Don’t Try To Be Ponce de Leon In Search of The Fountain of Youth

Have you ever wondered whether or not you’re amongst a group of people who are “fighting the establishment”?

Do you believe or have you seen and heard differing opinions on how to eat or not eat and which ways to live are best but, think that you’re on the right track in spite of conflicting points of view from studies, doctors and differing sources?

How about the idea that most lifestyle or doctors have completely opposite points of view and honestly fight one another in or out of the media?

What about your personal convictions about eating, living and being well? Do you have a tendency to think that your way is the only way?

Is your way the only way or your beliefs the sole way of being while everyone else is considered “wrong”?

Maybe, hearing a few examples of this idea may have you opening that inner dialogue a bit more.

A Back Story:

I had a chiropractor whom I knew well from another doctor within the same type of practice. Actually, Dr. A. (as we’ll call him) was a student of Dr. B’s many years ago. Both Dr. A and Dr. B had graduated from the same college of chiropractic medicine with at least a decade or more of age between them, and both taught there as well as carrying on busy practices.

Dr. B eventually died as a result of age-related issues or simply put, old age but, in spite of his overwhelming activity level, he had both heart issues on top of slow-growing cancer. In other words, no matter what, something was going to take his life one way or another. His chiropractic work hadn’t saved him from anything in all reality and was no Fountain of Youth though chiropractors would love us all to believe that their treatments will affect our organs in a life-preserving way.

Dr. A went on to have an extremely successful practice and eventually retired to what one would hope would be a life of bliss and time finally, to himself. That wasn’t to be the case though.

Dr. A had an accident during something that many of us do on a regular basis. It appeared silly and stupid to have happened and yet, it turned him into a disabled person. He had snapped his spinal column, believe that or not. He and his wife have entered assisted living now as he requires around the clock care. Uncanny, isn’t it that someone who had spent his entire life, caring for other people’s spines and had taken great care of his own, ends up living the rest of what is left of his life in this state, isn’t it? Yet, there lay the sad facts and truth.

Both of these doctors were in sync with one another for the most part. However, each of them ended up with their own struggles and chiropractic help hadn’t saved either one of them in either what care they were given as well as in giving it to others. So much for that philosophy, right?

Meanwhile, my Late father’s doctor who created a marathon runner out of my couch potato, chain-smoking, dad and ran with his study group of patients, did achieve hearts of lions but, most of them have died from cancers at this point, including the doctor, himself. What is that saying? Have you clued in yet? No? Let’s keep going.

Let’s also take a look at a couple of differing points of view from doctors and their ascertations of knowing how to beat the odds.

Dr. Nathan Pritikin
Dr. Robert Atkins

Did you know that Dr. Nathan Pritikin of the Pritikin Diet, Dr. Robert Atkins of the Atkins Diet (now the modern version and re-titled, The Ketogenic Diet) and Dr. Dean Ornish of The Ornish Diet fame, all fought one another and were greatly opposed to each other’s theories on the correct and healthier way of eating?

While both Pritikin and Atkins had clear heart arteries at the times of their deaths, Atkins ended up contracting a form of Cardiomyopathy anyway much like the chiropractors exampled above, and Pritikin developed either Leukemia or Lymphoma and ended his own life via suicide.

Ornish, the Vegan/Vegetarian (it’s unclear at this moment to this writer which it is) touted, supplemented eating style diet doctor whose books and appearances on many covers and shows, goes one step further in telling the world that his way of eating can cure Prostate Cancer, reverse heart disease and much more. It’s a miracle! Then again, most Vegans will try to tell you that anyway, right? They seem to know and it’s almost certain that the idea of Atkins or Pritikin’s dieting styles will kill. It’s bolstered their argument so, they’ll smugly sit back and perhaps, some will spit at the carnivores following Ketogenic carcass eating plans.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though. Ornish is 65 years of age and still alive. Both Atkins and Pritikin both halted arterial plaque build-up with their diets and exercise routines. While they were at opposite ends of the spectrum of how to accomplish this ie: all meat and fat versus low fat, high carbohydrate eating plans, they both died with clear arteries. The same holds true of my dad’s doctor who was much advanced in age by comparison to Ornish. Ornish is considered the “baby” at this point in time.

Hold the horses here though. There’s a tie-in with Ornish’s treatment/diet plan and Dr. A and Dr. B’s theories. Ornish also gives the advice that people on his diet plan, can also seek out chiropractic care because their insurance companies will pay for it. Meanwhile, Science and health writer Melinda Wenner Moyer wasn’t going to let Ornish go unchallenged while she also found flaws in his thinking and idea-mongering of miraculous cures of all sorts while bashing other’s diet plans or eating patterns. She not only wasn’t alone in this but, still isn’t the only one to be critical of his plan and declarations. While all participants found the plan difficult to maintain life-long, Atkin’s diet plan actually lowered LDL (the BAD cholesterol we are told to fight) more than Ornish’s diet plan.

Ornish, himself says:

‘…moderate exercise, stress management techniques and social support” in a penned response to criticism, ‘comprehensive lifestyle changes may slow, stop and often reverse the progression of many chronic diseases.’

As if most of us didn’t already know that stress reduction and social support along with moderate exercise alone couldn’t help in one way or another? What is clear though is that all of these eating plans, did in fact, have some effect on a person’s weight. How much of that weight loss is a participant in the lowering of certain things is unknown but, certainly beneficial in one way or another. The same can be said to be true of a reduction in stress and thereby, the reduction in both stress-related chemicals that the body produces. One could also say that lifestyle changes, social support etc. can also aid in weight reduction. Who is to say for certain what cause and effect one thing or many has upon a person? No study has conclusively proven it one way or another without doubt or criticism. With changing study criteria, it may also be known to be the case forever or at the least, a long, long time to come. We never stop learning.

While many other points could be made here on any of the programs or diet plans from these doctors or others, suffice it to say that no matter what eating program one chooses to stick to or can keep up for a lifetime (which is key), the addition of exercise, healthier choices like less processed foods, a bettered mental health attitude like meditation, yoga, therapy, support systems etc., will all better one’s health no matter what plan one chooses to eat. There are as many factors and variables as one can think of in terms of eating foods as there are stars in the sky, not the least of which includes the person, their genetic makeup, lifestyle, time and so much more that it cannot be covered in a single piece of writing.

One can see though that all of these doctors who have written books, ended up on media events, television, been interviewed for articles written on them and their plans, book signings and launches, sales etc., that all of them have made money on it all. Whether or not that was their intentions or not is irrelevant to the point that they all have made money and continue to do so via either relatives still living or, through their own efforts such as Ornish has and still is doing. None of them lived or are living meager lifestyles.

What is being said here is not intended to be an attack upon anyone in any way. What is written here are merely examples of how carried away one can get either in topic or beliefs that one can build a case against or for almost anything in life that one wishes to as I’ve said HERE in this piece.  

No matter what we do in Life, including eating, exercising, not smoking, not drinking, following the “gurus” for lack of a better term to use, one cannot cheat death. It comes to us all at some point or another in our lives in spite of our best efforts to avoid it. None of us are Ponce De Leon. Even he and his trusty side-kick did not find The Fountain of Eternal Youth. We all age. Surprise to those who think that being young now means that they’ll never reach older ages or stave them off if they use the right formulas, lifestyles and wrinkle creams. Becoming a Vegan, Vegetarian, Fat eating, Carnivore, eating only one meal per day and getting lifetime gym memberships will not stop that fact. At least, not at this point in time. Perhaps, in the future, a way will be discovered to turn off the aging genes but, at this point in time and likely, in the future, there are still accidents, people with guns, trucks, knives and mental health issues who are simply waiting to end other’s lives. None of us will escape death. The only question remains that at a certain point in our being, “do we really want to”?

As one last point:

Please do NOT send me responses or comments which argue your method of eating or something akin to you being an arm-chair “psychologist” and, therefore do an amateur job of psychoanalyzing me as a person. I’ve heard it all before and frankly, those attempts have both been butchered badly as well as being so far wrong that I have had to trash and laugh at them. Any of your personal plans aren’t going to put me on the defense nor, have me caving into your way of doing things no matter how much you argue or how bitter you are while doing so. I simply laugh harder. There are simply too many variables in Life that do not fit into whatever it is that you’re doing, thinking or feeling. What works for you, works for you. Pats on the back for figuring it out. Keep up the good work. Consider yourself congratulated. Keep up the good work for yourself. I am me and others are others with their own sets of morals, values, and methods which also may work for them.

If you’ve taken offense to the idea that none of us will physically live forever, you may need to re-consider your ideology because, at the time of writing this piece, there is no current way of stopping, preventing or even dreaming of every possible scenario which will take our lives at some point or another.

If you DO have a proven cure for cancer though, let me know. I’d love to make a fortune as I don’t make a cent here or on my YouTube channel. I say that with a chuckle at all who will deem that there “is a cure but, money is at stake”. To that, I say simply, “do you not think that on someone’s deathbed or relative’s deathbed, someone wouldn’t have broken their silence by now through anguish, pain and the torture of it all”? Think about that one for a second, please before you continue on with more conspiracy theories.

Tomorrow is never promised.

On that note though, Love and LIght,

Have a GREAT day or evening whenever you are reading this!

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I'm a wife, mother, artist, photographer and bookkeeper. I love writing out my thoughts in journals but, am finding my way to sharing these with others now.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Try To Be Ponce de Leon In Search of The Fountain of Youth

  1. Hardocore spiritualists sounds about right, I too was told long ago that it’s the path I tread. I do find people avoid me and I’m certain it’s because I’m more enlightened and mature than they are and not some other reason. I do occasionally have instant inexplicable dislike for people but tbh it’s not detracting from me as a hugely spiritual being. I certainly never imagine it’s because the person is more enlightened and mature than I am, it’s some other reason. I am a advanced soul (zen buddhism) vegetarian and volunteer at charity.


  2. My friend. You sound like you are Awakening from the insane dream of Birth and Death. Yep, we will die eventually. So might as well do it consiously day in day out. U r A hardocore spiritualist as I was told too back in the day, and it felt great, although the path has been very painful, and constantly avoided by many who come across me, only to fall away from my life, due to their comfort zones. I came across your sites by trying to find info about this Ralph smart guy… I did not like him from the start I saw him perhaps 5 years ago, but I thought perhaps I am jealous, I thought I was over thinking etc. I am a advanced filmmaker (kung fu action films), DJ producer and have a very similar blogging style such as your self (such as creating audio versions for my articles)

    However, as you may know. This Awakening thing, if taken seriously, makes you what I call a matrix reject. It leads to crusifixion, dark night of the soul, being gaslighted, and all that jazz. I am still shaking my head regarding this Ralph smart dude. I would assume the materials he parots away to people, and at his age would activate something on his body mind complex, yet the materials he does, are repeating themselves indeed. I rooted him for fun few times in my vids as a means to get rid of what I thought to be my ill feelings for him, because I never liked his style. He is Constantly throwing catchphrases, selling stuff. I tried to think “perhaps I have become too spiritual not liking success and money” but nah man. When you are gang stalked, gone trough sickness, homelessness, bankrupcy, betrayel of friends, and almost all family, to a point of being alon,e and just blogging to the world…Well obviously the Matrix or ego consciousness has become vicious, loosing its food supply thus wants to hurt you. The gift of all this is seeing trough the lies of course.

    Thanks for bringing this Ralph smart dude. Since Teal Swan has been around Ralph smart in some videos, What is your take on her?


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