Alleged Split With Husband Larry Has Long Island Medium Ratings Way Up

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Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo

It likely comes as no big surprise that Caputo’s show has gone way up in the ratings since the announcement of hers and 28 year long husband, Larry Caputo separation on air last season.  Radio Silence then ensued during the off season while everyone wanted to know what was going on with the couple.  Of course, they weren’t saying.  Silence is golden for ratings, leaving viewers to guess and worry.

Was there reason for this type of thing after they had both openly admitted it on the show?

Answer:  Likely, yes!

As I’ve said in a previous piece on this couple, I hope that they will work things out as I like the show and both of them.  Maybe, that makes me an idiot for being enamoured with the pair and the show when I know that reality shows aren’t really reality but, suffice it to say that I’m not a moron when it comes to being hoodwinked by everyone involved in this show.  I truly believe that The Caputo’s separation had more to do with show ratings and attempting to build it than it does with anything reality based. In short, I don’t believe that this is truly “The End” for that couple.

What makes me feel that way?  

First of all, it’s easily guessed that with last season’s “cliff hanging announcement” of their separation, done all on screen, viewers and even previous non-viewers would tune in to find out what happens to the couple.  That brings up the ratings and we all know that ratings are what drives TV executives, sponsors and the players in a series.  Everyone’s wallets and palms are open for more, more and more money.  No one is doing this for the love of it.  They’re doing it for the bucks that they can amass.  This split is fodder for fans and new fans to chew on, not the least of which includes nail biting to see.

Secondly, it’s Theresa’s private life that helps keep the show going.  After all, how many times can one watch Theresa do a reading, including for celebrities while knowing that most of it is editing so nicely that only the “hits” get put on air.  We really only see 1/4 of a reading or less.  The rest may all be a fishing expedition for all that anyone watching the show knows.  Don’t believe me?  Read someone’s account of their reading with Caputo HERE. 

With Larry Jr. and his sister, Victoria now moved out of their childhood home, there’s only her and Larry to focus on with her private life and oh yes, how much hairspray and hair teasing she goes through in a day.  Not extremely enthralling, is it?  She’s also had cameras follow her for possibly a “fake” colonoscopy or at the least, re-enact it for the cameras.  Now, I don’t know about you but, the last thing I’d want to do is do readings for nurses while being terrified.  Caputo did it.  The colonoscopy alone would be enough to have me say “no way” to television cameras around me, let alone doing a reading for them while waiting to be prepped which all leads me to the idea what while we’re all individuals with differing levels of tolerance, Caputo likely re-enacted it for the cameras versus it being done in real time as they’d have us believe it was done.

The couple had also had so many renovations done to their home and additions etc., with cameras and viewers in tow that it’s hard to believe that she could have come up with anything differently now.  How much more could be done to the house?  That plot line was out now as well.

What is left to do to keep viewers besides die-hard Medium readings which have been heavily edited to make her seem like a god or omnipotent?

It’s the story line that they’re going through right now.  The Caputos have separated after 28 years of marriage with Larry being “bored” and just not “connecting” as they once did, Theresa having a meltdown and a final statement that they wanted their privacy “during such a difficult time” but that they will “always love one another and can’t see life without one another in it.”

Hold the horses, fade to black screen and freeze frame.  

The couple went to all of the trouble to announce this in front of the cameras and both gave out statements to the public about the separation then suddenly, no news outlet can get their hands on a leak of any kind as to what’s going on?  They want privacy when they’ve publicly announced that they are separating or have done so or will do so?  However, the marriage issues have gone somehow into the Witness Protection Program throughout the hiatus?  Something is up with this. It’s all sounding way too fishy for me to swallow even a bite of it all as being real.

So, what’s my bet?

My thinking is that there are reasons for all of the above and it all has to do with ratings. They will drag this out as long as viewers keep tuning in to see what’s happened or is going to happen between Larry and Theresa.  It will even draw in new viewers who have heard about it.  That means RATINGS.  That’s what they all want.

The moment that viewers get bored, they’ll amp up the scenario with any number of twists, turns and even cameras following them both around.  Everyone will want to see how Theresa fares out with her newly found single-dom or the possible tears she’ll shed. Hell, even I want to tune in to see that much in spite of knowing something intuitively and instinctually, rationally and otherwise.

Long Island Medium had to take a turn somewhere now that the kids aren’t part of the focus of Theresa and Larry’s private life, which keeps the show going.  Therefore, this split once they had become Empty Nesters.  There was nowhere else for the show to go.  It had to head in this direction and was well thought out and planned.  Actually, it was brilliant.  I have to give credit where credit is due.  However, once the ratings start tanking again (and they will as people tire of this plot line), the TLC Network execs will start to add in other twists and turns to this idea.  Here’s a few ideas that come to mind.

  1. Theresa and Larry will try their hands at dating others.
  2. One or both kids will return home to help their mother through her grief.
  3. One kid will get married, forcing the Caputos to be in the same boat to see it through.
  4. Larry Sr. and Theresa will find out that they’re going to be grandparents (likely from Larry Jr.)
  5. When all else fails to keep the ratings going or until the show has met its demise as all shows must and will, the Caputos will re-unite as a couple.  If divorced (which will all be part of the show of course, faked for the cameras), they will get remarried or simply back together again and renew vows or something along those lines.

What is certain is that neither of them are great actors or actresses.  Larry seems to be the worst at it as Theresa has a bit more experience with it all but, even there, she isn’t convincing in her convictions, worries or upsets in the show.  One can tell that it’s all staged.  The kids (Larry Jr. and Victoria) as expected, are the absolute worst but, running a close second to Larry Sr..

From my little corner of life to yours, we can bet that the split isn’t real at this point in time and we’ll see Larry Sr. often enough during these shows and in between her much cut and pasted readings where she even shocks herself and shows that much when she guesses or gets something right.

My wager is that this isn’t “The End” of this couple.  Viewers will all be seeing more of them on camera separately and together.  The Season Premiere starts this month.

Season 11 starts April 8, 2018 on TLC.

Final Thought:  Maybe, Larry Sr. is Gay and coming out of the closet will be part of the show? That’s said with tongue in cheek…at least for now.

Be well.  Love and Light,

Have a great day or evening.



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2 thoughts on “Alleged Split With Husband Larry Has Long Island Medium Ratings Way Up

  1. The reason I think it’s fake is that the reasons are very vague as to why they have separated. Sure they tell us “things have changed” etc. but we are subject to the narrative of their separation in EVERY episode. Making us want more details when it seems in actuality there are NO details. If you’ve separated that is really too bad and you have my sincere sympathies but it seems if you actually had then poof, you’re separated now let’s get back to “validating”

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