Roseanne The Reboot And Why They May Not Be Able To Go Back Home Again

Can The Connors really go home again now? 

They say that you can’t ever go home again.  Well, at least not unless you’re on a television set that is.

I watched the first 2 episodes of the Roseanne Reboot last night.  While it was great seeing the old “Connor” house and set, I felt like all of these years hadn’t passed as far as the decor had concerned but, the cast has clearly done what people do.  They’d all aged quite a bit.  In a sense, it was a bit of an oxymoron to see the decor not have gone up with the times and yet, the family had moved forward with the hands of older ages as had the story line, set to match the years that have passed since the show’s finale and the cast’s real life lives.

Though a bit more wrinkled and a bit thinner, “Dan Connor” looked much like he did in the original series.   What didn’t match was his dyed hair and eyebrows.  Even in the original shows, Dan’s hair was greying but now, has an even medium brown tone to it while wearing essentially the same type of shirts and pants that he originally did. In those examples, not only had Dan not changed with the times but, he seemed to have gone backwards as well as standing still at the same time.  It wasn’t well done at all.

Roseanne, of course, still as gritty, whacky and obnoxious as ever, has lost weight (though not thin) and coloured her shorter hair.  While trying to remain more current in her topics, such as voting for Trump while sister, Jackie had become a feminist who stumbled into a voting booth to vote for Clinton, had accidentally voted for someone else which got Trump elected and was mortified.

Both Jackie and Roseanne (now called “Grandma Rose”), had been at odds and fighting without speaking for approximately a year or so.  Jackie’s face really shows her having aged and yet, her hair, also freshly dyed far too dark a colour for her skin colour and age at this point, stood out like a sore thumb while her character, though more advocate like, had grown into the time frame while still being Jackie with a bit of a back bone against Roseanne.  While refreshing, there was little explanation given or even worked into to explain it all.

The beginnings were quite awkward to say the least and while touching upon bits of the series finale where Roseanne had stated that Dan was dead, Jackie and her mother were both Gay and Darlene had married Mark, not Beckie, it was all treated as though the viewer could decide what really happened.  Not enough attention was given to that plot line.  Perhaps, the writers supposed that many years had passed in between and no one would care or remember how that had ended?  Fans did though.  At least, the die-hards did.

Believe it or not, both Beckies had returned for the first half of the 2 half hour segments that were aired as an hour’s worth of Roseanne nostalgia and bringing the rebooted show back to the 2018’s attempted to renew the show’s appeal. The original Beckie seems to be the one who will remain in the show with husband, Mark (who died in real life) had died.  The second “Beckie” from the first series had also returned as a “want to be mom” where Original Beckie (I feel like I’m talking about the “original Barbie doll here”) had offered Beckie #1 $50,000.00 to be a surrogate mom.  The original Beckie had stated that she was now 43 years of age.

Harder to believe was that D.J. had returned from The Army with a daughter and whose wife was still deployed so he was playing a single dad to a bi-racial daughter.  It was clearest in him that the years had gone by as he’s now a fully grown man in real life and in the series.

The littlest Connor, Jerry Garcia, was nowhere to be found as allegedly, he was also in the military.  No sign of Beverly either (Roseanne’s mom) in 2 episodes.  Mind you, it wasn’t unheard of for her not to be part of the original series for weeks and months on end.  There wasn’t even a mention of her so, we’ll see if she’s going to reappear in the reboot but, it’s looking unlikely that she will.

Last but, not least, we have Darlene, the smart mouthed younger daughter who zapped her older sister, Beckie with the one liners and was the Tom Boy daughter for Dan.  There was no real inclination as to where her husband was.  It may be that I missed it or they were divorced but, we know that (Johnny Galecki) her boyfriend David, is time boggled with his involvement in Big Bang.  What we do know is that Darlene has come back to the Connor home because she had lost her job and was taking care of her two children who now also live in the Connor home as well.

Suffice it to say that it felt strange to be back there where the house time had stood still while the characters and plot lines were moved ahead in time and yet, not at the same time.  It was the strangest of reboots that I’ve seen yet and frankly, I’m not sure that I’ll be watching much more of the reboot.  Curiosity had gotten the best of me to see how they handled this entire chunk of lost time and Roseanne’s equally eerie, strange and awkward ending years ago.

What I can say is that from my little corner of life, not only can’t you go home again but, I’m not sure that I want to be there after seeing these 2 episodes, back-to-back.  I’d love to believe that it will all pick up from here and move into a plot line that can be gotten into so, I’ll likely watch another episode or two.  Beyond that, there’s no guarantees.  All bets are off and only time will tell.  However, I will say that unless they pick this up a bit, older fans of the show will stop tuning in and one season will be all that’s gotten.  Stranger things have happened though.  Who knows?  This could be one of them.

Be well, Love and Light,

Have a great day or evening.

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