I May Be Ignoring My Blog

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Have I been ignoring my blog lately?  No…well, yes…sort of…but, not on purpose.  The truth is, I’ve been concentrating on other endeavours and frankly, I’m not super into the “games” that bloggers tend to play which is to click the “like and follow buttons” in spite of never having read a word that the blogger has written.  The stats show a number of quite interesting things about your blog.  It’s actually quite surprising what one can figure out by watching that portion of your blog.

After over 6 years now of blogging and having written several hundred pieces, only a tiny fraction of what I have already done, has been read by others.  That’s not a gripe but, it’s rather an observation which leads a blogger wanting to head off into the sunset and cancel their subscription if they have one.  It’s certainly made me want to head for the hills and not look back at times.

More than that, I haven’t been feeling well and have been concentrating on my own health issues as well as a YouTube Channel that I’ve started up in the past 2 or 3 months or so.  That isn’t going well either.  Let’s face it.  I’m past the prime target age for that type of thing.

What still incurs a lot of views are the pieces that I’ve written about YouTuber, Mr. Ralph Smart or better known as Infinite Waters.  Unbelievably, although I have made mention that I am no longer reading, publishing or responding to anything to do with him, readers still manage to find my pieces on him through a Google or other search engine and proceed to leave me oftentimes, raunchy or negative based comments.  I spend more time deleting these things than I do in writing new pieces that not many will read.

Honestly, I feel as though I have quite a wide range of topics within my several hundred pieces to choose from and most are still timely.  Though some have reached a point of expiration, for the most part, my pieces are rather timeless yet, few will read those writings.  It’s hard to fathom but perhaps, it has more to do with a younger blogging crowd to read the pieces versus an older, more mature writer?

Whatever the cause is for an apathy towards this space, I am finding it difficult to drum up the energy, time and effort to continue writing much here now.  It’s not a lack of want but rather a phenomenon that I’m figuring out within myself and seeing within my lack of wish to write now.  In spite of having asked for comments, I have received few, if any after all of this time of writing in here…except for the plentiful, degrading and oftentimes, shoddy and bawdy comments left by Smartians.  I say that with a giggle as I delete another half a dozen of them with no wish whatsoever to continue reading anything about him.

So, here it goes again.  I’m going to ask for comments on what YOU would like to see in this space and what YOU would like me to write more about.

How about it?  How about leaving me a comment or, are you simply doing the “Blogger Thing” and hitting the “like” button without having read a word that I’ve written?  Am I assuming too much?  Are you really reading in here or shall I fold this blog up now?

Give me your opinions, please.

Love and Light,
Have a great day or evening, depending upon when you’re reading this (if you’ve gotten to read any of this that is.)

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I'm a wife, mother, artist, photographer and bookkeeper. I love writing out my thoughts in journals but, am finding my way to sharing these with others now.

14 thoughts on “I May Be Ignoring My Blog

  1. I may not read your blogs in a timely manner, but I have loved and read them all. Your take on issues are coming from your heart and just what I was thinking. You have given me insight and you write about what we as mothers and women are going through, so we know that we are not alone. Please continue to write you have such a beautiful way with words ( I so wish that I had that) it should not be wasted. I hope that you are feeling better my sweet friend.

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    1. Thank you, Sandra. That’s how I started off with this one as well. I write for myself (and of course, don’t get paid for it nor, did I expect to anyway). There are just times though that one hopes to see someone join in on a discussion of some type on something. I guess I am just a bit frustrated that no one really joins in a conversation but, I’m sure many bloggers can relate to that idea.

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  2. Ralph smart isn’t the only scheming spiritual money machine on youtube. You could do a whole series on them, but you’ll attract more hostility. Teal swan and bentinho massarro are particularly problematic. But yeah, you should focus on what you love. The readers you want to attract will show up. It’s more about quality, not quantity.


  3. I’ve been running my blog for years and rarely get comments, and I ask myself all the same questions you do. I have no clue if anyone get’s anything out of reading my blog, although I know there are a precious couple of people who are important to me who read it. Still I plod along with it. I enjoy sharing images and writing what is behind them. My focus has also changed and is related to health and seems to have taken up a lot of my attention .
    sending my best

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    1. Thank you for sharing your struggles as well, KittyGirl.

      As you can see, I am all over the map with my entries, topics and have no consistent theme going. It’s whatever I tend to read, hear or be thinking about that comes out in written form. I try to make it relatable in some way or, at the least, make it into an “I” type of situation so that those who can relate do, those who can’t, see that it’s my issue rather than theirs. (I think a few people wipe their brows from sweat when they see my thoughts and realize it’s not theirs LOL).

      Honestly, I started off this blog with the idea that I was writing it for me and no one else. After awhile though, I began wanting others to read it and join in with comments and hopefully, on some topics (other than Ralph Smart…who knew that topic would land me death threats for speaking my opinion of him through research and knowledge from those who live in England and knew how to get information about him LOL???) but, that’s not really happening. Yet, I delete and don’t even read those about Ralph Smart anymore because they’re simply too much for a personal opinion but, that’s what gets the commenters (as looney as some of them are) going. Go figure.

      So yes, I will still write when I feel like it or have something to say but, I find that a lot of people simply read (or click “like” and never read a word) but, never leave a comment. Thank you ever so much for speaking up and commenting. I am thrilled to get comments…as long as they’re not raunchy or death threats concerning Ralph Smart (which I am no longer reading or publishing as I’ve heard it all no matter how it’s worded).

      Hugs and thanks! XO XO XO

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  4. I enjoy reading your blogs especially the ones about your daughter. I have a daughter who has been estranged from her family for 7 years and I like your honesty and willingness you share. I have retweeted a lot of your blogs. I am so sorry you are not feeling well. I am also sorry that people are so mean-spirited. I hope you hear from a lot of people like me who think your blog is great.

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    1. Thank you Mireya. I’ve been trying to have one. I will keep on trudging on. I hope that others will comment though so that I know what they want to see or for me to write about and frankly…just not hear crickets. LOL

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      1. I say share what makes you happy and what you love. Do it everyday what are you best at? Share this and be consistent everyday. Be a fan.

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