Something Worth Being Paid For Has To Be Done Well

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A few little birdies told me something today that I’d not wanted to hear but, wasn’t surprised to have been hearing it.  There’s a reason for this reaction from me and frankly, I am only writing about it because other people are interested and been doing searches on this topic.

I’m not going to name this person as not only is it un-important to what I have to say but, the fact is that they know who they are as they have been in here before, reading about themselves or, had someone else doing it for them or both.

Let me say something first that I’ve said before in general but, it bears repeating for a reason.

If you want to make money then, you have to work.

I don’t care if you’re independently wealthy or not but, if you want and more importantly, need to make money, you have to put the time, energy, care and effort into whatever it is that you’re doing, selling or trying to hook other people into.

No one could hold down a job without doing it and especially if they’ve gone AWOL and are not showing up to do it.  The people who pay you will understand some sort of plausible explanation once or twice but, doing it more than that, gets you fired.

You can’t take vacation after vacation and expect that people will wait around for you to come back and keep on paying you.  

If you want to vacation, vacation, vacation and vacation again (I think I got the right number in there over the past several months or so) go ahead and do it.  However, one cannot endlessly be away and excuse oneself then, expect that people will simply keep paying you while you keep that pattern up. It’s not enough to be predictable for a bit then go out of whack again or vanish.  People do lose patience with having to keep handing you money while you’re not there to do what they fork over the money for you to do.  Apologies and excuses can only go so far before people get fed up and simply drop you.  Eventually, your apologies wear thin because if you really cared about the money people hand you out, you’d realize that what you think you’re disguising, you’re not.  Your veiled apologizes for laziness and carelessness has shone through and people see things far more clearly than you think that they do.  Most people, in spite of having given you a lot of praise, aren’t stupid.

Losing your work often is akin to saying “the dog ate my homework” only worse.

In this instance, customers have heard the phrase, “I lost most of my film by accident” far too many times now.  That’s showing them that you truly don’t care enough about them nor, respect them enough to take the required extra care to ensure that what you’re selling people on to pay your bills and, possibly going towards all of those vacations with, isn’t that important to you.

Crap happens, once, maybe twice but after that, if it keeps on happening again or more often, it’s showing viewers that there’s a total lack of effort, energy and regard for what you’ve deemed to be your work that they are paying you for and more to the point, those people.  No one likes to be taken for a fool.

If you don’t have to work, don’t work but, if you truly do, realize that the Gravy Train will come to a grinding halt soon if all of the above aren’t thought about carefully.   

With so many vacations, skipped time, footage lost, it’s obvious that this YouTuber, still sticking to the same, worn out topic while spending the day on herself and other projects, doesn’t have anything new to add to the mix of things they put into their videos.  I haven’t, nor do I need to watch these things to see what is going on within this person’s life and why.  Their partner obviously gives this person free reign to do what they please throughout a day and as a living (for the most part).  Some things, I’ve been told, are done because this person feels that they have to do something in a day to justify staying home, doing not much of substance or, to bring in money.  That’s ok as long as there’s enough money coming in to pay bills but, what a waste of a young life to be doing not much of anything or re-living the past and not putting much effort into that either.  One can’t have their cake and eat it too.  Things are going to start giving out.  Let’s hope that it’s not this person’s partner but certainly, their pay check is going to go down the tubes in a fast way if they don’t pick up and either re-formulate or put more effort into it all.

If you don’t want to put in the time, energy, thought, care and concern into what you’ve chosen to do when there were or are alternatives or, if you are out of ideas for the same old worn-out topic, give it up and do something else instead but, don’t half arse it.  

If anyone holds back on putting in the work necessary to be successful because there’s other things in their lives that they’d rather be doing and, are only doing what they’re doing out of a sense of not wanting to get up and work a normal FULL TIME JOB like most of the world does then, it isn’t the right thing to be doing.  What one cannot expect is to put in time and energy only when they feel like it and still be paid for it.  It’s only a matter of time before even the most die-hard of fans will see through the charade.  The language changes as does the attitude and people pick up on that rather quickly.  In effect, you’re dishing out resentment that will be mirrored back to you in the form of withdrawal.

In other words, plainly enough said, if you don’t want to be doing what you’re saying that you’re doing but, hate it or can’t be bothered or are bolstered by someone else into this attitude towards it, get out.  Do something else.  Make what you do a hobby or for a few extra bucks but, don’t try to pull the wool over viewer’s eyes, including your own.

Lastly, if you’re not sincere about what you chose to do because it was the easy way to do things, you’ve been sheltered as a person and need to do a bit of growing up still.  

Life isn’t all fairytale princess, rainbows and sparkles.  It’s real life with needs that require meeting.  Being a tougher person will help you recognize that there’s not always going to be someone or many who will continuously hold you up, bolster you and protect you forever.  While family may have done that in the past, once you leave their door and go elsewhere, you’ve burned that bridge.  The next person you latch onto, unless independently wealthy, is eventually going to tire and that bridge will get burned as well.   The picture is quite clear to those of us who have been through a few of Life’s struggles.  You’ve got to be willing to grow up, take responsibility as an adult (you’re no longer a kid with a playground to play in) and act like an adult.  Being out of your parent’s home doesn’t equate to “I’ll do what I want”.  That type of attitude will only get you so far before doors start slamming in your face.  One day you’re on top of the world and the next, you’re looking up at it, on your backside like a mechanical bull just threw you off of it, wondering what to do next and how you got down there.  Try asking for help then to get back up again.  Old sources aren’t going to be quite so willing to come to your aid as they once might have been.  Realize that much and grow up now before you’re left, standing there, stunned, or worse, depressed silly and going backwards, not forwards.

From my little corner of life, I don’t make any money off of writing any of this.  I do it because I want to keep my hand in writing as a hobby.  I love interacting with other people and if I don’t, oh well.  I do get loads of email every day that I read.  Most ask me not to publish their comments for one reason or another and I respect that and honour their requests.  I will say though that the number of searches that I see coming through on this one particular topic and YouTuber has made me want to say what I’ve said in this piece for a reason that really resonates within me with a loud alarm signal.  It’s not because of the YouTuber themselves.  That’s why there’s no name entered here.  It’s the principle itself that I wanted to get in here.  I hope that I’ve done that.

Be Well. Love and Light,

Have a great day or evening.


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