Do You Prefer An Audio Or Written Blog Or Both: Have Your Say

AUDIO BLOG: (No Transcript)



Do you prefer to read, listen or do both with blogs?  Enter  your comments below please. 

Published by ponderinglifetoo

I'm a wife, mother, artist, photographer and bookkeeper. I love writing out my thoughts in journals but, am finding my way to sharing these with others now.

6 thoughts on “Do You Prefer An Audio Or Written Blog Or Both: Have Your Say

  1. I like reading your blog which has nothing to do with your voice. I find reading your words very meaningful and they often resonate with me. Just a preference. Thank you.

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  2. Jennifer, it’s obvious that you’re one of Lauren’s mates. Why do you bother coming in here if you find Pondering’s voice “annoying”? Perhaps, you should find yourself a good book to read where you can listen to your own voice in your own head?

    Pondering…I personally, prefer to listen to your audio blog. It gives me a chance to listen while dealing with 2 small toddlers and not sitting on my butt, reading your words. By the way, I find your voice lovely and enjoy listening to it. I’d take “Jennifer’s” comment as pure garbage from a disgruntled person who likely hasn’t read anything other than your pieces on that YouTuber. Thanks for the opportunity to have our say. 🙂


    1. Thank you, Lesley for the input. I will be taking that into account and may continue doing both the audio and the script so that it can account for everyone’s tastes.

      As for “Jennifer”…she is not worthy of more input. It’s obvious that she’s only here to cause trouble. Those types of people I don’t need or want here. Thank you for your comment though. At least it is an honest comment from someone who follows vs someone who is disgruntled because I don’t happen to agree with her on the only topic that she’s bothered with on my blog.

      Be well!


    1. Ahhhh…that’s so lovely a compliment. Thanks for the input, Jennifer. I will be happy to not be speaking to you. You are free to go and watch Lauren’s videos and pay for them as you are, instead. I don’t get a cent for this and actually pay for my own domain name and space out of my own pocket, working a real job so, please go and watch more of Lauren’s videos and grow up a bit, please. Thank you again for your beautiful compliment on my voice. Much appreciated. Please leave now. Thank you.


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