Why Speaking Your Own Thoughts Angers Others

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In My Little Corner of Life, I have something to say whether it’s agreed with or not.

What if I were to tell you that I see the good that Hitler was trying to do in and for the world because I was only out to see the positive in the man and his plans?  Or, what if I were to write a piece that made you feel good about eating sugar and processed foods and all the good stuff that you love to eat?  After all, sugar hits the dopamine and serotonin levels in our brains and makes us feel good.  How about the idea that mixing together an elixir of raw, unpasteurized honey found in organic or health food stores which has antimicrobial properties and calms a sore throat, lemon which has vitamin C that boosts the immune system, hot water which is hydrating and thins out mucous, not to mention that it’s soothing and an ounce of whiskey which contains alcohol which we know kills off bacteria is not only the cure for the common cold but prevents them and label it “Prevention And Cure For The Common Cold Found”?  Would you believe me?  Why not?  I’m giving out a recipe with scientific facts about each ingredient.  What if I said that with a smile on my face, in front of a camera?  Would you believe me then?  Why not?

You wouldn’t believe me because it’s been proven that once a virus enters our bodies, only our own immune systems, time, fluids and rest can fight it off.  Equally, you’d know that in spite of the smile on my face and a few giggles that I may give or the fact that I sounded convincing, you’d tried Grandma’s recipe and it doesn’t work, right?

What if I were to ask you to pay for the recipe while writing how I got over many colds by using this formulation and I was to pour it into sterile bottles, marketing it as an “all natural cure for the common cold” with a pretty label and interesting shaped bottle, only needing some heating up in the microwave after pouring it into a mug?  Would you buy it?

So, why would you buy the crud that’s being advertised on television, the net, in books or whatever other source you find something in that you wish to believe because it makes you have “hope” and hasn’t been proven to not work?  Is it because you can’t find evidence that it doesn’t work and therefore, want to believe that it can?  What’s the deal here?  Wouldn’t you call me a charlatan for peddling such a bogus claim?  Would you have me talk positively only about the mechanic who charged you an exorbitant fee for replacing a fan motor that didn’t need replacing in the first place?  Why not?

It always amazes me when the comments come in on a piece that I’ve done about something or someone in particular.  None of these people ever read (or, now listen to) another piece that I’ve written or recorded and edited yet, they will staunchly call me “negative” or defend whatever or whomever they have come in to read about if I’m not extolling that thing or person’s virtues and don’t happen to think that it or they are the best thing since sliced bread.

I’ve been writing this blog (free of charge and paying out of my pocket every year to publish and have a separate domain name as well as space to store it all on the server) for over 6 years now.  There are literally hundreds upon hundreds of entries and I don’t make a cent on any of it. As a matter of fact, it costs me to write and record.  A lot of my pieces are on extremely positive topics and give some sound advice, given to me by experts and others with knowledge but, those are not what people will read about or listen to.  They will come in, looking for information about certain topics, instead and call me “negative” if I don’t happen to see that thing or person, their way.

What always gets to me is the question of why they do this and, there’s a few reasons why I’m saying this.

  1. If you love that thing or person so greatly, whey are you doing a search on that topic or person?  That’s especially true of one particular topic that I will not re-hash here because it isn’t part of the topic at hand.
  2. Once a reader or listener realizes that I’m not praising the topic they’ve searched for if they feel that they know it all, why spend the time to not only finish the entire piece then, take the time to comment to me to tell me how “negative” or “jealous” or whatever I am?  Why not click off and go somewhere else or, more key here, back to whatever sources they came from praising?
  3. When I post a warning that I’m not going to praise something or someone and not to read or listen any further and particularly, that I don’t want to read any further comments on the topic, why bother to go any further?  A reader already knows that this isn’t going to be a Love Fest for that thing, topic or person.  It’s no surprise.
  4. In only reading one specific topic I’ve written about, a reader cannot get a full or true picture of who I am as a person.  They are seeing only one tiny particle of who I am, based upon one solitary topic.  Doing an armchair psychoanalysis on me is not only incorrect and inaccurate but, it’s plain and simply wrong and the person who has done it, has no more clue as to who I am or what I am about than the rock in my front garden.
  5. No one goes through life, loving everything or everyone that it comes in contact with.  Though some of these readers think that because they’ve watched or read some metaphysical stuff, they are somehow experts in knowledge and the person or people that they’ve listened to are somehow the Second Coming of Christ in one way or another, what they don’t realize is that half or better of what they’ve been told is a marketing ploy, gimmick or someone’s personal belief that has or holds little, if any merit.
  6. What a reader sees on a video or reads in one of these people’s books are not the reality of that person, thing, topic or the entirety of that person that they’re adoring.  It’s a half truth.  Once those cameras are off or the author has walked away from their manuscripts or books, they are not who they present to the world.  I know this personally because I have a couple of friends who are public figures and trust me, they are not who they portray themselves to be nor do they live according to their own babbling.  It’s all a schtick or an act that they put on.  I know this first hand.
  7. Those who are following someone as though they are messiahs are being sold a bill of goods by which those people or topics or things, bring them in a pay check.  It’s not how they live their lives.  These people are as fallible and different to their public personas as you are.  They are simply great sales people and you’ll only in hindsight, realize just what they really were or are all about.  The same holds true for the topics that they bring forth.
  8. Remember that words, manuscripts, videos etc., have all gone through rigorous editing processes.  I am no different.  I have had to temper my writings down to a less harsh version sometimes or in the reverse, have had to add some not positives to my pieces because it’s one dimensional.
  9. Nothing and no one is purely good with angelic ideals no matter what they hold up to a computer screen in words or on a video.  I happen to call things as I see them.  That doesn’t always make me right but, neither do those who will shell out only the positive to the public.  That’s something to keep in mind.  It’s easy to pretend to be one thing when you’re really another or only present what you want people to believe about themselves or a topic.
  10. Think of the editing process that anything and everything goes through before it gets published or aired.  Now, if a follower or “disciple” as I like to call them, thinks that the person they are following is exactly as they present themselves to be in a manuscript or on film in front of a camera, think again.  They have presented to their viewers exactly what they wanted the follower to believe.  Nothing more and nothing less however, that doesn’t make what they’ve spewed out, fact about themselves or their lives or that topic.  It only makes it what they have wanted to portray purposely or subconsciously.  It’s not reality about that person nor is it an entire picture of how that person lives or truly is nor, does it tell you their motives behind it all.  Most of the time, that involves making money.  Money makes the world go round and you’ve bought into it or are slamming it when I or someone like me, calls it all out as such.

No one walking this planet is perfectly happy nor correct.  That includes me.  If one wishes to be happy, happy, and more happy or, positive, positive and more positive and thinks that by following a video maker or author or method or whatever, they will always be happy and positive, you’ve been sold on the bill of goods that these people have put out there for you to chew on and keep bringing you back.

If you’re looking for the “Fountain of Eternal Happiness”, you’re not going to find it in metaphysics, a way of eating, being, acting or thinking.  It doesn’t exist.  That’s the cold reality to Life on this planet.  Even the “gurus” get angry, have down days or moments no matter how much they profess to have found the meaning of life or happiness.  Nor, have they found a way to walk around as carefree, smiles on faces all of the time or eat their way through grapes, açai and strawberries which has made them perfect.  The moment that computer writing program has been shut down or the camera has been turned off, they heave a sigh of relief and go back to being the whole person that they truly are, problems, warts, flaws and faults and all.  Those are things that you’ll not see though unless or until someone does a “tell-all” on them or that topic is studied with results published.  Even then, people want to believe the fairytales that they’ve been sold and that there are springs of eternal happiness out in this world somewhere and doing so while calling me “negative” because I haven’t bought into it all.

My book shelves are filled with books on every topic from metaphysics to quantum physics, religion, diets or ways to eat or not eat and so many other topics that it would take a piece in and of itself to list them all.

I’ve watched so many movies and YouTube videos and listened to so many podcasts that I could float a battle ship on the heaps and none of this stuff works in and of itself.  That’s why talk show hosts like Oprah have a plethora of these experts to call upon to tell her how to live or, in reverse, she will tell you how to live while heading to the bank or buying another mansion as a billionaire.

If any of this worked fully, everyone would be happy, positive and no one would have a care or a problem in the world or, few of them anyway.  That’s not how life works.  People can identify with the negative because they live it and they want the positive because it gives them hope.  The truth is, Life will always bring about both sides of the coin no matter what one reads, watches or thinks.  Life has a way of teaching us all through both the good and the bad.  Temper it and watch what you say to someone who doesn’t agree with what you believe.  You may be right but, then again, there’s an equal possibility that they are as well.

For heaven’s sake, if someone only wants to read or listen to one topic, go and read about it or listen to it from someone who believes as you do but, don’t sit here and pound out your anger on your keyboard, being angry at me for writing what I see and feel on a topic or other people because it doesn’t happen to agree with your take on something or someone.

One last thing.  I can write all of the positive that a reader likes but, I’d be leading you down a narrow path if I did.  It might bring in more comments of love but, would I be right to tell you that eating saturated or trans fats are good for you and your heart while telling you to smoke a pack of cigarettes, drinking a pot of caffeinated coffee, spiked with Baileys and not ever exercising a muscle?  Would I be being fair to anyone reading my pieces by doing something like that?  It might be what people want to hear but, would I be correct in doing that?

From my little corner of life, it hasn’t mattered what I’ve written while being honest in how I see things and labelling it as “opinion” (as I do all of my pieces).  Readers/listeners will only see what they want to see because they are only in here for one reason…to read praise towards their idols or things that bring them hope even if only a marketing ploy or something that keeps someone from having to work a normal job.

Ask Dr. Oz about his garcinia cambogia pills or the anti-aging creams that people have bought and used to no avail.  That will tell you something right there.

On that note….

Be well, Love and Light

Have a great day or evening.

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I'm a wife, mother, artist, photographer and bookkeeper. I love writing out my thoughts in journals but, am finding my way to sharing these with others now.

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