YouTuber/Docuseries Maker Shane Dawson May Be Working For Chuck E Cheese

Is Shane Dawson in bed with Chuck E Cheese with his latest series

YouTuber, Shane Dawson has started both a revolt and a controversy over children’s fun-house chain, Chuck E Cheese where the video maker has hypothesized that Chuck E. Cheese’s pizzas are possibly Franken-pizzas with unfinished pizza pieces being taken to the back by employees and reconstituted into a new pizza then, reserved to its customers.

BULL!!! I have my OWN Theory and I’m going to give it right here

Shane Dawson’s “conspiracy theories video” went viral, sending people into a frenzy in both real life as well as on all platforms of Social Media. The idea has driven people into Chuck E. Cheese by the droves to play amateur detective, film YouTube videos and test out his theory for themselves.

Let’s preface this with a little back story first.

self-proclaimed Grandpa of YouTube, Shane Dawson

Dawson is getting past the age of being a YouTube Star and he knows it, admitting that he feels like “the Grandpa of YouTube” while still being in his early 30’s. Yes, YouTube viewers can be that fickle and yet, because Shane whose real name is Shane Lee Yaw, is admired by many, what he says, must be gospel truth, right?

An actor, musician, author, podcaster and YouTuber, Dawson has worn many hats but, he’s also had his ups and downs in his personal life. An admitted Bisexual, with a body image disorder that Shane, himself has mentioned quite openly in his videos, along with anxiety and depressive episodes, he’s not exactly able to easily go out into public and oftentimes, through again, self-admission, spends more time in his California home than out of it.

I am not out to smear Dawson or Shane as he’s better known in YouTube-land. I was actually a fan of his until I realized that he’s nothing but a writer and director, out to make money as most of the world is. However, it seems that no one is off target for Shane to poke holes in as long as he makes a living and, this is where Shane’s latest theory can be found fault with. You be the judge.

Onto The Story…

Dawson created a theory that he hastily put together which started a backlash against Chuck E Cheese, making people doubt the veracity of the chain’s claim to “fresh pizza”. As a matter of fact, there was such a media storm that even television personality, Ellen DeGeneres got involved with her brand of humor over it. The topic became hot talk even during the Oscars of this year, 2019.

The basis behind Shane’s theory were the “uneven sizes” of both the slices of pizza as well as the line-up of the cuts, pepperoni etc.. He went into great detail with his description and made a trip to a local CEC’s near his home with 2 other grown men. There’s nothing like 3 grown men, going into a children’s restaurant to order pizza, is there? Nothing suspicious there, right?

Shane filmed it wherever possible and ended up with over 20 plus minutes of video for YouTube.

Of course, like pretty much all of Dawson’s series or docuseries on YouTube, Shane never came to an obvious conclusion to the self-created theory. That idea went behind the series that he did on YouTuber Jake Paul where he hypothesized that Paul was a “sociopath” and had YouTube therapist, Kati Morton use her DSM versioned definition of one for Paul while acting as an “authority” for Dawson, going along with him to shoot this series to the Paul Mansion. The same idea holds true for Shane with other YouTubers and celebrities. They didn’t seem to mind being part of his videos and it made me wonder why. Now, I know.

My theory on Shane’s Chuck E Cheese’s Theory

First of all, Shane makes his money off of his videos and sales. He needs to keep up his videos on YouTube for both money and the sales of his “merch” as it’s called. He also attempts to sell books, videos, and appearances where he feels that he can.

Don’t play “Armchair Psychologist”

Before you say that I’m jealous of Shane, NOPE! I’m not at all jealous of him. I’m angry that someone like him can get away with this type of antic and I can see right through it. So, drop that idea right there, please.  If you’re young, you’ll understand why in a moment.  Keep reading or stop.  It’s your choice but, you haven’t gotten me figured out, okay? 

Secondly, we have the idea that Dawson used net photos of the pizzas in question. Most were a conglomeration of differing types of pizza in one pan. They weren’t singular style or, type pizza. Even those that were could easily be explained but, that’s not the idea behind this piece. I’m not out to prove Chuck E Cheese’s case for them. They have to do that themselves if they want to but, there’s likely a reason why they’re not going to the lengths that one would think that they would and, I’m about to get into that theory of the possibility of why they aren’t as well as why Shane has done what he has done with this series and Chuck E Cheese.

Chuck E Cheese Mascot for the chain

What if Shane were to be working for or with Chuck E Cheese? He has many sponsored deals that he works with. What if Dawson were to have brokered a deal with the kid’s fun chain-restaurant in order for both to make money? After all, neither are out there for the good of their health. As much as I hate to admit it, even I am doing a “commercial” here for both the company and Shane though, neither are foreign as a concept to a lot of people at the moment.

We can all see how both would benefit from this financially, can’t we? Need me to spell it out? Ok, the idea is that Shane made money on his “conspiracy theory video” that went viral while Chuck E Cheese is benefitting from the increase in the influx of people to their chains as people go in to see what all of the hooplas is about. Even if they’re not YouTubers who have made videos about it as many have, they are customers who are curious. CECs is a money-making machine with cheap toys as prizes for games and the sale of their pizza, salad, soda and beer (for the adults). Adults are now flocking to the chain even without children in tow to order pizza and food. This is all quite the boon to CECs. If it can become known as an adult affair on top of its children’s empire, it can thrive even more. Dawson and other YouTubers have proven that on video.

There are tons of social media aficionados who are up in arms over this idea on one side or the other. They are out to prove it one way or another to themselves and a lot of them, are using cell phones to take video, pics for social media or simply out of curiosity’s sake. One YouTuber’s video even went as far as asking CEC staff to be able to take photos of other people’s pizzas and the staff had no problem in letting her do so. Taking video in even stores is shunned by not only other shoppers but, by management. Strange, isn’t it?

The fact that Shane has picked apart Chuck E Cheese while making them money has also likely benefitted Dawson as well. His video has gone viral as previously stated and all of that has brought him both money as well as fame. Actually, it’s brought both money and fame. Face it, any attention is attention and free advertising which means MONEY for all.

This all leads me to think that the idea or possibility that CEC and Shane are in cahoots with one another, is a good and reasonable theory or hypotheses to come up with and, like Shane’s series, it raises enough doubt in people’s minds to possibly take sides. The difference for me is that I stand to gain nothing financially from this. Both CEC and Dawson do though. Ironic, isn’t it?

From my little corner of life to yours, you be the judge. What do YOU think?

Be well, Love and Light,

Have a GREAT day or evening whenever you’re reading this.

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4 thoughts on “YouTuber/Docuseries Maker Shane Dawson May Be Working For Chuck E Cheese

  1. I’d heard this rumor and didn’t think of it this way. I’d heard that Shane had put out a video with this topic and also made Tweets etc. about it. It caused an uproar. I watched your video then read this article, ready to stomp on you for it BUT, I can’t! I think that you have a very valid point and you’ve made it beautifully. It got ME thinking and I’m the least conspiracy theory person around. I believed Shane but, now…not so much. I also see the number of videos and comments on Twitter and other places that are causing the stink. I also believe that at minimum, Shane was out to make money and did while ruining CECs rep as you’ve said. It would make sense that Shane is working for Chuck’s. They ALL benefitted. Isn’t that the aim of his videos anyway? Thanks for this!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow, I just saw your video then read this piece. I think that Chuck E Cheese should hire YOU! None of what Shane D. said made sense once I’d read this theory of yours and saw it on YouTube. I have been there and didn’t see anything like what S.D. describes on his channel or in comments on social media. Yours makes the most sense. Either that or Shane was just out to make a dollar as you’ve said. Thanks for giving me something else as an explanation that makes as much sense as Shane D.’s does. Besides, him, his boyfriend and whomever that other guy was, going in as 3 grown men didn’t make any sense. It was all a dollar maker. I see that now. The rest of the population going nuts over this thought are as crazy as the theory S.D. proposed. Bet he’s laughing right now.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Wouldn’t it make just as much sense that Shane is working for or with CEC? Besides, Shane et al ordered mixed pizzas which have a better chance of looking weird than standard pizzas. It’s possible that Shane WORKED with or for CEC. Thank you for your comment!


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