Facing Surgery Without Seeing My Estranged Adult Child

So…I’ve been through the proverbial mill with health issues that have been plaguing me for nearly a decade.  I’ve both tried and gone through every test, procedure and being put under anesthesia a couple of times now, to no avail.  The problem keeps reoccurring. Final decision is a final surgery in which an organ willContinue reading “Facing Surgery Without Seeing My Estranged Adult Child”

Concerning Ralph Smart (Infinite Waters Diving Deep)

For those who are interested as to whether or not Ralph Smart is a fraud or not, I’ve done a YouTube Video as purely what I’ve researched and know as well as it being only my personal opinion and I say so during this video. WARNING:  If you’re a total Ralph Smart Fanatic…please flip offContinue reading “Concerning Ralph Smart (Infinite Waters Diving Deep)”

Knowing Isn’t Enough

Have you ever looked back at old journals and realized that you were saying the same things then that you are now but, had felt that it was all new revelations? I was recently going through stacks of old journals that I had kept, about to write in the latest one and get rid ofContinue reading “Knowing Isn’t Enough”

Estranged Adult Children’s Choices May Never Be Able To Be Undone

We can’t stand our daughter’s partner/boyfriend…whatever they love to call each other nowadays and, she therefore can’t stand us. Let’s back the horses up here for a moment.  It’s not that we set out to dislike this guy.  We didn’t try to find fault in him in any way.  As a matter of fact, asContinue reading “Estranged Adult Children’s Choices May Never Be Able To Be Undone”