Why What’s Considered Natural Substances Can Be Addictive Or A Dependency

Joan moved in with John over a decade ago. Joan used to be bright minded, full of life, wanting to be social with everyone she met. John on the other hand had always been somewhat of an anti-authoritarian. Refusing to go to school or work, John was tossed from his family’s home. John roamed theContinue reading “Why What’s Considered Natural Substances Can Be Addictive Or A Dependency”

What Makes Us Follow Celebrities?

A lot of us tend to want to follow celebrities, where they are, what they’re doing, what they look like now and in general, we tend to follow their lives. In short, we can often come to think of them as friends or ours, idols and even up to the rankings of “gods” in someContinue reading “What Makes Us Follow Celebrities?”

Temporary Care For Wild Birds And How Not To “Imprint”

First My Story…. It was our fault, I think. We were having new eaves troves put in but, there was a nest behind our old ones. Once it was discovered by the men installing the pieces, we asked that the nest be removed, believing that birds would be trapped behind the new work if theContinue reading “Temporary Care For Wild Birds And How Not To “Imprint””

Pondering Life Stalker Beware!

I have a stalker. Yes, you read that correctly. There is someone who has gone to great lengths to track not only me down but, also my words on estrangement, hold a grudge and make some insane threats and outright lying accusations of me as a parent. I have laughed because this person has seeminglyContinue reading “Pondering Life Stalker Beware!”