Marijuana Is Legal In Canada: Now What?

It’s mind numbing that Canadians can’t carry a beer or an alcohol drink outdoors and onto the street, cigarette smokers are given areas to smoke tobacco, nor can they get their hands on menthol or flavoured tobacco but, someone who wants a joint or carries around a lovely bong, can light up wherever smokers can light up.  Does that make sense to you?  I didn’t think so.  It doesn’t make sense to me either.

It’s an offence to the Canadian Flag to see this cannabis flag.

As of one minute past midnight on Wednesday October 17, 2018, weed became legal in Canada.  Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had the legalization as a campaign promise and he followed it through to implementation.  Be damned that there are no trust-worthy test methods for police and courts by which to stop a potential DUI from Cannabis but, who are we to question Trudeau’s decision?

The idea behind this step was to allegedly stop drugs and gangs profiting from sales and stop the underground movement from working.  Yet, the government is taxing the “legal stuff” to the hilt.  Where do they think that most recreational smokers are going to go to get their weed with this type of “sin taxing” that’s being done?  Isn’t it obvious that the drug lords will a) still be selling weed at a lesser price to those who already went to them and b) will go on to continue selling the harsher drugs such as cocaine and heroine amongst the plethora of other street drugs that they sell?  This move won’t even put a dent into gangs, drug sales and crime.

Meanwhile, Canada has been setting up “Safe Injection Sites” for those who want to shoot up and do so safely.  The country has been providing both clean needles as well as registered nurses and qualified others to man these stations.  Where is that money coming from?  It won’t be the taxes from the now legal weed.  How about tax-payer’s dollars?  Isn’t that akin to saying, “it’s ok to shoot up and we’ll provide clean equipment and show you how to do it safely”?

Mary Jane (an older term that dates me terribly) will be available to everyone now for recreational use though it’s said that only those over 19 years of age can purchase it.  Ever seen a drunken 13 or 14 year old or one with a cigarette in their hands?  I have seen it so much that I shiver and laugh at the thought of an age restriction.  Why not make it available to toddlers while they’re at it?  It’ll get into their hands anyway somehow as has always been the case.

I grew up in the 60’s and 70’s where people dropped acid tabs, LSD and smoked weed like there was no tomorrow.  They partied in the streets and I do mean that literally.  Back then though, the THC levels in weed were about 30% to 40%.  Today’s weed strains are anywhere from 60% to 70% and with the advent of vaping it, it’s a stronger and faster high than it used to be by far.  What does that mean for today’s lifestyle?

Weed isn’t new.  It’s been around for centuries.  It’s like smoking a cigarette and having a glass of wine or 2 at the same time.  While proponents will stomp on this piece and try to tell me that it has “medicinal properties” and that “no one becomes addicted”, I beg to differ.  Were that to be true, hard core users like Tommy Chong (of Cheech and Chong fame) wouldn’t be dealing with his 3rd round of cancer, no pot smoker would ever come down with the disease and psych wards which are over-filled in Canada, wouldn’t be filled with those who have become psychotic, paranoid or anxiety riddled from the drug. Yes, I know that a pot advocate could go on for days with their stories of how it helps people and I won’t argue that it may have some medicinal uses but, not at the THC levels that recreational users are intaking.  It’s the CBD portions that work more than the THC levels but, there’s always going to be the potential for those who wish to find an argument or debate to find an angle and the points to back up their claims.  Don’t bother, please.  I’m not interested as I’ve heard it all before.  Don’t waste your time nor breath.

Even if the drug or shall I say “substance” is considered as “natural” so is tobacco.  They are both plants and many marijuana users are also smokers of tobacco products as well.  It’s like having a drink then, going for a smoke only one will now be able to stand in the same places that they used to only be able to smoke cigarettes and have their “drink” too.   That’s all that this new legality has actually done…oh yes….and made those who invested in weed, along with the Canadian government, richer.

However, in the quest for menthol or flavoured tobacco, go whistle up a rope because one can’t get them.  They are now, “illegal” as is taking an alcohol drink into the public arena.

One further word of notice.  One can live their lives in a smoke or vape haze of weed, pot, marijuana, cannabis, Mary Jane or whatever one wishes to call it however, the non-addictive argument can be debated by professionals because while studies have yet to be done fully enough to prove that it’s not addictive, one can see where the dependency would and could come from.  For anyone who lives their days and evenings in a haze created by weed, one can see that after awhile of consistent usage (aka The Pothead), it’s difficult to live in this world without being able to resort to weed to view it through.  Weed is a psychedelic drug that alters one’s state of mind.  In effect, it also affects how people see that world and thereby, also creates a need to view life from the same vantage point especially, during difficult times.  It’s a crutch in the same way that alcohol is to an anxiety sufferer.  Even pot sooner or later makes it difficult for those who use it chronically to live a life that’s free of some sort of brain chemical alteration even if only by virtue of a mental and emotional dependency.  Ask any pothead.  They’ll tell you that they cannot function without it and use all kinds of excuses like, “I can’t eat without it” or “I need it as my medicine” and other reasons that one can see right through.  I should know, I am acquainted with those who chronically use it or have used it.

From my little corner of life, I see this move as nothing but a tax grab and stupid move by the Liberal Canadian government who is attempting to fool the public into believing that it has its best interests at heart.  I see it as a pocket-liner for many and trouble for those who can see through it all.  Ask any doctor or nurse in the ER of a hospital which is already over-crowded by those who seek out help for a sore throat only to find the ER filled with pot users.  There won’t be a bed in the country to be had but, time will tell.  Let the U.S. states that have already legalized it, say which drug they will legalize next and how it has impacted them.  This is Canada wide now.

(I expect a plethora of weed enthusiasts of all ages to inundate this blog piece with comments, usually written while high or about to do so.  I will publish the ones that don’t contain lewd, crude or swearing comments but, will NOT be responding to them.  I will let those who do, hang themselves with their comments.  Thank you.)

Be well, Love and Light,

Have a great day or evening.




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4 thoughts on “Marijuana Is Legal In Canada: Now What?

  1. How on Earth does that work?
    Illegalise cigarettes/ tobacco and to an extent alcohol but legalise marijuana?
    Where’s the logic in that, sure nicotine is highly addictive but making stuff harder to get just makes the determined want it more and makes the dealers wealthier due to the gap in the market even more so if the government has high taxes on it.
    People drink and smoke for recreational use -sometimes as a way to overcome thoughts or feelings but unless the government teaches people how to deal with stress without going to the bottle or anything similar then people will always be going for it.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Any “substance” can be abused I’ve found. Even sugars, water and things that are supposed to be good for us. I have a friend who is addicted to going running. She will NOT skip a day of running even with fevers. It’s a “driven” thing but, in spite of joint issues, being ill and not advised to partake of jogging or running, she has to get her rear out there and run. One would think that it’s a good for you thing to run, wouldn’t one? The fact remains that this woman is literally, damaging her body beyond all repair except for joint replacements where possible. That’s not to mention that she looks like a skeleton too! Actually, she’s doing more harm to her body by running than by a good old fashioned long walk with days off. Her addiction is almost as bad for her as cigarettes are for others. One wouldn’t think that, would they? However, I do have a right to not be hit or killed by a DUI over alcohol or weed or whatever.


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