Just Sigh While You Wonder Why

wondering-child-1Have you ever worked your rear off for no money, no accolades, no real accomplishment other than self-satisfaction but, you hope that at the least, your hard work will get recognized for the blood, sweat, and tears that you put into it all?

I have.  I think every creator has felt this hope at some point or another no matter what they say that they want or don’t want out of it.  It’s human nature to want some sort of recognition for your works.

I sigh as I look down the list of dates from when this blog started.  Would you believe that it’s been over 6, going on 7 years now?  I can scarcely believe it and yet, I have tried all sorts of formats only to see only a few comments or likes for all of this time, energy and, trial.  It’s akin to smashing your head against a wall and no one telling you to stop it.

Yet, I see bloggers who have simply copied and pasted articles from news sources and given accreditation to the source and get not only likes but, views and likely…money for having done so.  How hard was that for them to have done?  It wasn’t their words.  It wasn’t even their thoughts.  It was taken or borrowed from someone else’s brain yet, there it sits in all of its splendor, getting read, viewed and liked.  Perhaps, it’s even gotten some pay for it all?  Who knows but, them?

There are others who paste a few well-chosen words into a poetry like format that while I am not knocking it at all, brings in likes and comments by the bucket full.  Maybe, it’s high time that I started to either take other people’s works and giving sources, or perhaps, writing down a few words that spring to mind in rhyming format?

I am not green
I am not red

I do not like having to go to bed.

The sky is blue,

The ocean is green,

It’s the prettiest sunset that I’ve ever seen.

Will, that do it?  No, not for me, I’m sure but, it may bring in likes or comments.

For me, I’m getting tired after these many years of writing from my own mind, thoughts and, feelings.  After all of these years, I know when the tricks are being played.  After all, when I post a piece that takes at least 5 minutes to read and it gets a “like”, I know that it’s the old “Blogger’s Game” that’s being played.  How sad that is.  There are a few exceptions though and for those, I am truly grateful.

From my little corner of life, this may be my Swan Song from blogging tonight.  I don’t know yet.  I will take a few days to think about it.  After nearly 7 years of writing entries, putting up audio pieces along with the written parts and, starting YouTube, I’m beginning to wonder if I’m simply too old to be doing this any longer?  As one misguided and off topic moron reader once wrote, “you get no traffic anyway”!  He may be an idiot who argued a point that showed his lack of intelligence and perhaps, a mental illness but, all the same the one point that he did make which made any sense to me was that I am not getting traffic after nearly 7 years of writing.  Maybe, it’s time to hang up the gloves and give up the fight?

Be well, love and light,

Have a great day or evening!


Published by ponderinglifetoo

I'm a wife, mother, artist, photographer and bookkeeper. I love writing out my thoughts in journals but, am finding my way to sharing these with others now.

9 thoughts on “Just Sigh While You Wonder Why

  1. Just love your poem. You are reaching the people that need you most so I hope for one that you keep on blogging. I have read every one but only commented on a few just because we have maybe talked about the subject before. But know I read them and listen to your You tube also

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    1. Awwww…thank you, Cathy! I’m still a bit un-decided as to what to do with this blog (I typed “bog” and should have left it at that LOL) but, I am so honoured to have you!!!! Thank you!!!! HUGS XO


  2. Please keep doing what you do! You are invaluable to so many, we just need to get the super information you share with more viewers! Maybe have a facebook group too! You are awesome! Thanks for your lessons!


  3. Just found my way to your blog yesterday, on my never-ending search to find ways to cope with estrangement. I don’t have the answers to your questions, but I do know we’re never too old to do what we love, rarely do we know how we’ve touched someone else’s life, and all things — especially feelings — change. What I’ve read so far is appreciated.

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