Still Thinking

I still remain thinking about how to proceed or whether to keep on going at all and, I wish everyone who has followed me (game or not) to know that I have not given up totally yet.  I am still thinking on a way to move forward versus standing still in the mud while others have thousands of views, followers, likes, and comments.

Still searching. 

I remain pondering about this blog and how it should be written or dealt with. You see, I have an issue with my age.  Am I too old to be writing or on social media sites?  I seem to be getting nowhere with any of it because I will not play a “game”.  

After 7 years of writing, I’m no further ahead than I was having written several hundred pieces. I get little traffic and few comments or likes so, it’s all made me wonder if perhaps, it’s futile to continue trying to write.  There must be a better way.  I keep telling myself that much as I read other’s pieces and follow all who follow me if they have a blog to follow.

Yet, I miss the ability to share what I feel, have learned or want to have happen as well as share my opinions even if they do meet with negative comments such as in the case of Ralph Smart.  I laugh here as I type this out since a lot more people seem to be doing searches for information about him.  There’s no need to get back into my opinions on him at this moment.  

Love and Light!
Have a GREAT day or evening!

Published by ponderinglifetoo

I'm a wife, mother, artist, photographer and bookkeeper. I love writing out my thoughts in journals but, am finding my way to sharing these with others now.

3 thoughts on “Still Thinking

  1. Haha, welcome to the club my dear. I am over the top talented kung fu film maker, DJ producer and now a blogger like you, unlike Raplh smart, I actually have an degree to prove that I also have an Advanced certificate in Art and Design, approved by University of West London, and a certificate I never cared about anyway. Some studio head dude most likely liked me, because I was a terrible student, just a great filmmaker who was the only one doing good movies. Feel free to check my page if you do not believe…

    But like you. No one likes me, im gang stalked at the moment and people from all walks of life, including the so called spiritual people are still in love with this world and in their comfort zone and are not authentic. Some may snap out of it in the next 10 years, when they release their attachments to materials very close to Deepak chopra and even Echart tolle. Echart is ok here and there, but its just the start.

    The toughest characters are currently obscure and if they are on internet, which is coregous by it self, they have pathetic views, thumbs up, and some have more dislikes than likes. Some trolls made sinister videos out of them as mockery. I am no exception in this, except in stead of video mockery I have been mocked in forums.

    I also blog with a similar style as I mentioned in your other article to which you did not reply yet.

    Anyway, just like Michael Jackson turning out to be an INSANE occult pedo, literally some kind of a demonic deity that appears like a lotus but was a poison ivy (this includes other weird as tranny or castrated celebs too) this Ralph smart thing, although I did not like him right from the start but tried my best to figure why I dont like him, the stuff coming to the surface is bizzare as well, that I have to double check the story about him are not lies against him.

    I sent to his latest video few comments asking about his proof of being a psychologist, and I got 3 attack messages, one account deleted after making the comment. I also sent Ralphs page a similiar request and ultimately used my FB fan page profile to send his FB fan page profile a request for his psychology papers. Guess what? FB shut down my access to my account and now I can not access my FB fan page anymore, Relying only on U tube and my own website. Luckely my FB fan page looks cool, and nothing to regret, EXCEPT that my fan pages like list which is very visible…shows I liked Ralph smart FB page with his fake ass smile. What a mockey by this consciousness. I was about to unlike his page before my account was hijacked by FB who insist information from me to continue using it. Not gonna happen.


  2. You answered your own question. You miss it and enjoy writing and sharing your thoughts and experience’s , then it is part of you so you need to continue this blog. Even if just one person is helped with the issues you write about. I for one miss them. I hope you decide to continue this blog because I for one really enjoy reading it.

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    1. Thank you so very much, Cathy. WordPress is asking me for money now though and I can’t justify spending it just to play or when not many take me seriously enough to read what I’ve written (other than you of course LOL). XO XO XO


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