Don’t Trust Everything That You Read On The Net




I’ve tried pretty much every shampoo and conditioner as well as masks out there.  The marketing schemes for these products are absolutely fabulous in getting us to buy them.  Likewise, hairdressers can sell ice cubes to an Eskimo, adding up to $120 more onto your already over-blown haircut.  You know that you’ll need to work another 3 or more months to pay it all off of your credit card.  Isn’t it easy to pull that piece of plastic out of wallets and buy whatever is fancy-talked your way through and into purchasing it?

Recently, I had major surgery.  I’m still trying to recuperate from it and alas, to top of the pain, restrictions and other things that go along with it all, my hair has begun to fall out like there’s no tomorrow.  Perhaps, it’s the stress or the anesthesia or who knows what may be the cause but, it’s falling out like a bad thunderstorm sheds raindrops. 

Recently, I went from chemical products that contain phthalates, parabens, sodium lauryleth sulfate or SLS and fragrances that have sneaky names and are still there in spite of you having scoured the ingredients labels which may take having a magnifying glass with you to read.  My search has meant that the old sniffer (nose) can figure that much out.  I spent hundreds of dollars on everything from moisturizing creams to hair care products all the way down to make-up and switched over to what a lot of the net considers more natural products that don’t contain these concoctions that you can’t even pronounce.  Yes, I did a lot of research on it all before I dropped these things like a hot potato out of fear that I was doing more damage to my hair and even my body. 

What I didn’t realize though was that in spite of claims of “no chemicals added”, I wasn’t really doing anything marvelous to or for myself especially, my hair.  I discovered that some of these so-called chemicals which are in every product you can find, are not necessarily bad for your body or hair.  Yes, you heard me right on that one.  

SLS is considered a “detergent” that strips our hair and bodies of their natural oils as they say.  It’s the lathering agent in your soaps and hair products.  Some people on the net have gone as far as to say that we’d be better off to take Dawn Dishwashing Liquid to our heads.  I didn’t question that point and switched immediately to an SLS-free version of shampoo and other soaps.  

Next came Parabens.  That’s the substance that they put into products to keep mold from growing in your bottles or on your bars or even in your makeup.  They say that it’s an “endocrine disrupter” and heaven only knows that I have enough problems with even my thyroid issues.  Who needs more problems?  I dropped that like a hot potato, reading labels with magnifying glasses like I was Sherlock Holmes and, driving poor sales clerks out of their minds with my obsession to keep it out of my body.

I was also told by one Naturopathic Doctor that a lot of my migraines were coming from “fragrances” or “parfum” that was added to products so, I ditched those as well.  Guess what? I still had these horrible headaches but, I could breathe better.  

Long story, cut short, I took it as far as reading food labels as well.  I was watching them for sulfites, monosodium glutamate, yeast, and yes, even parabens.  In short, I began a lot of home cooking with bare, raw, essentials versus processed foods.  It took time and I can tell you that I hated my counter, stove, and pots.  I hated my fridge as well but, that’s another topic for another time.  

Suffice it to say that I had dropped as much as I possibly could, even eating “organic” foods.  That is until a neighbor recently passed away from ALS (Lou Gherig’s Disease).  She was not only a vegan but, a consumer like me who had dropped everything that contained anything that she’d read about on the net, decades ago now.  This is where I began a brand new set of research into these products as well as the net, itself.  Guess what I found out? 

There are few things that we can slather onto our bodies and rinse off that is absorbed enough of to cause any type of bodily function issue.  That goes for soaps, shampoos and otherwise.  More to the point, the sources that I was getting my information from were those who had found a niche by which to promote their own agendas instead of real-life studies.  In fact, there was little evidence to support the claims that I had been reading in multiple sites.  I wasn’t even following reputable net sources.  The net, as it turns out, is chalk full of poor information.  “Dr. Google” as it’s been come to be known is a great source for some generalized information but, it’s not to be taken literally and, not every word written on it is true or even closely resembling a truth.  In other words, don’t trust every Tom, Dick or Harry who posts something on a substance that we may or may not use.  It may be their own personal opinions or it may be a falsehood that has run rampant throughout the net that they are re-posting, re-wording and re-writing to sell you on their own theories and even products.  It’s a “buyer beware” type of situation where one should only follow reputable sites rather than simply any Jane, Joan or Sharlene with a keyboard and a way to publish something onto their platforms.  Get my drift?  

In short, I have backed off a tad on cooking everything from scratch.  Yes, I still stay away from some things.  I do it because I have found that for me, it bothers me in some way or another but, not my husband or friends.  It is my body that reacts to certain components, not everyone else’s.

I still have hundreds of dollars invested in the products that I have purchased, having fully believed the hype that has been raised in my own brain about parabens, SLS and other products so, I will use them up before purchasing anything else in those lines.  However, none of the products that I have bought without these ingredients are any better than the ones that contain it.  As a matter of fact, the products that don’t contain these ingredients, have a tendency to spoil faster and work less as they are tooted to work.  That includes makeup and shampoos, conditioners etc..  

Fragrances still bother me and my skin as well as my breathing and can be a factor in my headaches so, I will likely stay clear of them still.  The same holds true for other food ingredients that bother me greatly due to headaches and other skin reactions.  I will stay away from those still too but, for personal reasons that are causing me distress and upon my doctor’s recommendations.  

What I won’t follow though are those who are out to sell me their wares, products or ideals.  At least, not without proof from scientific studies on these topics that are from studies, backed by physicians and I certainly will not trust everything written on the net.  A lot of it is pure drivel with no real source other than someone’s say-so or misinformation that has been hyped or marketed silly.  We are marketed to death, literally and, gawd are they good at it.    

From my little corner of life to yours, none of us want to live forever or out-live everyone else.  Heaven only knows that the “organic” stuff that we pour into our and onto our bodies, have to come from some source that may or may not be contaminated with other items or things that we’re supposed to stay away from.  One point in case is our drinking water or “run-off” water sources.  The land, the soil, the air…everything is polluted to some extent or another.  There is no such thing as “perfect” and let’s face it…our genetics will play a huge role in what we get, deal with or don’t deal with.  There is no such thing as “all natural and pure”.  It doesn’t exist but, is that so bad for us all?  

Best of wishes, Love and Light,

Have a great day or evening! 





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