it back off again.  More than anything, she’s trying to make money and a living off of doing so.  However, one has to wonder how long she can carry this on?

People are paying to see her videos on YouTube while paying her on another site to see what she says is “extra content”.  The more one gives per month, the more perks one may get.  Things like a personalized post card with tips, a Google Hangout or at the top rungs, Skyped Sessions with her.  While that’s all well and good, one could pay for a membership to a diet club with nurses trained in weight loss or get a gym membership for less than some of those top levels of donations.  In other words, this woman has nothing special to offer people who are paying her the big bucks per month.  Even her “free” (to viewers) YouTube videos, which are simply shown a bit earlier on her paid site, have little content worthy of being paid for to see.  Most of them consist of what’s going on in her life as any of us could do.  Personally, I see nothing worthy of paying the amounts that she’s gone to nor, to pay for any of it in all reality.  She’s bubbly, cute, giggly and charming but, that’s not worthy of me (in my opinion) paying to see every week.

This YouTuber isn’t the only one doing this.  Unfortunately, a lot of YouTubers aren’t making enough to make it worth their while to continue on with YouTube.  That is YouTube’s fault and therefore, quality video makers are moving off of YouTube because of this fact.  It’s not worth their time.  One thing that I will say though is that for anyone trying to make a living or semi-living as this woman claims she’s trying to do, off of their videos, it’s not worth it.  Beauty videos may get sponsors and ads but, most other topics won’t get that and heaven knows, there’s an entire world of beauty YouTubers in YouTube.

There are a few things that ran through my mind though while listening to a friend of mine, talking about this YouTuber.

  • Her videos are getting stale.  They lack in both quality and content.  Part of that is because she’s been doing it for so long now that everything and anything she could offer, she’s already done and put into a video.
  • What will she do when viewers no longer wish to see her content about happenings in her life, peppered with a few weight loss, personal opinions?  What does she have to fall back on?
  • How long can she continue to do this type of thing or speak on the same topic before it all becomes old news?  What happens then?
  • It’s hard to see someone taking money from you each week then, hearing about a trip or gift or something else she’s bought with what you can reasonably be sure, is at least part of your well earned funds that you deliver each week?
  • What sets her weight loss story apart from the dozens of other YouTubers who talk about what they eat in a day or how they lost the weight and their workouts in a more intensive form?

Let’s face it…a lot of us have gained and lost weight.  A number of us can say that we’ve lost at least 4 or 5 person’s worth of weight over our lifetimes.  There is no magic answer to it, is there?  Sadly, a lot of us have put back on that weight and likely more.  Half of those who have lost a tremendous amount of weight, will put at least half of it back on.  One need only look at Oprah Winfrey to get an example of that type of thing.  She’s been a yo-yo with her weight a good chunk of her professional life even going to extremes, having her own cook and personal trainer yet, she’s regained a lot, if not all of the weight at times in her life.  She’s now closing in on her mid-60’s.  If Oprah, a billionaire, with all of her money and people at her disposal, can’t keep the weight off, what makes this YouTuber think that she can, let alone, help others to do so?

There’s only one way to lose weight and keep it off.  It’s called, “moderation” in everything that we put into our mouths.  Formally trained dieticians can offer some guidance but, ultimately we will be the ones who will have to keep up this train’s momentum.  It’s not a lose it and coast type of scenario.  Once one has a weight issue, one will always have one.  It’s akin to being an alcoholic.  One cannot fall off the proverbial wagon or that weight will go back on again and likely….more.  As far as I am concerned, this YouTuber has some lessons to learn about Life and while she may be riding the surf board for now, the question is going to be, for how long will she be able to do it?

From my little corner of life to yours, I see her doing this for perhaps, if lucky and at most, for another year or two before the bottom breaks on this box that she’s trying to cram herself into.  Her time is limited in living off of the funding for videos that have half or more not to do with weight loss.  No, I am not giving out her YouTube name again as I don’t see the need to do so for a lot of reasons.  It is the point that I am making that is the issue for now.

On that note….

Be Well, Love and Light,

Have a great day or evening.




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4 thoughts on “How Long Can A YouTuber Support Themselves By Videos On Weight Loss

    1. For the very reason that I have mentioned at the end, Jennifer. There are many and, frankly….this wasn’t just about a certain YouTuber but, making money off of losing weight.

      Question: Why didn’t you mention a name?

      No more advertising needed anyway, right?

      Thank you for taking the time to comment. Much appreciated. 🙂



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