I Will Not Be Bullied!

I’ve had no real face-to-face or voice-to-voice contact with my estranged adult daughter for almost 3 years now as most of you who have been reading my blog already know.  It was a few days ago now that I was cleaning out my email of read and not needed emails when I came across oneContinue reading “I Will Not Be Bullied!”

Men’s Brains Versus Women’s Brains?

Though most of my life has been a whirlwind of rather upsetting events, lately things have taken a down turn further.  I feel as though I am drowning though I have little choice over matters that are causing me to feel this way.  In fact, there are few choices since most of the issues areContinue reading “Men’s Brains Versus Women’s Brains?”

Adult Child Estrangement: Drugs And Rock

Not that this is the case for everyone who has an estranged adult child but, it happens to be a point with my own daughter’s estrangement.  She’s made it abundantly clear that she wants drugs and rock concerts though she’s nearly 36 years of age and should have been finished with this phase of herContinue reading “Adult Child Estrangement: Drugs And Rock”

I Want What I Want NOW

So you’re mourning the estrangement or loss of your child or children and you want them back into your life more than anything else that you can think of, right? Let me ask you something as we go. Is the child or children that he/she/they is or are now, the same child that you raisedContinue reading “I Want What I Want NOW”

I’ve Been Afraid of My Adult Estranged Child!

I have been afraid of my own adult child and I have finally figured out why. In what seems like a lifetime ago now, I catered to a mother who was an alcoholic, a mean drunk.  She spared no effort in putting everyone down especially, me.  She tore me to shreds as a person orContinue reading “I’ve Been Afraid of My Adult Estranged Child!”

HELP!: My Adult Child Has Estranged From Me and Is Living Like A Teenager

At a certain point in everyone’s lives, it’s time to grow up and be an adult.  One can be a responsible adult or one who lives their lives as though still in teenaged years, without responsibility towards anyone else other than themselves as the key point in their lives.  Living like that however, allows othersContinue reading “HELP!: My Adult Child Has Estranged From Me and Is Living Like A Teenager”