Still Thinking

I still remain thinking about how to proceed or whether to keep on going at all and, I wish everyone who has followed me (game or not) to know that I have not given up totally yet.  I am still thinking on a way to move forward versus standing still in the mud while others have thousands of views, followers, likes, and comments.

Still searching. 

I remain pondering about this blog and how it should be written or dealt with. You see, I have an issue with my age.  Am I too old to be writing or on social media sites?  I seem to be getting nowhere with any of it because I will not play a “game”.  

After 7 years of writing, I’m no further ahead than I was having written several hundred pieces. I get little traffic and few comments or likes so, it’s all made me wonder if perhaps, it’s futile to continue trying to write.  There must be a better way.  I keep telling myself that much as I read other’s pieces and follow all who follow me if they have a blog to follow.

Yet, I miss the ability to share what I feel, have learned or want to have happen as well as share my opinions even if they do meet with negative comments such as in the case of Ralph Smart.  I laugh here as I type this out since a lot more people seem to be doing searches for information about him.  There’s no need to get back into my opinions on him at this moment.  

Love and Light!
Have a GREAT day or evening!

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