YouTube’s “Lose It Like Lauren” Needs A Name Change

AUDIO VERSION: (Transcript below for those who prefer to read)


Laughter, they say is the best medicine.  Can I say, “I told you so?”  I told you so.  There, I’ve said it and gotten it out of the way.

First off, let me give you a bit of background here on why I’m saying what I’m saying.

I had friends and readers who used to subscribe to YouTube’s “Lose it Like Lauren”, also  known as Lauren Mae.  They unsubscribed from her channel quite a number of months ago now because not only was Lauren not producing videos with any regularity but, she’d leave her loyal subscribers, hanging for weeks on end, not knowing how she was doing after total meltdowns on camera.  Most of them had to do with her sobbing that she was “having a breakdown” or telling people that she couldn’t seem to get her stuff together in spite of group counselling to do with food and an eating disorder.  Her vlogs by the way, are to do with losing weight.

While I didn’t subscribe to her channel, I did go in and watch a few of her videos when egged on by readers and friends.  Usually, it was because there was something new Lauren Mae had going on or had dreamed up once she would show up again.

The last time that I was there, on her channel, to view what my readers had been talking about was when she had confused the pants off of a lot of her viewers by announcing that she was going over to Patreon where she’d quit her full time job to do full time weight loss videos as that is what said she loved doing.  Many thought that it meant that she’d no longer be doing YouTube videos and with her inconsistencies in creating and uploading videos, quite a number of her viewers were not only disappointed but, uncertain about paying for her for these videos when they could scarcely put food on their own table.

A week or 2 later, I was asked to go back in and watch another of her videos where she clarified that she’d taken flack and hadn’t thought everything through.  DUHHH…no…she hadn’t.  She swore that she was going to remain on YouTube and Patreon was purely for those who wanted “extra content” and early video as well as rewards for monthly payments to her so that she didn’t have to work a full time job.  I did travel over to her Patreon site where her monthly sponsorship ranged from $1 to $200 per month.  All that I could think of at that moment was “wow…she’d better not only be consistent but, she’d better have some whoppingly good vlogs for her viewers who were paying her every month.”

Now, this note aside, I have done a few others pieces on Lauren Mae or YouTube’s “Lose It Like Lauren”.  I actually did like her.  I’ve said it before, she was bubbly, light hearted, giggly, cute in personality and simply generally, likeable.

What I did see though was that she was going to start slipping.  I’d hoped not but, I’d feared that she was.

Weeks have gone by now and patrons/loyal viewers are paying her every month.  Some daft or rich person who is paying her $200/month!  One can only guess that it’s got to be a family member or perhaps, her girlfriend’s parents who are seemingly, decently doing ok financially in order to put out that kind of money each month on what Lauren produces in videos.

We’re now into February 2018 and Lauren has provided (at least the YouTube viewers who could have become some of her Patreon patrons but likely won’t now) with a video each week that consists of snippets of her packing up her old apartment and junk, click baiting then, changing the title when complaints came in because she’d titled it “My Last Video” or some such nonsense.  She explained that she had meant last video from that flat/studio apartment but, not many bought the idea of yet another goof-up from her.

The next one that was put up (yes, I was told about this one and did venture in to see it for myself as I couldn’t believe what she’s doing), is the current one but, is announcing that she’s not doing a “weekly vlog” anymore.  The editing and filming are far too much.  So, she’s doing a monthly video.  In other words, we’re seeing January’s cut up videos in February and while we’ll see some more of January’s in February, we’ll also be seeing February’s video in March, chopped up.

Could someone back the horses up for a moment here, please.

Does she mean to tell those who are paying her that she cannot be bothered to film and edit weekly when these people are paying her bills every month?  Even “free” (to us) YouTube videos, are bringing her in something via views and whatever other form of monetization she may or may not have.  In other words, every video she puts up and puts effort into, she financially profits from in one way or another.  Now, she’s telling Patreon Patrons or potential Patreon Patrons via YouTube that she can’t be bothered to film and edit her videos?  I mean…what are people paying her to do and besides a part time job, what else should she be doing?  Didn’t she quit a full time job with her mother to do just this and within a month as well as having moved in with her girlfriend, she’d already finding a more lazy way of doing this?  What exactly is her job then?

Worse than anything, people are tuning in every week to see her talk about losing weight. However, Lauren has declared in this video that if you’re there for that purpose, “unsubscribe”.

Psssttt…don’t look now, Lauren but, if it were me who was subscribed and especially, a Patreon patron, I’d be unsubscribing faster than I could click off.  I’d feel insulted by that comment and be ticked off enough to not want anything further to do with your videos at all.

(Now watch her loyal viewers or even her own insecurities and perhaps, her newfound boldness cause her to Google herself to see what others are saying about her and use not only mine but a few other’s pieces as she’s done before…which is fine with me.  This is an open blog for all to read or listen to, depending on your personal choices.  Of course, it is my little corner of life so, I cannot say what will come out of me if that were to happen.)

How is it that this YouTuber can do videos on moving, trips, cleaning out her old apartment, her tea drawer, her watercolour play books and still expect to get paid for her content? preaching that she’s not dieting, not going to the gym, not working out, not counting calories and cutting into a runny egg yolk on toast or a bowl of oats which all looks quite healthy but, heaven only knows what else she eats in a day and doesn’t film.  This is more about Lauren’s Life as she describes and her “non-scale victories”.

Excuse me but, if I wanted to see other people’s lives, I have hundreds of people in my life who I could follow, not pay and enjoy.  I’m sure that I’m  not the only one who feels like this either.  If this is the case where Lauren simply wants to film her life over a month and dole it out in chunks each week, then why pay her?  In all reality, why are people paying her to see her packing her apartment up, doing watercolours that even her girlfriend doesn’t like (while still fixing her hair in the view finder by the way, I noticed and laughed because Lauren pshawed that idea in a previous video she did where this blog writer was quoted in an erroneous way but, I digress).  That’s just me though. I’m sure that others have, are and will see it differently.

Since this is what Lauren wants now, to film monthly, it be about her day to day life and not scale or weight loss then Lauren seriously needs to change her YouTube and Patreon as well as other social media’s name to something like, “Lauren’s Life” (free idea, Lauren Mae).

Perhaps, it’s just me but, from my little corner of life, it seems that something has emboldened Lauren to the point of being annoying, insulting and not at all the person who people were watching a year or so ago.  It wasn’t the apartment, or the new job that she took on which did it.  It seems to be the relationship that she has and the more time that they spend together, the more crass and offensive or disrespectful Lauren seems to be becoming.  That’s no blame on her girlfriend whom she now lives with.  She was who she was to begin with.  It’s Lauren who has become rather bold, sassy and brash as well as to the point of being quite nervy.

While there’s nothing wrong with growing up, growing a pair and changing your life, there’s something to be said about remaining the way that you should be when people are paying you to be able to live your life and you’re living off of the avails of other people’s money.  Out of respect, I won’t even get into the fact that she’s regained at least half of what she originally lost.  That can happen to just about everyone and she’s open about it, in a bit of denial but, she does speak about the fact that she’s got weight to lose again.  I’ll give her that much.

So, what’s next?  A once every 2 week video, shot over 2 months, chopped and doled out because it’s less work for her?  Will she eventually go to once a month on YouTube and thereby, lose potential subscribers?  Does she care as long as she has Instagram and whatever other social media she has going on like Facebook?  Perhaps, not.  She may not care at all, really.

Meanwhile, there’s us poor working slobs who have to go into work every day and put in a full day at a full time job whether we love it or we don’t.  If that’s not her problem, it should be.  If everyone sat around, making videos for YouTube, she’d have no grocery stores, no garbage pick-up, no car, gas or car service places and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.  She wouldn’t have shoes, coats, leggings, a gym or blue hair either.

That said,

Be Well, Love and Light,

Have a great day or evening,


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