If You Expect To Be Paid You’d Better Produce Employed or Self-Employed


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Money in human hands
Getting paid means that you have to produce fully.  Your personal life doesn’t count much for long no matter who you are or think you are.

When you take on a job or work of some sort which affords you some type of pay check, isn’t it kind of protocol to ignore whatever else is going on in your life and devote your time to your “job”?

Maybe, it’s just me.  Perhaps, I have the wrong idea but, to think that people decide to do some sort of work then, allow other things in their lives to take over that work, kind of makes me wonder how seriously these people really take their jobs.

There are a few social media people who seem to not take their work as seriously as perhaps, they should, given that other people are not only counting on them to do so but, are paying them their pay checks.  In my mind, it’s like taking money for half-arsed (or late) projects that other people are paying them to do.

Normal Joes and Janes who are in the work world are expected to show up at work every day and put in a full day’s worth of work.  It doesn’t matter if their child has a cold or they are moving, the fact that they expect to be paid for a full job done every month and have other people paying them to do it whether that be a boss in a company or via donations or PayPal or whatever other methods one may think of, doesn’t make it any less important to those people who are forking over their money every month, does it?

Lately, I’ve seen several social media people who have been less than attentive to their chosen work but, expect to get that money every month.  They count on it coming in to help pay their bills yet, they don’t extend the same courtesy to those who sign up to give them regular pay or donations every week, month or whatever the agreement was between them.  To me, this is not exactly kosher.  If you want to get paid, do your job.  What your personal life has happening in it, really doesn’t matter in terms of people dishing out their hard earned cash.  At least, that’s my thinking and feelings on this topic.

While there’s something to be said for those who work for themselves, there are drawbacks as well to it.  Self-employed people still have to produce or they’ll lose paying customers.  Much like that idea, Social Media people also have to work and produce proper and full outcomes otherwise, their “customers” will also get fed up and leave, going elsewhere.  Nothing any of these people do, to the best of my knowledge, hasn’t or isn’t being also done by others.  Like an electrician, plumber, computer or cell phone repair person, they are a dime a dozen.  What makes people hang on as customers and come back, is the quality of work that they put out.  Their customers don’t care if they are redoing their back deck or going on a third trip in 5 months.  They care about their own work that they’ve come to that person to get done.  If it’s thrown together, haphazardly with the statement, “I’ll be better next week because I’m doing my back deck,” and if they come in again the next week and the business owner says, “I’m buying a new truck and need the time to go pick it up but, I hope this works for you for now,” people are going to naturally go elsewhere.  There’s only so many weeks where paying customers are going to understand before they leave altogether.

From my little corner of life, if you promise a product that people are paying for, get it out there and do it right.  You may get by with excuses for a certain number of weeks or, do a good job on one thing but, the following week, screw up.  If this keeps going on, I have to wonder why these self-employed people who chose their jobs would expect that people would and should hang around for the crap that they are throwing out there and still expect to get paid.

My motto is, if you can’t do this type of thing with a regular job and boss and get paid, what makes you think that you can do this to others as a self-employed person who promotes a product to justify people paying them?  It just doesn’t work in my estimation and frankly, it shouldn’t work in yours either.  If you’re getting paid to produce something, do it and do it right or give up on your personal life a bit more so that you can.

That said….

Be Well, Love and Light

Have a great day or evening.

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