What Makes Us Follow Celebrities?

A lot of us tend to want to follow celebrities, where they are, what they’re doing, what they look like now and in general, we tend to follow their lives. In short, we can often come to think of them as friends or ours, idols and even up to the rankings of “gods” in some or many ways. There’s a good chance that we’ll even get hair colours, cuts, styles, clothing etc., like they have done. Why? What makes us want to hinge onto our favourite stars?

Stars or Celebrities are simply people aren’t they?

Contrary to society’s admiration of them, celebrities are the same as all of us. The only difference is, they’re more well known, perhaps have more money than us, live a fancier lifestyle and garner recognition by many other people. A lot like Cheers (the bar and sitcom) say, “…everybody knows your name…”. Yet, a lot of fans tend to think of these celebs as invincible in one or many ways. Are they real people? Yes!

Celebrities get ill, have emotional issues which we often don’t know about, family issues, troubles and topping the list is financial issues though the bulk of followers wouldn’t ever know it.

What is certain is that they have more capital and “Yes People” who surround them, giving them everything that they want in a lot of cases of bigger stars. They can also tend to be the unhappiest bunch of people that we could ever encounter. Take stars who have drug and alcohol issues or those who have depression and anxiety especially, those who have ended their own lives via mishaps or on purpose. They will often self-medicate using these substances because it’s easier for them to get due to those who are willing to keep a star going versus fall apart, doctors included. If their former doctors won’t prescribe for them, managers, agents, recording label professionals, film makers and whomever profits from these star’s work, will see to it that they get whatever it is that they need to keep on truckin’ so to speak.

In other words, the celebrities that we can come to admire so greatly, are simply people with fame. They befall all the same issues that the rest of the lesser known people in life tend to have and, more.

Do we admire them or the roles that they play?

Whether they’re actors/actresses or whatever the politically correct term for them now may be, music icons or whatever they may be to you, their lives are not necessarily charmed. While the characters that they play or have played can worm their way into our hearts and minds, the reality is that these are roles that they play. It’s not them, themselves or who they are as people. Remember that they have a public persona that they will don when confronted with their public. It’s part of their duty to their fans. Many of them will hate or loathe the having to play those roles for us constantly. However, contracts with Hollywood, television producers, sponsors, managers, agents and so much more that they have to deal with on a daily basis as well as perform for or pay for, can leave them quite perturbed at life in general.

What would it be like to not be able to go out to a fast food place or grocery store without makeup, special clothing or even a totally fabricated look so as not to be recognized by mobs of us “ordinary folk” wanting selfies, paparazzi snapping shot after shot of them out and about towns in order to sell those photos for the money or how about being mobbed by fans in order to garner their signatures? Have you thought about that? I have and I wouldn’t want it. Would I like having their money? Yes, of course, who wouldn’t? However, the price tag that comes along with that money make it far less appealing than having a root canal done.

This then led me to the wake-up call that it’s really about the characters that they play or the ideal of having what they have rather than the actual person that lays behind the roles that they play for their public.

They are people who get sick too

Stars are people and people get sick too

How many of us see these stars on a screen or stage and think that everything in their lives are hunky-dory? A lot of us do have that belief but, nothing could be further from the truth. That smile that you see plastered upon their faces or fully made up look are not markers for well adjusted nor, necessarily healthy individuals. It’s a role that they play for both fans as well as so many others in the industry. In other words, it’s their duty, their job, their facade and no, they are not self-made, individual handling and are often slaves to industries that not many of us would want to be part of if we could give our eye teeth to be party to it all.

The reality is that actors, actresses, music stars etc., are all only people who come down with the same ailments that you and I and billions of other people get as well. They have to not only deal with those issues but, they’re contracted or obliged to put on the make-up, smiles, clothing and attitude that all is well within their lives. After-all, isn’t that what fans, managers, production companies, music contractors etc. want them to do? The show must go on, right?

While I could write a list of stars with all sorts of both personal issues as well as health issues, I can’t think of a single star who doesn’t have some sort of illness, trial or tribulation in this thing that we call life. They are people and people have problems of all sorts. No one is immune to them even if it all gets wrapped up and becomes glorious at the end of 30 to 90 or so minutes on a screen with a beautiful ending. Life makes us all put one leg into a pair of pants at a time. Everyone needs a washroom, to eat, drink, sleep, deal with issues, colds, flus, mental health issues, family problems, divorces, marriages and the list could be endless but, stars or celebrities have everything to deal with that we do. They simply cover it up as many of us do for obvious reasons or as stated above.

We are all stars or celebrities

Every one of us are stars!

Maybe, we don’t have the fame, the fortune or pvr’d and taped versions of our lives. Perhaps, we don’t have to put on the smiles, make-up and masks that all celebrities have to put on however, we all have the same issues in one way or another. More to the point, we are all celebrities or stars in our own lives. We are all actresses or actors. We play roles in our lives. We are mothers, fathers, sisters, daughters, sons, brothers, uncles, grandparents, great grandparents, friends, co-workers and the list is again, endless as to what we are to other people. We have one face for our families, another at work, another to the clerk at the store and that list is endless as well. Few of us play the same roles for everyone and are simply ourselves at all times. In effect, that makes us also actresses/actors.

We will all face issues, troubles, problems, health issues, scares, fears and be driven by roles that we play to every single person in our lives.

Perhaps, there’s not the money, the agents, the contracts signed by us and executives. Maybe there isn’t the fancy clothing, chauffeurs or “Yes People”. We may not have the drugs, alcohol or whatever that stars seem to have and ye, we all have to sit on a toilet, take showers, brush our teeth in the very same way that stars or celebrities do. We are no different in those aspects of star’s lives. In fact, we are all stars in our own lives.

One last thought

If you are unemployed at the moment, think about your favourite star. Do you think that once one role ends, they automatically are passed another? Heck no! They have auditions, after script reading if they’re big enough celebrities to pass on roles, they worry about how to pay their staff, are being pushed by both finances as well as agents, managers etc.. They are not employed until they are and even then, they have the work and drudgery of showing up for work daily while being even more tightly watched by those in authority over them. In short, their lives belong to others and they’ve literally sold their souls in order to have money or even luxuries. Ever hear of stars who were famous during a certain time frame but, have blown all of their hard earned cash and are living in squalor now or close to it? People tend to live up to their lifestyles. Once that is gone, they are often without the means to carry on in the same fashion. Homes, cars, servants, maids, cooks, managers, agents etc. quickly disappear when they’re not paid. This can lead celebrities to becoming depressed. Where is their next role? Why aren’t they famous anymore?

Do I envy anyone on screen or stage. Of course I do. I’m like everyone else on this planet who doesn’t live in a cave. However, I have to also bring it back to reality where I realize that while I am entertained by their performances, they have jobs to do like everyone else on this planet. I admire certain stars for their tenacity but equally, I recognize that it’s all a show. These people are plainly people who have the same issues that I have in one or many ways. Their back stories are similar to mine in one or several areas. The only difference is that there’s a price tag attached to what they have or don’t have and yet, I’ve enjoyed being entertained by their hard work. What lays behind all that I see is written into scripts or public personaes. They are simply memorizing the words and spewing them out in song or via acting. Their lives are no different than mine in all reality but, the show must go on, right?

From my little corner of life to yours, I see stars or celebrities as nothing more than people with more money than I have, doing a job that they’ve been paid to do. I see nothing more or less. Even their public faces have been created by someone, somewhere. Having what they have is not in my goals or aims book because they have what I have with more money for the moment. Could I use more money? Sure. That’s about all that I want though.

Love and Light,

Have a GREAT day or evening.

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I'm a wife, mother, artist, photographer and bookkeeper. I love writing out my thoughts in journals but, am finding my way to sharing these with others now.

One thought on “What Makes Us Follow Celebrities?

  1. Once upon a time, people worshipped and idolized gods. They built temples and statues for the gods, and worshipped them. They were their idols, to whom they prayed.
    A long time has passed since then, but the need to worship and idolize has not passed, only the idols and the gods have changed. Now, people call them celebrities.


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