There’s No Big Secret To Losing Weight

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weight loss
There’s no magic way to lose weight despite all sorts of claims but, people will take your money in trying to tell you how to lose weight

I don’t think that there’s a lot of people on this planet who are truly happy with self and in one way or another, we show the world those insecurities.  Usually, there are many to be found in each person.  Weight is simply one example that a lot of people today will pick on and blame for it all.  Part of that reasoning is the fashion industry while, the other part is any doctor’s office who will stand you on a scale and chastise you for being overweight.  If you’re fitting more into the obese category, you’re more than likely to get a lecture and made to feel an inch or so tall.  If you weren’t already down enough on yourself for it, your doctor, the fashion sector and society in general will see to it that you’re not only more self-conscious about yourself, your weight and your looks but, they’re also going to add some pretty nasty or dire side effects and consequences for your weight not being a certain size or set of measurements.

There, you have it.  The recipe for the Perfect Self-Hatred Cycle which only sees you give up and down a bag of Doritos, quart or gallon of Ben & Jerry’s as well as making a trip to a fast food place where you’ll down a couple of helpings in a corner somewhere which will all amount to a couple of day’s worth of calories in one evening or perhaps, one sitting. 

Does anyone know how huge the weight loss industries have become while yet others are raking in a fortune through great marketing schemes on the un-healthy foods as they call it?  Let me just say that both sides of the same coin are extremely big and they both bring in billions of dollars every year. It’s a huge market and one relates to the other in oddball ways if you stop and think about it all.

If that’s not bad enough, we have the fashion moguls who will make you feel as though their fainting from hunger models that they have draped in ridiculous clothing, shoes they can hardly walk in and make-up so bold that it defies removing, is the way to be otherwise, you’re ugly and wrong as a person.  According to them, the closer one gets to their ideals, the better off that they are or will be in Life.

Between society who hates the overweight because they’ve been trained to believe that those who put on weight are somehow flawed, lazy or self-indulgent, dirty and un-worthy to the weight loss industries as well as the opposite, the fast food restaurants promoting their goodies and the processed food industries filled with chemicals, we have the conundrum, self-torture and the unhappiness, not to mention the empty wallet syndromes.

In between that, we have the “Organic”, the Non-GMO, the gluten-free, the sugar-free, the ultra low carb, the carb haters, the meatless Vegetarians or Vegans who proselytize as they go, shaming those who eat any sort of meat product as a “cruelty to animals” or “planet damagers” and let’s not forget “The Gym Freaks” who will tell you that unless you belong to a gym and work out so many hours per week as they allegedly do, you’re ill or wrong in some way.  Drink bottled water, don’t drink bottled water and the list goes on and on and on ad nauseam.

In other words, we have a plethora of sides coming at us with which to hate ourselves even when we are thinner or slimmer.

Then along come the rest of the head-scratchers.  They are the ones who proclaim to have lost the weight, know how you should do it, will spend their lives teaching you how to do it and how they did it while they end up being just as confusing and being as confused as the audience that they are preaching to.  We all know some of them from either real life, tv (Biggest Loser), YouTube, Podcasts, magazines and the lists there are endless as well.  Even Weight Watchers has to “better itself” every year to keep people coming and paying their extraordinary fees for a phone app service per week/month. In other words, if there’s a way to sit back and make money off of others, no matter how confounded they are about it all, they will sit back and take money for something that even they are struggling with doing, themselves.

The other day, I wrote a piece about one Vlogger who seems to flip like the wind and in spite of her own goof-ups, is still trying to make a living off of her weight loss routines.  I’d have far less problem with that idea if she was able to take the weight off and keep it off.  Like so many others who have lost weight and put some or all and more of it back on several times or more, this young woman changes with the wind.  She was absent for a few weeks then pops back on with her videos to share with the world that she’s making it all her full time job and she’s quit her real full time job.  The thing is, others have to pay her to be able to do it each week and the more money you give, the more she’ll give you.  Enter another revelation where she’s no longer going by the scale more than once a month or, measurements, has dropped Vegetarianism and is going by a weight loss guru who hypnotizes people to want to change habits.  When people who have been used to her for nearly a decade ask when she is going to weigh herself as she’s put back on quite a bit of her lost weight and says she wants to lose it again but, no longer calorie counting, scale or measuring herself, she blows up and tells them to “unsubscribe” or “piss off”.  This coming from a person who expects viewers to pay her? Apparently, people are forking over their well-earned money just to be able to watch snippets of her life. As I wrote in a previous blog entry, she’s decided that it’s “too much work” so, she’ll only film once a month so as not to have to edit so much.  Everyone is now confused but, some are angry, hurt, bewildered while others will lick the bottoms of her unused trainers if she wanted them to do it and will defend her to the hilt with a mob-like mentality.  In other words, this young woman seems to keep switching things up like the wind blows a piece of paper up a street.  That has me head scratching as well as confused and yes, even angered.  I don’t need to see her life.  Really, I don’t.  I have one of my own thank you very much.  Having seen some of it through readers here who have urged me to watch her, I can honestly say that she is no different than 99% of people on this planet or anyone else trying to lose weight, myself included.  Her life isn’t that interesting but, power to people who pay her for these non-weight loss related videos, watching her pack up an apartment, move in with a girlfriend (yes, she’s finally and gloriously come out as “Bi” or “Lesbian” because she’s not sure where she fits in with that either apparently but, I wish she’d figure it out because between the 2 things, she’s seemingly lost and has become a version of her girlfriend who is well, let’s just say, “blunt” and has the ability to  even be crude if she has to be. I honestly am happy for her no matter what she is.  It makes no difference whatsoever to me whether she’s in love with a female, male or her toaster oven but, I am concerned about the effects that this relationship seems to be having on her. I see her as having been changed in a not so favourable way if you want the truth and I’m not liking it much to be honest).

Highly unfortunately, it seems that the majority of her supporters are “enabling” her to go on the way that she’s going.  Save for a few who get leapt upon by the angry mob of her enabling supporters, which she appears to applaud outwardly, few seem to be telling her that she’s changed in a not so favourable way and is confusing her loyal viewers to no end. The same holds true for those who will fight to the death (not literally or, maybe they will) over being Vegan, Vegetarian, cutting out all gluten, sugar, dairy, hitting the gym (trendy thing to do it seems), giving up carbs, eating only carbs with no meat and again, the list is endless.  People will find something or someone to believe it and no matter what it does or doesn’t do for or to them, defend it to the hilt until it comes back to slap them in the face because frankly, it doesn’t work for them long termed.  Essentially though, people enable these types of thinking, acting and being because it’s what they’re familiar with or what once worked for them and they will do it even when it isn’t working for them any longer.  That’s sad to hear because it’s helping a co-dependency issue within themselves as well.  No one is going to be happy eventually while doing this sort of thing.  At some point, people have to say, “it’s not working for me,” and give up on it.  Trying to continue defending it, becomes hypocritical and yes, they are going to have to deal with the flack that it will involve eventually.

Do you want the truth?  Do you really want the truth or do you want a fad to follow? 

  1. The only perfect way to lose weight is what works for you that you can follow long term.
  2. It has to be something that you have personally proven to yourself that you can stick to and not a wagon to fall off of and get back on again to fall off of again.
  3. Cutting out entire groups of foods may work for a tiny portion of the population but, there are consequences to that as well, one way or another, in spite of those who spew out the jargon about it being healthy for you to do.
  4. There are no sure-fired ways to lose weight and keep it off.  Everyone can lose weight.  Yes, everyone can.  Whether it’s all or part of the weight, everyone can lose it.  It’s keeping it off that’s the bugger.  Choose some way of living that you can live with long termed.
  5. Stop following the “gurus” of weight loss.  They are lining their pockets and trust me, they aren’t as true as what they will let out to you.  Even the television show “Biggest Loser” has seen more than 80% of their participants regain their entire lot of weight since they ended their stint on the show and many more have come forward to talk about being on 500 calories per day, diet pills and 8 hour long workouts per day which are all unsustainable in real life.
  6. Even bariatric surgeries have their drawbacks and there’s plenty of people who have had the various methods done and have all regained quite a bit of the weight again.  Yes, you can stretch out a smaller stomach and yes, there are consequences for a lot of people to deal with once this is done.  It’s not for the squeamish or those who will cheat.
  7. Ask Oprah Winfrey.  She’ll tell you that all liquid diets, strict eating etc., don’t work because there’s a wagon to fall off of.  The moment one falls off of that wagon is the moment that weight starts going back on again.
  8. Unless you’re blessed with a high metabolism, no thyroid issues and you love running, walking and exercising, portion sizes, calorie control etc., are important parts of weight loss.  It doesn’t matter how you do it but, it matters that you do it.
  9. There’s no magic pill, formula, way of eating or foods or lack of them that will permanently help you lose and keep off the weight. Quit looking for one.
  10. Fad diets are just that, fads.  They don’t last because they’re unsustainable.  That even goes for intermittent fasting/eating, ketogenic diets which are as old as the hills and in some studies, unhealthy for some of your organs.

If you truly want to lose weight, moderation is key here.  Calories in vs calories out is the formula and the way to deal with weight loss as is moderation.  Everything, including chocolate and cookies, pies and cakes can be eaten in moderation.  Exercise doesn’t need fancy gym memberships or equipment either.  Walking, swimming, using your own body weight to do push-ups (even against a wall if your knees are bad or you can’t get down and back again), planks or other exercises that will cost you nothing except some space to do them.  Elastic training bands for $20 or a Swiss Ball will suffice for those who wish to build muscle and spend a few bucks.  However, there’s no need for a gym membership unless it’s what makes you feel good especially, socially.  You’re more likely to stop going to a gym so, why not keep some good music on an mp3 player or cd and go to it in your basement, living room or wherever you have space?

From my little corner of life to yours, there’s one more thing that I’ve neglected to add but, is most important to keep in mind.  Love yourself as you are right now.  Love you, your life, what you have, what you can do, who you are inside and even outside.  If you don’t love yourself now, you’re not going to love yourself once smaller either.  Start there and you may find that you’ll love yourself enough to melt that weight off with plain and simply small things like portion sizing down, exercising more and eating a bit healthier which doesn’t mean that you can never have a cookie or a piece of cake or pie again.  It simply means having a piece, not the entire bag or cake nor pie.

On that note,

Be well.  Love and Light,

Have a great day or evening.



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