Are Theresa and Larry Caputo (The Long Island Medium) Really Done With Their 28 Year Long Marriage


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TLC’s Theresa and Larry Caputo of The Long Island Medium fame, are allegedly splitting up after 28 years of marriage….or, are they? 

Just as a note to remember while reading this, I do like “The Long Island Medium”, am a fan and watch it regularly.

TV ratings.  Is that what the latest news is about when it comes to Medium Theresa Caputo and husband Larry Caputo’s alleged 28 year long break-up?

At the end of last season, sometime in December of 2017, The Long Island Medium, Theresa Caputo and husband, Larry, announced that their marriage was on the rocks and, that while “they’ll always love one another”, time apart and Theresa’s job as a Medium has taken a toll on their marriage.  They have allegedly separated and created a joint statement, asking the world for privacy during this time frame.

Of course, I hope and pray that this isn’t really the case and that even were it to be, the 2 of them can reconcile their differences and keep their marriage going.  As a matter of fact, it’s more than likely that they will.  However, this is a fate that I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemies, unless of course, physical or mental abuse were taking place, if it’s truly the case.

However, suffice it to say that the skeptic in me as well as the rational side of me, along with a side dish of intuition, is telling me that this was more of a publicity stunt upon which to end a season, keep them in the news and bring the ratings back up again for the show.

It hasn’t been easy to see Larry Caputo, sort of sauntering around their home, taking a back seat to his famous wife, doing little from my understanding of things over the years but, the money she’s brought in have afforded both of them a pretty decent life.  If Larry had to forego any sort of work in order to be there for his wife, tv cameras invading their home and lives, it was a small price to pay.  If he made Theresa’s work and show part of his being, living and focus, that’s a choice that the pair made together.  It’s netted them some decent money.  He really didn’t need to work in that case.

When the topic hit the airwaves, with private thoughts being expressed about their marriage, it brought a truckload of questions with it for me, personally.  If they wanted privacy over the issue, why did the televise the idea that things are falling apart and the break-up, along with reasons for it happening?  Something in my mind, was amiss in this entire scenario.

Another hint might be from Theresa’s own mouth which People Magazine has reported.

“While she didn’t bring up the possibility of divorce directly, Theresa admitted that there was a “strain” in the marriage,” the article stated.

Husband, Larry explains his side of things by telling a friend (on camera),

“We’re at a point where even the therapist is saying that maybe you should take a break from each other. I think the thing that bothers me right now is I don’t know what the outcome of this is going to be and I just can’t imagine our lives not together,” Larry explained on tonight’s episode. “I just don’t know where our lives would go from there.”

“I think the thing that bothers me right now is I don’t know what the outcome of this is going to be and I can’t imagine our lives not together”?

I read that again because a few things struck me about this statement.

  1. If you’re still having so many feelings that you cannot imagine your life without someone, why would you let it go?
  2. “I can’t imagine the outcome of this”.  Is that code for, “I am doing a show where this is required of me so, we’ll wait until the next Long Island Medium episode to air to announce that we’re trying to work it out?
  3. Why admit it all on a tv show, to friends, in front of cameras and both of them do it?

Even Theresa admits that there’s a “strain” on the marriage.  She wasn’t saying that they were at the point of a divorce.  A “strain” on the marriage.  Who hasn’t had one or two or ten of those when you’ve been married that long, let alone with tv cameras following your every move, thought and whim?  Something doesn’t sit right with me, personally on all of this and I hope that I’m right.

To me, it seems that this “split” isn’t truly “the end” for the couple.  As a matter of fact, I did go out on a limb by asking if this was possibly a publicity stunt by the pair.  The fact that news and media everywhere are lapping up the sales of their wares on the topic is also a boost to sponsors who will likely profit from this type of attention.  Who won’t tune into the new season (yes the show still goes on) to see what will happen between the now famous pair?  It’s highly doubtful that fans of TLC’s show will stop watching because Larry won’t be part of it and if he is, how can they be apart and still work together?

Larry Caputo, now 61 years of age, and about 10 years Theresa’s senior, retired from his food import business at the age of 55.  What does he have left?  How does a 61 year old earn money or have a job now?  Or, did the couple make so much money on the show for 11 seasons that they can split easily and have enough left over to support both of them?

As I see it from my little corner of life, we’ll likely be hearing that the Caputos have re-united again and are doing fine.  That may not come until part way through Season 12 but, my bet is that we’ll all see them back together again and fine.

Am I right?  Was this all one huge publicity stunt to hook viewers in for the next season’s viewing as they’re running out of ideas to keep the show fresh?  Honestly, I truly think that’s the case and frankly….I hope that I’m right!  My “psychic side” is telling me that I am.  Either that, or it’s potentially, Larry’s way of getting out of being in front of cameras day in and day out while still remaining part of Theresa’s life in a clandestine way.  Either way, I wish both of them the best.

Be Well, Love and Light,

Have a great day or evening.

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5 thoughts on “Are Theresa and Larry Caputo (The Long Island Medium) Really Done With Their 28 Year Long Marriage

  1. I love Long Island Medium, however, if Larry is kicked to the curb, I will probably not watch anymore. He seems devoted to Theresa as well as to the family, so she better have a very good reason for this! I hope you are right about it just being a publicity stunt!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree with you cyntexas. I think that these 2 are simply inseparable as far as the show is concerned. I, too truly hope that it’s what I think it is. I do believe that we’ll see them getting back together though. :).

      Liked by 1 person

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