When Controllers Feel Insecure

When someone sets out to control and manipulate someone else, they feel threatened by anyone else who poses any type of a real or imagined threat to their hold. That’s when the adrenalin, fear and panic show through with their actions, thoughts, anger and insults towards that person.

What happens when someone is insecure within themselves and their control and manipulative actions, words and thinking?

In spite of their irrational thinking being both misdirected as well as wrong, what is clear is their disdain that someone else would react in a way that threatens their stance with that person’s control in some way.

I’ve been the brunt of a slew of both incorrect and insulting comments by someone I know on my YouTube channel of late. Not only is this person extremely incorrect in their assumptions, insults and comments but, their actions have shown not only immaturity but, also that they are insecure as a person as well as with their perceived hold over the person that they’ve held a sole control over.

I will say that when someone like this has a chance to take to do something like this type of antic, not only does it show their mental health issues but, it’s showing their own fear of anyone else having their own and differing opinions of a situation that they, themselves have manufactured to set up a scene whereby they can sit atop a mountain with strings and control.

Were there to be agreeance to the insulting comments and misinformation spewed out so freely by this person, it’s certain that there have been histories that have been re-written. It’s also clear that this person believes that their own propaganda is wearing thin so, they need the hope of some information with which they hope to regain some strength or hold.

Of course, these are never the types of people who could ever spiel their discontent to your face. They need the alleged anonymity of the net with which to do what they are doing. Face to face would not be part of their arsenal because true cowards hide behind cell phones and keyboards. They never personally state their allegations to one’s face. Instead, they attempt to regain their hold by new and obsessive and desperate attempts at their hold. Were they to be secure in their position or within a person, there would be no need for searches, obsessions or misdirected, fallible, incorrect or desperation attempts.

I have to chuckle to myself here because today, though under the weather for the past few days and not checking in on what I normally do, I found a plethora of what can only be perceived as untruthful, insulting and cowardly, desperate attempts at regaining control. Their aim was so transparent that I could scarcely stop from laughing. I did laugh.

To that person, I have to say, “thanks for the laughs”. They came at a time when I truly needed them.

Have a great day or evening,

Love and Light!

Published by ponderinglifetoo

I'm a wife, mother, artist, photographer and bookkeeper. I love writing out my thoughts in journals but, am finding my way to sharing these with others now.

One thought on “When Controllers Feel Insecure

  1. People like those you are talking about in this piece really don’t want to hear any other opinions other than their own, because they know their position is weak. They are afraid they may hear nuggets of truth that will sway them.

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