Is Gilmore Girls Coming Back Or Not

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They had me at the word, “coffee”.  Actually, they had me hooked on another legal drug.

My name is Pondering Life Too and I’m a Gilmore Girls addict.

There, I’ve said it and I truly need a 12 step program because the withdrawal from it has been bad.  Thank the heaven’s for re-runs, boxed DVD sets and of course, Netflix which not only gave fans (millions of us all over the world), our GGs “fix” but, also gave us yet another injection of the pair and cast of characters we loved to watch, over 4 more 90 minute episodes that spanned the course of a year in the girls’ lives.

For 7 seasons, I watched every Tuesday night, crying when they cried, laughing when they laughed and wondering how those 2 women ate so much junk food and managed to stay both healthy and slim!  Maybe, the coffee burned off some of those calories but, the pop tarts, tater tots, fries, Chinese food leftovers, pizzas and burgers were artery cloggers that had me wondering if they were robots or humans.  Then again, one could contribute their quick, fast dialogue to the caffeine that coursed through the pair’s veins as though they has main-lined it through an IV.

This was the series that had me wanting to find and live in a place like Stars Hollow where Gilmore Girls was set.  A fictitious little town that is alleged to be somewhere near Hartford, Connecticut but, doesn’t really exist.  Mind you, neither does Rory or Lorelei Gilmore but, I felt that they did.  Not only did I come to hate summers because it meant that I had to wait until Fall to see the next season’s worth of episodes but, I wanted to take up coffee drinking.  I should say, “nearly” because I’m not a coffee drinker.

Enter an ending to the show in 2007 and a 9 year dry spell save for the re-runs before fans got another taste of GGs and Stars Hollow through Netflix.  Fans waited up for midnight to start the binge watching. I was one of them.  Those 4 new movie-length episodes had an intensity to most scenes that has me crying, angry, upset and feeling as though there were a million questions to be answered.  Yes, the reboot had its awkward moments where it felt more like fill-ins than actual the real GG script writing that we’d become so accustomed to from writer team Amy Sherman-Palladino and husband, Dan Palladino   but on the whole, the series had not only come up to today’s lifestyle and standards with fresh references to today’s world’s events but, it had brought with it a more serious set of interpersonal relationships, story lines and then, WHAM…it was over and we were all left hanging, holding onto a bag of questions a mile long, wondering if we’d get them answered.

By now, if you’re as serious a GG fan as millions are, you’ve already watched the 4 episodes and know that there’s a bombshell of an ending with a cliff-hanger that has us all wondering “who is the baby father of Rory’s baby?”  The 4 famous words that Amy Sherman-Palladino had always intended on ending the series with but, never got the chance to do, due to a contract dispute in the last season in 2007.  “Mom?”  “Yes?” “I’m pregnant”.  Fade to black.

What will happen to Emily Gilmore next?

Besides the biggest question of them all, who is Rory’s baby daddy, fans have been left with a million questions and the dire need to know what happens with Emily Gilmore, played by Kelly Bishop of “Dirty Dancing” fame (aka the mom there too).

Emily, having lost husband Richard Gilmore, played by the late Edward Herrmann, who had died in real life in 2014 while there was nothing Gilmore going on, had made changes and big ones at that.  Fans were left to wonder whether she was actually going to meet or see someone else, what path her life was going to take next, whether she’d revert to old ways or whether she and Lorelei would put their relationship back together again at some point or another.  So many questions left behind!  “Oy with the poodles already!”

Luke and Lorelei and the inn, Michel and so much more left undone, unsaid and unanswered.  

We saw Luke and Lorelei get married in an impromptu wedding the eve before their scheduled wedding but, there were a lot of questions left lagging behind about those 2 as well.  Especially, given that Luke was to become a step-grandfather and Lorelai a grandmother to a baby whose father was a mystery to fans.  What was going to happen to them under the stress?

Lorelei wanted to keep Michel with her but, he wanted something bigger and better and Lorelai had no land to expand her inn.  She was looking in town for another site and it’s all but a guessing game as to whether she gets both.

Does Luke become the new chef for the inn since it’s just down the street from Luke’s Diner and Sookie (Lorelei’s side-kick in starting the inn, played by actress in demand, Melissa McCarthy) had departed from the show due to her real life involvements in movies, another series “Mike and Molly”, now defunct and done.

What about Rory’s future?

After her alleged 7 years on the road with the Obama campaign as a political journalist, Rory’s career suddenly came to a grinding halt, leaving Rory lost, penniless as well as open fully for an undetermined future.  Admittedly, she’d also become one of the most spoiled, irritable, sneaky and lazy little devils known to mankind, something that was totally out of character for the character, played for the series by Alexis Bledel, now of “A Handmaid’s Tale” fame.

What’s Rory going to do now that she’s got no job, no future, hasn’t revealed the baby daddy, wants to go it alone as a parent like her mother did (full circle as they say) and no money to do it with as well as no prospects for a job?

There is so much left unsaid, undone, left to question and so many fans, left in the lurch that one can only hope and pray that there’s a total reboot of the series again.  After all, if they can reboot other series fully like “Will & Grace” and “Roseanne” with the original casts of main characters, surely they could do so with Gilmore Girls since both of the Palladinos have a clause written into their contract for their current series “The Amazing Mrs. Maisel” which may or may not make it further than another season, if that far which would grant them the leeway towards further and new episodes of GG’s.  Whether they will or won’t, one can only suppose, will depend upon Netflix or other networks and who will return to do the show again.  The 4 main characters, Luke (played by Scott Patterson), Lorelei (played by actress Lauren Graham), Emily Gilmore, Lorelei’s mother and Rory’s grandmother (played by Kelly Bishop) and possibly, Rory Gilmore (played by Alexis Bledel), are all rather open to returning if the timing is right and the Palladinos are willing and ready to write their characters.

From my little corner of life and in being a Gilmore Girl addicted fan, I’d love to see the series rebooted in full.  Nothing would make my year more than hearing that it’s about to be done.  I’d dearly hang on by my bitten fingernails to watching more episodes if I was given that opportunity.  However, to date, nothing has been set, said or done to bring this forward.

Frankly, I’d find it a slap in fan’s faces were they to throw together another mini-series like they did and leave us all hanging again.  It’s either do it all right or not at all.

In reality…I want a full reboot of the series.  I’m done with detective, zombies, vampires, hospitals, police work and yes, even singing shows.  One more season of Dancing With The Stars will make me vomit and take up coffee drinking out of spite.  I may even splash it with something stronger if I have to.  I hope I don’t have to.  Where are the Gilmore Girls Fairy God Mothers when you need them?

Be well, Love and Light,

Have a great day or evening.

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4 thoughts on “Is Gilmore Girls Coming Back Or Not

    1. I did watch “Parenthood” SpiritualJourney17. I was following Lauren Graham but, that show seemed to lack in something. I was never sure what it was and Graham wasn’t the same in that series as she was in Gilmore Girls. Oh heavens…I hope that it comes back somehow and SOON. I miss that show and have watched the re-runs over and over again now. Time for fresh episodes and new plot lines. 🙂

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